Jessica Blankenship and the Evil Women Who Falsely Claim Rape

UPDATE 10.11.19: Heard from Jessica through LinkedIn




Aloha Jessica,
I don’t believe you were raped. Rape is a serious crime. You claim rape, but didn’t call police. You even continued or tried to continue your relationship with the (alleged) rapist. I believe you seek attention. I believe you “cried rape” as one might “cry wolf.” And I believe you put other women at risk who truly were raped.

Most importantly, you didn’t give the (alleged) rapist an opportunity to tell his side of the story. Like you did with me, you simply attacked both of us with an intent to harm.

Please grow up. Many woman suffer rape. Your actions disrespect their suffering.

In order of most insidious crimes humans commit against others, I list murder and rape near the top. The crime I find most heinous is the false claim of rape. Not only does it destroy the reputation of the one falsely accused, but the alleged victim casts doubt and suspicion over any other individual — generally female — who reports she was assaulted.

In our out-of-control sexual world, I dedicate this article to my friend at BeautyBeyondBones. Her May 2018 post, “Porn: A Virgin’s Perspective,” is delightful. It’s refreshing to know a young, attractive and talented women who commits her sexual interests to her future husband.

As we know, for every 100 rapes or so, there are likely one or two false charges. Yet society never forgets the fake accusations. As such, we have a duty to call out the women who cry wolf so we can protect actual victims of this horrific intrusion.

I pointed out the horror Nikki Yovino perpetrated on two Black male athletes when she concocted false rape charges to gain sympathy from another student she wanted to date. I consider her an Evil White Woman and American Cunt!

Nikki Yovino, 19, pleaded guilty to FALSE rape allegations against two football players

UPDATE: Black Virginia 6th grader who claimed White classmates cut off dreadlocks made story up, family says. [source]


A Virginia sixth grader who claimed three of her White Male classmates held her down and cut off her dreadlocks is now saying she made up the entire story.

Amari Allen, an African-American 12-year-old who attends Immanuel Christian School in Springfield — a private school where second lady Karen Pence teaches art — reported the alleged incident last week. She told several media outlets that three boys at school pinned her down and cut off her hair, and local police opened an investigation.

Amari Allen, Falsely Accused Three White Boys in her class

“To those young boys and their parents, we sincerely apologize for the pain and anxiety these allegations have caused.”
Statement from girl’s grandparents

The grandparents also apologized to school administrators.

“To the administrators and families of Immanuel Christian School, we are sorry for the damage this incident has done to trust within the school family and the undue scorn it has brought to the school. To the broader community, who rallied in such passionate support for our daughter, we apologize for betraying your trust.”

Jessica Blankenship writes for a number of publications, including Huffington Post. She is an Evil White Woman and American Cunt who falsely cried rape. More importantly, this young woman has displayed poor judgment, has extremely low morals, and basically furthers a misandrous attitude toward men.

She advised female readers they should focus on building skills so they “know when it’s time to derail the train (that could be literal, depending on what kind of group activity you might have found yourself in the middle of) and get thee to the safety of a cab, or your bed, or a bar with your friends to laugh about the asshole you just successfully didn’t have sex with.”

Ms. Blankenship suggests she might sleep with an entire football team — depending on the kind of group activity available.

Sadly, she’s a single mother raising a young boy. What a tough start he faces. She appears to be “burdened” by her [unwanted] son. Doesn’t sound like the pregnancy was planned. Another unwed mother who was irresponsible and unable to keep her legs closed (or use birth control). Although Jessica appears to be in her late twenties, I consider her to be an alcoholic and extremely immature. She needs help.

Jessica Blankenship appears to be an alcoholic and slut

Ms. Jessica’s professional summary on HuffPost says she’s a writer, vodka enthusiast and future wife of Bon Iver. Hopefully, he can help return her life to a more healthy, positive track. In a June 18th article on The Rumpus, she told readers about her lifestyle, “Our group of friends liked to run around the east side of the city getting wasted — enthusiastically smashing our bodies into each other in ever-changing pairs.” Drink to excess and fuck! I’ve discussed the lack of accountability in the modern hookup culture.

More importantly, for a clearly confused and conflicted young woman, she loves to hear herself give others advice. She wrote in HuffPost in December 2013, where she posed as a “20-Something New Mom” to answer questions about motherhood and childbirth. This is another Millennial affliction — believing they have wisdom while still wearing diapers. Kids are raising kids and unfortunately know little about the world.


Jessica announced to readers she’s “a single mom with a very demanding job … I am usually half a second from succumbing to exhaustion even at my most sober.” Yet she leaves her tiny, adorable baby boy with a babysitter to go out drinking with lads until 3 AM. This is not Motherhood. Her child represents Botherhood. The self-absorbed floozy believes the trick to successful mothering is to ignore “the widespread notion that to parent is to martyr your entire existence in servitude to your child.” She counseled:

“What kind of sh*tty disservice would I be doing him if I taught him that you should forsake yourself for someone you love, or that you should expect someone you love to surrender themselves completely to you?”

