Crazed Parent Maegen Jo Clark HATES on High School Coaches

Recently, ClearHealthLife published a story about a selfish mom who skewered public schools in Hawai’i for not providing her keiki with free Chromebooks. She has plenty money; just wants more for free stuff for her children.

Pua Nunes entitled, privileged and spoiled attitude characterizes so many families today. These families refuse to pay more in taxes; won’t join with activists to motivate legislators to better fund our schools; they simply whine, complain and fill social media with their negativity.

UPDATE 10.3.22: To the author of this article….you are spot on with your assessment! Maegan has been spreading lies and discord in the PHS volleyball program for several years! She has hurt and damaged so many girls and coaches…..this behavior has been driven by her own jealousy! There have already been several girls that have transferred schools or quit volleyball directly because of her behavior and manipulation. MATEJAH IS AN AMAZING ATHLETE AND PLAYER! ….but Maegan has done irreparable damage to so many others and to the PHS program by trying to get her daughter ahead. Enough with the lies. Enough with playing the victim. Enough with the narcissism. Just stop!!!!! Let the girls play and have fun!!! Be supportive of the coaches, and cheer for all of the girls! You’ve done enough damage already!!!

Yesterday, I came across a 10,000 word screed of hate, anger and vitriol posted by Maegen Jo Clark from Pocatello, Idaho. In sum, she disparaged the head coach, staff and athletic director at Pocatello High School for allegedly failing her daughter, Tejah.

Maegen Jo Clark Publicly Disparaged Her Daughter's Female Coaches and Staff
Maegen Jo Clark Publicly Disparaged Her Daughter’s Female Coaches and Staff

It appears the staff who were recipients of her cruel and bitter criticism are female, and one is married to the district athletic director (AD). Maegen accused them of bullying, intimidation, discrimination and incompetence. Maegen reported to the public that she coaches at a lower level and had observed these female administrators and coaches “ruining” dozens of players.

I’m a professional level coach and have coached various teams of basketball for men, and volleyball and track for females. I understand parents don’t always agree with coaches. Their teens are important in their lives. They want the best. And coaches aren’t perfect!

At the high school level, many coaches are volunteers. Others are paid a small stipend — and these coaches end up working for about $0.87 per hour. They don’t coach for the money, but for the love of the game and their athletes.

Coaches LOVE their players and want the BEST for all of them.
Coaches LOVE their players and want the BEST for all of them.

I’ve met many coaches over the years who aren’t well qualified. I’ve never met any coach who doesn’t love the game or their players. Sometimes they play an athlete at a position the parent doesn’t prefer; sometimes they don’t play an athlete enough for the passionate parent; sometimes they coach in a way that is contrary to the opinion and style of parents.

And while I know our system of coaching at the high school level isn’t perfect, I have witnessed far more parents than coaches harm their teens due to their over-inflated egos, selfish demands and meddling in the coach’s program.

As I state in my discussion with Maegen, I don’t believe that females have been helpful to sports in America. I am not talking about women athletes or coaches. They’re awesome. I’m talking about mothers of athletes.

Life is risky. Sports are about taking risk and challenging ourselves to be the best we can be. In such pursuit, we will fall down, scrape our knees, break bones, tear muscles, tendons and ligaments, get head injuries — possibly even die. However, Hard Times Create Strong Men! Hard Times Create Strong Women! This reality is hard for mothers.

Weak Men and Women Create Hard Times
Weak Men and Women Create Hard Times

It is admirable that women want equality, fairness, and even equity in our world. However, life isn’t fair. Sports aren’t fair. Not all youngsters get a great coach. Not all athletes will be able to make a team, play for a team or be a star for a team.

As a young athlete, I worked harder than any other athlete in my community. I might have worked as hard or harder than every athlete in the nation. It paid off. I earned a scholarship and moved up to the professional ranks.

Then, I played against Michael Jordan. Those legs!!! That quickness!!! His jumping ability!!! Not fair!!! God gave those skills to Mike. Not fair!!! Sports are not fair. Life isn’t fair. I don’t feel cheated. I am one of the most blessed people on Planet Earth to have competed against Mike. I did my best! He was better. Welcome to life!

