Mean-Spirited and Bullying Political Left

I was raised to support liberal values. This┬ápolitical doctrine believes protecting and enhancing the freedom of the individual is the central concern of politics, and generally, considers government to be necessary to ensure individuals are not harmed by others. A liberal seeks "safe spaces" that are open to all and inclusive of all. Unfortunately, as … Continue reading Mean-Spirited and Bullying Political Left

Americans are INSANE and the DISEASE is incurable

I recently met a sweet, compassionate, adorable woman on Facebook. Julie Hanselman describes herself as an "old hippie." She's a Facebook warrior, a social and political activist. She INTENDS to influence friends and readers. Julie's overflowing with love, tenderness, empathy for others and joy. She lobbies now for gun control and an end to gun … Continue reading Americans are INSANE and the DISEASE is incurable