My parents surrendered themselves completely to their kids. Their family was #1. They got out of bed each day at 5 AM for their kids. They worked all day for their kids. They made sure we had enough to eat, a comfortable place to call home and opportunity for our future.

Goold family: Parent devoted to their children

People like Jessica now ridicule the adults we have become by calling us privileged.  It was hard work and dedication from our parents that opened doors for us — not the color of our skin or sexual appendages.

There are a million ways to get out of sleeping with someone.

An Anti-Rape Expert

Although the focus on this article is the false claim of rape by Ms. Blankenship, it was October 2013 when she posted a How To treatise for women explaining ways to escape unwanted sexual advances. She advises young, sexual active women to develop “a deep bag of tactics for bailing out on dating scenarios gone awry.” Not only is this Millennial 20-something a self-professed expert on mothering, she now offers wisdom about avoiding sexual assault. She knows a “million ways to get out of sleeping with someone.” How then can she claim she was raped?


Jessica shared a bit of her inner hubris:

“Now I, being the unstoppable grace factory that I am, have let myself get so far into some evenings before realizing I wasn’t into things that there was no chance at all of getting out without looking like a mental patient. I’m weirdly unbothered by this. Fuck it. When keeping it classy goes wrong, you sometimes have to settle for just trying to keep it together. ‘It’ meaning ‘your thighs.’ “

Some of Jessica’s proven anti-rape preventive measures include:

  • Claim to be sick
  • Have a friend send a fake emergency text
  • Demand the guy put his dick away
  • Pretend to be “too drunk” and fake passing out

Jessica represents she is a well-armed, proficient social and sex warrior. Yet she claimed she was raped. What kind of human monster was able to get past her titanium cock blocker?

Reasons Jessica Could Not Stop Her Rapist

The brute who allegedly raped Jessica was an old buddy and the “sweetest of all the guys.” They had known each other for years and shared a close group of friends. The hussy claimed she “felt safer sitting side by side with him in the back corner of George & Jack’s than I would’ve felt with most men in most places.”

The night of her faked rape claim went as nights out drinking usually go between old friends, she said. The two “got pretty hammered and it was fun.” Then, Andrew put his hand on her leg and said “something pointedly indicative of an interest in ‘finally’ hooking up.”

Jessica claimed she immediately shut down Andrew’s advances:

“No, you were just dating my best friend, and also we’re friends and I don’t want to cross that line, so, hard no.”

Jessica concluded Andrew seemed annoyed, but they moved past it. They finished their drinks and left. Andrew offered to walk her home. As Jessica lived close and felt safe walking alone, there was no “real reason” for him to accompany her.

“But he insisted,” she said. So much for the Hard No.

The wise wonder woman with a million ways to escape an unwanted lover admits she became “tentatively aware of the equation.” She was drunk, he was agitated — but no reason for alarm. She just ‘needed’ to get home.”

The master sex warrior said:

“I let him walk me home. It wasn’t worth the fight and besides, I had said ‘no.’ I would probably have to say ‘no’ again when we got to my place, but that was fine.”

Jessica decided to “let him walk her home” — even though she believed she would have to say no again. It simply wasn’t worth the fight to her. This is consent. She decided. No should mean no, but this self-absorbed coquette couldn’t stick to her alleged position. She was conflicted and transferred this mixed messaging to the horny dude.

Jessica added:

“I walked quickly and we got there. I walked up the front steps to my building. He followed me. I told him he was not coming inside. He and his bike wound up inside the front door anyway. It was late, no one was around, and in the dark hallway — elevated from view of the still-loud and active Metropolitan Avenue outside — he started kissing me. I tried to play it light, tried to give him enough that he might be satisfied, his pride would be intact, and he would go away. I laughed, I let him kiss me, and I kept telling him that I was going upstairs, and he was definitely not coming with me.”

She claimed she told Andrew he was not coming inside, but he “wound up inside the front door anyway.” Andrew must be a magician. From my point of view, Jessica didn’t appear serious about her demands. She looks to be a playful tease. She says no, but really means maybe or even yes.

Andrew started kissing her. Jessica allowed this. She claimed she “tried to play it light.” What the fuck is playing it light? First it was a Hard No, now it’s a Light Yes.

Jessica admitted she “tried to give him enough that he might be satisfied.” This is consent.

Jessica remembered she laughed. This is playful teasing. She let Andrew kiss her. This is consent. She continually signaled she enjoyed his advances. Laughter at an intimate moment like this suggests her “no” was a front. Too many women want a man to pursue her. They express an impish no hoping the man will fight for her attention.

Although Jessica claims she had been telling him “no” for hours, this is a false. No to his hand on my leg. No to the idea of having sex. No to him walking me home. No to him coming inside. After each verbal rejection, Jessica consented to further interaction. It’s a simple act for any adept sex warrior, “I’m uncomfortable you put your hand on my leg. It’s not appropriate. I have to go. Bye!” The masterful woman walks off.