Female parents of athletes need to learn this lesson. Tennis great, Naomi Osaka, collapsed due to the mental pressure. Gymnastic GOAT, Simone Biles, destroyed herself mentally due to the pressure of Olympic competition. Women have to learn to “get out of their head,” as Maverick says in TopGun. “Stop thinking and overthinking.” Learn to #JustDoIt

Maegen’s negativity was so harmful that I reached out to her. First, it doesn’t help a coach, the school or players for parents to air their frustrations in public. Would be better to meet privately with the coach or athletic director.

Second, Maegen repeatedly discussed her daughter Tejah’s role on the team in public, how the coach was harming Tejah, how the program, staff and other athletes were discriminating against her and how Tejah was being ruined as a volleyball player by this incompetent and cruel coach.

Third, Maegen was extremely upset that the coaching staff had directed Tejah not to consume RedBull before matches. Coaches don’t want their athletes doing “drugs,” and caffeine is a drug. It’s a powerful stimulant. What goes up in sport must come down. Ultimately, if your athlete needs a stimulant to “get up” for a match, they’re in the wrong business.

I reached out to calm this overly-emotional and misguided parent.

Aloha Maegen, you probably don’t know me. Nice to hear you coach VB; congrats on Tejah’s success … First, I would not post the comments you made online. This criticism is bad for the team; makes you look bad; will hurt Tejah.

Second, she should not drink RedBull. It’s high caffeine and sugar. You’re doping her up. And what goes up artificially will come down — maybe in the final set.

Third, as higher level coaches, we can SEE talent. Don’t fret!!! I played for HHS — as a center at 6’5; had to move to guard in college and the pros.

She has talent. What coaches look for now is attitude and work ethic. She is a good kid. If you talk down about coaches, she will also.

Be positive. It will all work out. Please delete your online comments. Keep that between you and coaches. Don’t even share those feeling with Tejah. Only brings down her morale.

Always available to chat if you want.

This led to a two-hour-plus conversation via FB messenger — until Maegen blocked and unfriended me. For this reason, I post this history online. Gave her a lot of time on a Friday evening. For my volunteer effort to help her young athlete, she slammed the door in my face.

What a F***ing Witch!!! Seriously!!!

Maegen accused the community, primarily Mormon, of being discriminatory. She claims she is “documenting everything,” and that no one will do anything to help her daughter and end this “horrible behavior.”

My kids, my girls get bullied daily. My girls don’t get asked to dances or have boyfriends. The girls are evil at times.

Maegen Jo Clark

Maegen doesn’t like coaches who are forceful because “these kids are soft and not as emotionally strong,” as we were generations ago she claims. However, she then countered her belief, “First of all you can’t be soft being black. It Mormon in this area. People are cruel.”

Maegen posts EVERYTHING about her children online for the public to view. She even criticizes the system since nobody asked Tejah to the Pocatello High School homecoming dance.

Maegen Jo Clark Summary of PHS Volleyball Coaching

Have met with coaches, have met with athletic director. Have even gone to the district office of how not only my daughter but how many girls are treated in this [Pocatello High School] program. Many parents over the last several years have tried to cry out for help but they continually get ignored. The coach is married to the District athletic director So this coach doesn’t even get a slap on the wrist for the way she has destroyed several athletes over her last 7 years or so. So we should just sit back and allow her to destroy many more lives? She has not helped one athlete make it to college level. She won’t even up keep max preps or any site that the IHSAA insists you do as a coach. So I should take down my post so she can continue to get away with horrible behavior? What is bad for the team is for the bullying way of these coaches and how they try to run their program with fear and consequence rather than positivity and encouragement.

COACH RESPONDS: I’m not suggesting you should sit back. However, airing your grievances in public does not help the team win. Including your daughter in your post harms her reputation; may lead colleges to steer away from recruiting her. And, as they are in season at this time, might be best to volunteer with the team, do what you can to help your daughter and team win, rather than be the Negative Nancy!

I was a student at HHS when Peg Peterson coached Girl's Volleyball. We were great friends.
I was a student at HHS when Peg Peterson coached Girl’s Volleyball. We were great friends.

