Honor Robert A. Lower for Black History Month

CK, Colin Kaepernick, is a rich ex-football player who is popular with Millennials, sells t-shirts, and “takes a knee” in protest of a flag and anthem from a country he claims is racist, in his opinion. He shames those who remain neutral when facing injustice. CK, do you know my great, great grandfather, Robert A. Lower? He didn’t take a knee … he fought for your freedom. He didn’t have cute hair, a publicity team, a blog, thousands of followers on social media or rich friends. My grandfather was a poor, humble White man who quietly — and valiantly — fought for others. Imagine how CK would live today had he “taken a knee.”

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Millions Fought; some today “take a knee” in submission

One of my grandfathers, Neils Knudsen, served in WWI fighting the Germans. He lost his hearing from sleeping on frozen ground. It would have been easier on his health had he simply created a blog, “Down with the Kaiser.” Another grandfather served in WWII fighting against Hitler. He was captured, escaped and helped others. Ray Larribas is a decorated war hero and spent his life serving Veterans. He didn’t sell t-shirts! He sacrificed and fought.


My father, Robert H. Goold, served in the Korean war. He assembled bombs on the aircraft carrier, USS Kearsarge. Considered as the Forgotten War, the “long, leisurely and merciless” US bombing campaign dropped well over half a million tons of bombs, napalm and chemical weapons and leveled cities. I served at a time when we were not called to war. I received an honorable discharge due to an offer to play professional basketball.

USS Kearsarge: Commissioned 1946; Recommissioned 1952

Wikipedia points out the USS Kearsarge was recommissioned 15 February 1952 with Captain Louis B. French in command. Following shakedown, the carrier cleared San Diego on 11 August for intensive flight training in the Hawaiian Islands. Readiness complete, she sailed for the Far East to engage in combat missions in the Korean War. Arriving Yokosuka on 8 September, Kearsarge joined the fast carrier Task Force 77 off the east coast of Korea six days later. For the next five months, the carrier’s planes flew nearly 6,000 sorties against Communist forces in North Korea, unleashing considerable damage on enemy positions. She completed her tour in late February 1953, returning to her home port of San Diego on 17 March. While serving in Korea her classification was changed to CVA-33.

After returning to San Diego, Kearsarge was used in the filming of the 1954 movie The Caine Mutiny to depict the abortive visit to Admiral William F. Halsey, Jr. aboard his unnamed flagship. My father remembers the filming of this movie fondly.

Robert A. Lower, my great, great grandfather … about 155 years ago earned the Congressional Medal of Honor as a union soldier in the siege of Vicksburg. Of 120 volunteers in their regiment, ONLY 18 SURVIVED. They shed blood, limbs and life to free enslaved Black Americans they had never met or didn’t know.

Compare these heroes to our current generation of metrosexual men — young, urban, heterosexual males with liberal political views, an interest in fashion, and a perceived “refined sense of taste.” Tim Johnson is a Millennial Facebook “warrior” with cute hair, high-tech headphones, who has never served our nation although complaining endlessly. He claims to be an organizer of Our Revolution Costa Mesa, while using foul language with those who disagree with him rather than furthering civil discussion. He clearly hates White People and had this to say about my comments supporting the valiant actions of my great, great grandfather. Somehow this “liberal” strategy makes Tim and friends feel superior to others.


I believe pharaoh of Egypt is first remembered for enslaving the Hebrews — not White Males in the USA. Few realize only one percent (1%) of White People in America owned slaves. The US Founders did not give women the vote. White males did that in 1920, as no women could vote. White males, primarily from Russia, defeated Hitler, as the USSR suffered some 25 million deaths; the USA lost over 500,000 brave heroes, mostly White males. The movie, Black Panther, features a Black Male King, which continues a patriarchal society dominated by violence, and proves America is NOT a racist nation.

Along with my grandfather’s heroic friends and buddies, they STOOD for JUSTICE … they fought and many died … to end slavery and ensure freedom for ALL people. These are MY ROOTS. I have much to live up to, while the enduring fight for freedom and justice for all continues.

Robert A. Lower, Neils Knudsen, Ray Larribas, Robert H. Goold, and all those who have fought for freedom — we salute you!

Three Generations of Goolds: I’m the short, fat dude

To CK and followers, when you’re ready to get up to STAND and FIGHT, let me know.

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