Jessica claimed Andrew “had ignored them all.” Incorrect! Jessica had allowed and given implied consent for Andrew to continue his advance to further bases. He believed at this point he had a chance to score a home run with his long-time friend.

Jessica Makes Excuses

GUILT: Jessica wrote, “I already felt guilty for saying ‘no.’ Had I somehow indicated beforehand that I was interested in him in that way? Had I mislead him going into this night? Had I wasted his time?” Jessica feels guilty, because she believes Andrew is entitled to something. She led him on. Now, she is boxed in due to her ambivalence.

FATIGUE: Jessica whined, “Also, I am a single mom with a very demanding job — I was profoundly tired. I am usually half a second from succumbing to exhaustion even at my most sober. But that night, I was many degrees removed from sober.” Her story shows she was fully in control of her faculties. More importantly, a “profoundly tired” single mom should be a home resting rather than drinking hard until 3 AM. Her child should be her #1 priority.

POOR JUDGMENT: Jessica faltered, “We got upstairs. I don’t remember telling the babysitter to leave, but she did, so I guess I didn’t have the presence of mind to ask her to stay.” Jessica pretends she was concerned about a man who refused to behave, but sent away a trusted female friend. This is not believable!

PERSEVERANCE: Jessica expressed, “No amount of alcohol in my blood would’ve been enough to make me forget the palpable cracking feeling inside of me right then — every part of me slumped and deflated, definitely if almost imperceptibly, and I gave up. He’d outlasted me.” This is what experience sales managers tell their staff. If you ask the customer to buy 4-5 times, eventually they say yes. It’s an ancient Jedi mind trick for weak people.

FEAR: Jessica complained, “Andrew had also gotten noticeably angrier as the night went on.” Now, she blames his mood rather than being strong. She added, “Women are often pleasant, accommodating, friendly, compliant, even apologetic to their rapists.” False. Rape isn’t pleasant. This 20-someting Millennial arrogantly claims to be an expert in many areas.

CONSENT: Jessica decided, “So, I made a call: When he moved toward me, and pushed me down onto the couch, I stopped fighting.” She never fought!

MATH: Jessica claimed, “It was simple math at that point: if I let him fuck me, he would most likely just leave after that.” She added, “If a woman decides that it’s safer for her to not physically fight someone at the moment of penetration, that doesn’t mean they ‘changed their mind’ or in any way gave consent.”

Jessica LET him fuck her. This is consent. Andrew didn’t take her. She gave in to his advances. She had control. She was in control. It was her responsibility to show him the door.

FALSE CHARGE: Jessica wrote, “So it happened: I was raped on my couch.” No, darling. You had consensual sex on your couch. Jessica forgot the advice she gave some five years earlier: “Fuck it. When keeping it classy goes wrong, you sometimes have to settle for just trying to keep it together. ‘It’ meaning ‘your thighs.’ ”

Jessica didn’t tell anyone. She was busy, you see. She had just moved to New York a year before. This must be a Big Apple rule — one can’t claim rape until two years in NYC. LOL

Also, Jessica had a baby and was working all the time. This is a tough situation. Jessica couldn’t out her rapist when she was barely able to produce enough energy to keep those things afloat. Jessica just wanted to move on — to be thankful she’d gotten out of a bad situation with her kid unaware of what had happened. Oh yeah, her kid. It’s all about the kid. Why then did she post the account for the entire world to read? Take that little boy! Your mother is a loser.

Jessica Texted Her Rapist


To add insult to her failed claim of rape, Jessica talked to Andrew a number of times post incident. She reported, “I texted him a few times, asking things like ‘Is our friendship totally ruined now?’ and ‘Do you want to get coffee?’ ” For 99.999 percent of women, friendship would be ruined in the case of rape. And, boy, did Andrew really piss her off. He responded tersely to both questions, “No.” He’s not interested in her at all. This is why she claimed rape!

Jessica illuminated her internal conflict. She wonders who in the fuck is nice to their rapist? Why had she tried to smooth things over? The answer is she wasn’t raped. Rape is violent, degrading and horrific. Jessica was consensual in this activity.

She again made excuses: “It was instinct; it was automatic.” Andrew had been making demands on her for hours. There were multiple opportunities to escape this sexual encounter, but Jessica didn’t want to think her perception of herself as a sexually empowered young woman was a fucking joke.

Jessica, you are a fucking joke! 

Now, Jessica blames the entire culture of sexual engagement — including how we think about each other, how we approach and talk about sex, how we feel about ourselves, and how we communicate. She claims the entire system is “fucked to its core.” She reveals inherent misandry asking how much women should forgive men for the innately misogynistic sexual morals they’ve been instilled with since birth. My parents and society certainly didn’t infuse me with anti-woman morality. As I wrote previously, my family taught me to protect and worship women — all women!

Maybe Jessica should keep her legs closed, as she advised female readers in 2013.

What do you think? Was Jessica raped? Please leave your comments below and be sure to FOLLOW ClearHeath Life Strategies for these final days. We provide News of the News You Wish You Knew.

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