How do you drop your daughter from conversation if she is the point of the conversation and she is getting targeted? What do you do? Who do you go to when you have gone every route you can think of and no one will listen? When I say me I mean many athletes and parents have tried. No I don’t care what kind of bullying you encountered this coaching is unacceptable. My husband played college ball and also played at the professional level and he tells me we have to do something. I had a hell of a tough coach growing up and playing yet I knew is toughness came from a source of love because he cared. If so many children are getting mistreated yet no one in authority will listen what do you suspect we do?

COACH RESPONDS: As I said in my last comment, airing your grievances on social media is not helpful. This pathway does not generally lead to a positive solution. Nothing you told me supports your claim Tejah is being “targeted.” I told you my high school and college coaches probably “bullied” per our standards today. I hated my coaches; I loved my coaches. They were tough on all of us. As a result, we played for championships! And, I’m a better human being today because they were tough on us.

Maegen posts about her daughter Tejah and husband Derrick J Clark
Maegen posts about her daughter Tejah and husband Derrick J Clark

This coach has never had a 500 season. She has a 35% success rate. She has caused athletes to the point of depression. one moms testimony of her daughter having to take hours of therapy because she got beat so low and didn’t know how to cope. A coach that lets money and politics talk? Telling me she is going to start one specific player because her mom donated so much money to the program that she felt obligated. Or how about when her assistant coach was charging only certain athletes 100/ hour during season for extra help and then bringing them up as freshman to varsity while the ones who should be playing Sat the bench.

COACH RESPONDS: I’m a disciple of John Wooden. Coach didn’t focus on winning. I don’t either. We define success as doing our very best to be the very best we are capable of becoming. You claim one mom had to submit her daughter to “hours of therapy because she got beat so low and didn’t know how to cope.” You illustrate how soft our youngsters are today. How does an athlete cope with getting “chewed out” for not performing as expected? (1) Listen to the coach, (2) Thank the coach for the coaching advice, and (3) Get back up and execute better on the next play. This response develops Mental Toughness.

My daughter isn’t just a regular athlete. She is a two year state champion in track. She is nationally ranked. She just took 6th in the Nike outdoor Nationals in Eugene. Her track coach at Poky was devastated but even she knew how Tejah has been treated. She is the one who tells me to keep documenting everything because she knows how this vball program is. But it doesn’t do any good. No one will do anything.

COACH RESPONDS: Your daughter is a “regular athlete.” You admit you are her #1 Fan. We understand parents can be emotional this way. However, you are putting your daughter on some sort of pedestal. You expect her to be treated differently. I disturbs me that you are having these conversations with other coaches; and that you are repeating these accusations in public. In my professional opinion, you are hurting Tejah, her team, the coaching staff and the entire program.

I took my post down. I will continue to poke the bear to see if they will listen. It isn’t all about my kid. I have coached many of these athletes since 5th grade up until now and to see some of their lights just go out. Plus their love for the sport disappear it is heart breaking. I know 4 girls that are saying they aren’t coming back next year to play and volleyball is their life. It literally brings me to tears because there is nothing I can do for them. No one will do the right thing. Why should this coach have that much power.

COACH RESPONDS: You claim you will continue to “poke the bear” after I urged you to end this political and parental negativity. That you have coached “these athletes since 5th grade up until now” is irrelevant. You are too close; too emotional. If their love of the sport disappears, they do not love the sport. Sports test us! We face many obstacles. Champions find a way to overcome adversity. This process develops physical and mental toughness. What you can do for them is volunteer to coach; be the team’s leading cheerleader; and stop your ego-driven public rants. You claim “no one will do the right thing.” I’m asking YOU to do the right thing. Back off, sit down, let this coach run her program. If you’re unhappy, move your athlete to another school.

Ya but like we talked about unfortunately these kids are soft and not as emotionally strong. I will continue fighting for these girls they deserve better and deserve to have leadership and a mentor that cares about them and their future.

COACH RESPONDS: I don’t know “these kids.” I suspect they’re not as “soft and not as emotionally strong” as you claim. However, you don’t like it when a coach is tough. You want these athletes to be coddled. You keep them soft. And you believe you must “continue fighting for these girls.” You don’t let them grow up to become adults. You keep them in your protective parental bubble. You keep them mentally weak. You also claim they “deserve better.” This statement is an example your over-inflated ego. I’m truly disappointed in your parental attitude. Behavior like yours causes a lot of coaches, referees, staff and administrators to exit the profession. Get your coaching license. Apply for a head coaching job. Show us leadership rather than criticize others.

