Facebook disrespects disabled Stephen Hawking

Most political savvy Americans remember the uncivil act by presidential candidate Donald Trump when he appeared to mock and disrespect Serge Kovaleski, who suffers a disability. A Bloomberg poll found the incident is one that most bothers Americans about Trump. Liberal-leaning Facebook allowed a group, Savagery, to mock and disrespect disabled Stephen Hawking, after his death March 14th. … Continue reading Facebook disrespects disabled Stephen Hawking

Americans are INSANE and the DISEASE is incurable

I recently met a sweet, compassionate, adorable woman on Facebook. Julie Hanselman describes herself as an "old hippie." She's a Facebook warrior, a social and political activist. She INTENDS to influence friends and readers. Julie's overflowing with love, tenderness, empathy for others and joy. She lobbies now for gun control and an end to gun … Continue reading Americans are INSANE and the DISEASE is incurable