Facebook disrespects disabled Stephen Hawking

Most political savvy Americans remember the uncivil act by presidential candidate Donald Trump when he appeared to mock and disrespect Serge Kovaleski, who suffers a disability. A Bloomberg poll found the incident is one that most bothers Americans about Trump.

Trump appears to mock disabled reporter, Serge Kovaleski

Liberal-leaning Facebook allowed a group, Savagery, to mock and disrespect disabled Stephen Hawking, after his death March 14th. Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking died on the same day Albert Einstein was born, which also happens to be the day we honor the mathematical constant Pi, and was born January 8, 1942, the 300th anniversary of Galileo’s death.

Facebook had recently “warned” the group about a photo they uploaded. They removed the photo but did not block their account.

Warned but not blocked

A Hispanic male, Martin Hernandez, who lives in Atlanta, GA, and claims to be from Albuquerque, shared the disrespectful post about Mr. Hawking by Savagery.

Martin Hernandez enjoys mocking disabled, dead people. Facebook allows it.
Immature men mock disabled Stephen Hawking

Martin Hernandez appears to have issues with gay people as well.


The immature post about Mr. Hawking was reported. Facebook reviewed and ruled the content did not violate their standards. They even recommend how to share “insensitive and cruel” material in the future.

“Someone you’re shared this post with reported it to us for review. We’ve reviewed the post and found that it follows the Facebook Community standards, but may be considered insensitive or cruel. You may want to consider removing the post or limiting the audience you share posts like this with.”

Facebook allowed the disrespectful post

Facebook allows groups to demean people with disabilities. They placed me in Facebook Jail for 30-days for defending a man accused of sexual assault. They banned me again for 30-days for advocating Common Sense action to reduce gun violence. Facebook did not remove the post or block the account of my friend, Martin King, when he posted a link to the article.

Facebook did not block Martin for linking to the article

Although Facebook banned me for my gun control post, they offered me the opportunity to “boost the post” and reach up to 5,200 readers for $20.

Reach 5,200 people for boosting BANNED article for $20

They even continue the promotional offers. They now recommend I boost the post to be seen by up to 5,400 people for a mere $20. This image below comes from March 15th, some two weeks after they blocked my account.

Facebook offer March 15, 2018

A second promotion from Facebook suggests I celebrate my friendship with Alana Kopec, friends on Facebook for some four years. In the pane at right, they recommend I “write a post,” as 67 people who like my company, Infoimagination, “haven’t heard from me in a while” — about 18 days — which is the current length of the imposed Facebook ban. They ban me and now encourage me to pay money to made additional comments.

Boost your BANNED post for money

They also suggest I create another promotion and boost the post from February 24th. This is the post they removed and claimed violated their Community Standards. They offer me the opportunity to spread it to thousands more — as long as I pay. Facebook is a scam.

Facebook truly sucks!

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