Oh no I meant fighting for the girls as in a way to try to see how we can get them to see a change needs to be made. You can ask any of my athletes or any of my 6 children I don’t just allow them to be soft. First of all you can’t be soft being black and. It Mormon in this area. People are cruel. My kids deal with racism and ignorance daily. My son was just told a joke the other day that said “what do apples and black peoples have in common? They both look good hanging from trees.” My kids, my girls get bullied daily. My girls don’t get asked to dances or have boyfriends. The girls are evil at times. I preach nothing but how to be tough and fight through adversity. I told Tejah this would be a tough year. I did tell her if they put you in middle then you do your best in middle weather [sic] it was a punishment or not. But there comes a point as a mother or a decent human being or you see so much injustice done you stand up for what is right.

And not Mormon

COACH RESPONDS: “fighting for the girls”? You sound mentally unstable. During season is not the time to fight for the girls against their coach and program. You believe changes “need to be made.” The ONLY change I see that needs to be made if for you to sit down and be quiet. Let the coach run her program. You have disparaged the coach, the program, and now Mormons. I know the Mormon community. Excellent people! Your attitude is frankly disgusting. You are racist, cruel and egotistical.

I can’t believe you told “Tejah this would be a tough year.” You’re instilling negativity and fear in this young, talented athlete. Punishment for playing middle? Imagine 2028. Tejah is OH for the USA Women’s Olympic team. The middle sprains her ankle in the 5th set. Coach has to assign Tejah to play that role. Thankfully, her coach at PHS played her in the middle position! Tejah easily slides over to the middle, has the best game of her life, and she and the USA woman earn the Gold medal. However, to you, she is being punished. You’re off your rocker!

“so much injustice done …” The ONLY injustice here is what you are doing!

Umm there was so much here that I disagree with. But we can agree to disagree at the end of the day. Plus the saying sticks and stones is a bunch of rubbish. That is actually the worst saying ever created. Words are actually very hurtful and can hurt more than actions or physical abuse. I have been in an abusive relationship and the emotional abuse was 10,000 times harder to forget or get over than the physical. The physical heals while the emotional does not. Do you have children? I don’t want to be a civil activist or a coach at this moment I want to be a parent. Your pretty much saying don’t stand up to the bully just adapt to the bullying? To me that sounds insane. I will never be one to teach my children to just allow themselves to be treated a certain way. There is always other coaches, other CEO’s other bosses, other jobs. There are people that will appreciate you and what you have to offer. If we lived a life where you set no boundaries that would lead to I miserable life. You don’t know me or my family. You read one rant message from a mom that you are 100% correct, I should not have posted but trust me you don’t know the first thing about me or how I raise my daughter or family for that matter. You say you coach volleyball, got a gold medal, played in the NBA? Congrats all on these crazy accomplishments. We obviously have some different views on different things. Which this is where I can say I respect your opinion for you have the right to it. I will in no way stop fighting the good fight and fighting for those I care about.

COACH RESPONDS: Yes, sticks and stone can break bones, but names DO NOT harm us! You are mentally weak. You look for reasons to be offended. Words are NOT “very hurtful.” I can call you “XYX$*7+*^%.” So what? Did that hurt you? Absolutely not! If I slap you, I hurt you. However, my words can only harm you if you allow them to cause harm. Athletes build up their armor to be both physically and mentally strong. Tejah may play before 50,000 screaming opposing fans one day. They will do their best to distract her and get her off her game. We witnessed Naomi Osaka collapse simply due to questions by reporters. Not mentally tough. No armor on her! We sadly watched Simone Biles withdraw from competition claiming the “twisties.” She twisted herself due to her personal thoughts, fears and negativity. And, now, you arrogantly claim you will “in no way stop fighting the good fight and fighting for those I care about.”

