CK Not Banned by NFL

Supporters on The Left of quarterback CK, Colin Kaepernick, claim racism in the National Football League resulted in CK “basically being banned from the NFL.” This is false. I grew up with two current NFL coaches, Dirk Koetter and Marvin Lewis. One is White; the other Black. Neither would hire any athlete who brought protests to the gridiron. They simply wouldn’t tolerate the distraction. CK and others “took a knee” to protest the flag and national anthem of a nation that tolerated racial discrimination, in their opinion.

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My high school bro was Dirk Koetter — current NFL head coach at Tampa Bay. He was a star QB at Highland HS and in college at Idaho State University. His father, Big Jim, was one of the best football coaches in America. Obviously, Dirk learned something from him.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Dirk Koetter, Looks Like Big Jim

Big Jim and Dirk would never hire a QB who engaged in protests on the field. They support an athlete’s right to protest off the field 100 percent. They were clear — even in high school — to be a great, one needed 100 percent concentration on the job of being a QB. Zero distractions!

If a player is interested in protesting, they wish him the best. They tolerate NO distractions during the game. Want to protest? Become a politician. Want to be a NFL QB — then be a QB. Nobody is banning CK. All coaches believe as Dirk and Big Jim.

Lisa Simonson: Kept Dirk and I Warm at Night

Had to post a cute pic of Lisa Simonson. She dated Dirk and me. Sweet girl, kind of a groupie, gold-digger though. When I first met her, she had just completed breast enlargement surgery, i.e., fake boob job. She loved showing off her two “new boys.” My teammates and I were happy to be an audience for her.  No shade for Lisa. We were all goofballs back in the day. Great people! Fantastic days!

Marvin Lewis, head coach of the NFL Cincinnati Bengals, was Dirk’s teammate at ISU, was also coached by Big Jim, and is a good friend of mine. He isn’t interested in anyone’s politics on the field. I’m certain he stands with CK off the gridiron.

Former ISU Standout along with Dirk Koetter

Players who protest create major problems for NFL coaches. Kneeling during the national anthem and parade of the USA flag is divisive. This can pit players against players. It divides fans — angering some, pleasing others. In the high stakes world of professional athletics, this becomes a unhelpful nuisance. Coaches simply do not want the distraction.

CK had an impressive football career. He used his final year to bring attention to an issue important to him and millions of Americans. Hopefully, he will use his fame to correct racial injustice in this nation and help heal our divisions.

Claims the NFL banned the aging QB are naive and uninformed. If athletes want to be politicians, hang up the cleats and Just Do It!

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