Overwhelmed By Negativity, Whining and Complaining

At this point, I had heard enough whining and complaining from this passionate, but misdirected, parent. She is filling the heads of her Black children with so much negativity. Listening to her, I would think they are afraid to leave the house. I wrote:

Need to go … let me leave you with a final comment. You can fight the good fight or prepare your daughter for college sports and a scholarship. Can’t do both!

Women Worry Too Much for Sports and Life. Life Is Risky. Sports are Risky.
Women Worry Too Much for Sports and Life. Life Is Risky. Sports are Risky.

I do not like women parents in sports. Women want life and the world to be fair. Life and sports are not fair!!! You can devote your time to helping her be a great athlete or work to make the world fair. Can’t do both!

You talk about racism, misogyny, politics, bullying, intimidation. Welcome to the world! There is Heaven; there is Hell. We have both here on Earth. Life is full of much sh*t. Sports are full of much sh*t. You are documenting the sh*t. You are focusing on the negative.

Women tend to overthink, to get anxious, to fret about all the what-ifs. Sports are about the NOW !!! Your attitude is hurting her. Your negative energy is harming her.

Coach Wooden was clear: if you believe you can or believe you cannot, you’re correct.

You’re in season now. All Tejah can do is play her best. After season, she plays club and runs track. Your track coach is fine!

Move next summer. What’s $5K for her future? Earn a scholarship; $5K investment cheaper than paying for college.

BUT seriously, YOU are harming her!!! Please end this political battle. You’re a coach. Is Tejah the best setter in Idaho? Best blocker in Idaho? Best middle in Idaho? Best serve receiver in Idaho? Best digger in Idaho? Best OH in Idaho? Best floor leader in Idaho?

This is ALL you should focus on. Don’t mention the coaching or politics again!!!

Seriously!!! If you want to win; want Tejah to be a winner; then drop all this political stuff. You don’t hear me. I understand this now. You’re upset and emotional. However, you’re hurting your daughter. You’re overwhelming her with negativity.

Maegen Jo Clark: I am not hurting my daughter she is tough and strong.


UPDATE 9.30.22: Maegen Jo Clark now criticized one female junior varsity coach who corroborated Maegen’s negative, destructive and abusive parental behavior, “I yell from the stands because they aren’t getting coached from the bench … your players have lost the light for the way you have treated them.”

Imagine: Meagen Yelling From Stands
PHS Coach: “OK, ladies, great job. Let’s run Play A.

Maegen Jo Clark (yelling from stands): “No! No! No, Tejah. Don’t listen to the coach. Run Play B so you get more recognition.

Poor Tejah! She doesn’t want to be in this conflict. Maegen also said, “leave my daughter out of what you have to say.” It was Maegen who inserted her daughter into the public discussion.

Maegen Jo Clark responds and criticizes female coach

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21 thoughts on “Crazed Parent Maegen Jo Clark HATES on High School Coaches

  1. The reason she won’t respond to your proposal to go volunteer or help coach is she held the position I am currently in last season. She was previously the program’s JV coach but would tell varsity setters to set her daughter more if they wanted to win & blow up on the head coach in front of players. So obviously she is no longer a part of our program. She does still come to both JV and Varsity competitions though and attempts to meddle in the stands with other player’s parents in a quite inappropriate fashion as well as coach our players in the stands after games. It’s so sad to see what it does to her amazing daughter who is a force on the Varsity team. She DOES have an amazing amount of talent, but could surely do without the stress of this heavy weight on her back.

    1. Thank you for sharing the complete story. From the video clips I have watched, it’s clear Tejah has tremendous talent and potential. The mother is putting a “heavy weight on her back,” as well as on coaches and the team. It is my hope this article will help the mother balance her emotions and behavior. We hope PHS, coaches and all the hard-working athletes succeed.

  2. You know what I will pray for you even if this was a harmful misguided article. It still shows in this article how passionate I am About the athletes around here and that will never change. You have taught me a very valuable lesson to always watch out for a wolf in sheeps clothing. I opened up in what I thought was a private conversation. I acknowledged my wrong doing about making that post and even took it down. You must have gone through such a hard life to be this spiteful and hateful towards woman. I sincerely apologize for whatever woman hurt you in the past. But to attack a mother and her child after a moment of weakness is very low. By the way those dance pictures my daughter asked the boy to go to the dance. She was not asked. Anyways I forgive you for trying to tarnish my name along with my daughter. The devil is real but this article will not affect me the way you were hoping it would. As I said before God Bless you and I pray next time you don’t go digging for a story to destroy a mother and her child.

    1. Aloha Maegen, we discussed only what you had posted in public; all photos were posted in the public by you. You did not seek or request privacy in this matter. Your response now is an effort to “gaslight” me attempting to make this incident about me.

      I posted the story about this situation because you ended stating, “I will in no way stop fighting the good fight and fighting for those I care about.” You then unfriended and blocked me cutting off further communication.

      You claim this is a moment of weakness, yet promise to continue the destructive and divisive behavior. You took down the original post, but pledge to continue harming the coaches, team and PHS program.

      Nobody attacked Tejah. Along with others, she appears to be the victim of an over-bearing and egotistical mother. Because I posted this story, another participant in this matter came forward to explain how you have been manipulating players and meddling in the program “in a quite inappropriate fashion.”

      You are harming your daughter, the team, coaches and the PHS athletic program. I ask you to get on your knees before your God and pray for guidance. Please end this negative, uncivil and destructive behavior!

  3. Until someone understands all the facts and have walked in the shoes of a person, writing an article condemning them is hearsay. Based on what I can see, the writer of this article was quick to condemn based on a few facts, hearsay and deceit. As far as I can tell, Maegan is just a parent concerned about the guidance her child is receiving. No more or less than most parents involved in their children’s life.

    I find it interesting that Maegen’s name is being scandalized and yet, nowhere do I see the name of the author of the article and how the research was done. It seems that the information was pulled from a couple of posts (without all the facts) and deceit. From my point of view, this is like a Historical Fiction novel, some truth and a lot of conjecture. Anyone reading this article should be very skeptical until the author comes clean so that credentials can be verified. Is the author really a coach or is this another fiction.

    1. Thank you for your comment. This article is NOT hearsay, as we have quoted Maegen’s comments exactly as she wrote — and retain copies of her direct communication.

      You criticize ClearHealthLife for not publishing the name of the male coach. He provided his picture. Those who know sports history in Pocatello should know him and the initial discussion occurred through his social media account with Maegen. His name is know.

      However, this article is not about the male coach. Whether he is skilled or not does not impact this discussion. Most importantly, you have not provided your name or picture. You hide, but criticize others. Your behavior is disingenuous.

      You state that as far as you can tell, “Maegan [sic] is just a parent concerned about the guidance her child is receiving. No more or less than most parents involved in their children’s life.”

      Volleyball is a team sport. Maegen certainly has the parental right to discuss the treatment of her daughter with PHS coaches and administration. She claims she has. Now, she has two options: (1) she can pull her daughter from the team or (2) be positive and supportive of the team.

      To sit in the stands and criticize the coaches in NOT an option. To post wild accusations about the coaches, staff, program, other players, other students in the school and Mormons are NOT options.

      These behaviors are destructive to the reputations of all those individuals she targets. Her behavior is destructive to a team-environment. Her behavior is arrogant, ego-driven, immature and unsportswomanlike.

      Playing on a team sport in a competitive league is NOT a right. Participation requires tolerance, acceptance of the coach’s authority, and willingness to share playing time, fame and personal ambition for the “good of the whole.”

      Maegen stated, “I yell from the stands because they aren’t getting coached from the bench …” Every fan has the RIGHT to yell from the stands. They buy a ticket and can cheer or boo as they please. However, Maegen is not “just a fan.” She is a parent of one player on the team.

      Believing she should counter the direction of the coach — to encourage her daughter or the daughters of other parents to ignore the coach, play differently than the coach has directed or incite discord on the team can be grounds for dismissing the player from the team.

      To claim in public, for example, “your players have lost the light for the way you have treated them” is an outrageous and egotistical comment. Maegen has slandered and libeled the coach.

      To claim in public, for example, “The girls are evil at times,” is a terrible thing to say about the teammates with whom her daughter plays. How do you expect players to get along with this talented teammate when her mother calls them evil?

      This is high school, not professional sports. What should matter is coming together to have fun, to do their very best, and to work as a team in a cooperative, collaborative manner — not throw insults at coaches and other players from the stands or on social media.

      You may not agree with me. However, ALL coaches and players agree that public disparagement and insults do not help a team. Maegen is out-of-control. Her behavior is destructive to the team and coaching staff — and she is harming her daughter with this vicious and vile political campaign.

      If Maegen can’t cheer and be positive when around this team, she should just be quiet or stay home.

      1. COMMENT DELETED … will be happy to have a conversation with you. However, ClearHealthLife will not allow you to attack the author. You misquoted the author in your comments. You are turning this discussion into an assault on the author, rather than focusing on the behavior of this egotistical and over-bearing female parent.

        You still did not include your name or picture. Thank you for your time!

    2. Two sides to every story right? Perhaps you should try listening to the side other than Maegan’s. You clearly have bought into the lies she’s been telling. I would tell anyone reading this article NOT BE skeptical….because this article is the truth, and the author was able to piece that together just from seeing Maegan’s post, and talking with her. He didn’t even need all the ugly, disgusting, horrible details (which there are so many of) to see right through her lies, deceit, and manipulation.

  4. COMMENT DELETED … you are correct. ClearHealthLife will not allow you to troll this article and bully this discussion. Your opinion about the author of this article is irrelevant. Your attempts to smear the author deflect from the primary issue — that of egotistical and over-bearing parents. If Maegen Jo Clark does not agree with the coaching system of the PHS staff, she is free to move to another school or district.

    Season will be over in a couple months. Maegen can select a club team for her daughter she believes appropriate … or she can coach her daughter herself. Until then, Maegen will serve her daughter best by cheering positively for the team; not working against players and coaches.

    You admit you are attempting to bully the author and this group. This behavior will not be tolerated on this page. Thank you for the comments.

  5. COMMENT DELETED … however you included some comments that warrant a response:
    (1) “How do you know what Maegan [sic] is doing?” ClearHealthLife does not know Maegen. We only have her written statements to this coach.

    (2) “Are you 100% sure that everything written in this article is true.” The comments from Maegen are posted exactly as she wrote. Statements of the coach are his opinion.

    (3) “Trust me, when I say I know a lot more about this whole situation than you ever will …” Perfect. Provide information about this “whole situation.” The male coach is not part of the whole situation. Attacking him is therefore irrelevant. Your additional information about the whole situation is welcomed.

  6. Realizing that the author of this article does not want opposing comments and realizing that none of my comments are allowed, makes me believe that this author does not want a fair assessment of the story, only his opinion or those that agree with him matter (see Nikke Funke’s comment). Makes me believe that we are living in Russia where any dissension or disagreement is not allowed and squashed.

    [ClearHealthLife: Your previous comments were attack pieces on the coach. This article is not about the coach, but a parent we consider to be over-zealous, egotistical and destructive to the game. We encouraged Maegen Jo Clark to respond. Your comments here finally offer rebuttal, not direct attacks.]

    The idea that Maegen is calling out plays from the stands is somewhat absurd. If you don’t believe me, then you can watch the live videos of all the games. She records all the games with her phone. And, yes she does yell, as any parent in the stands will do.

    [ClearHealthLife: The coach was giving an example about calling plays from the stands … in volleyball, the game coach doesn’t call plays this way. And, we disagree with you that her behavior is what “any parent in the stands will do.”]

    You being a coach will understand that this is also part of coaching. She makes comments, but she is not yelling at the players to run plays.

    [ClearHealthLife: So what comments does Maegen make? She stated, “I yell from the stands because they aren’t getting coached from the bench.” What arrogance and over-inflated ego! Maegen appears to believe everyone in the gym is incompetent but herself.]

    And yes she does make comments about what she would do as a coach, but more to herself than anyone else.

    [ClearHealthLife: Maegen Jo Clark is NOT the coach. That’s the point of this article. Team sports are not directed by a committee of parents. There is a head coach for a reason. The head coach shoulders the burden. She continues her job based on her performance.

    Further, Maegen has not kept her comments to herself. Maegen’s comments are destructive to a team environment, and she potentially harms her daughter. College coaches aren’t looking to recruit a player if the parent might bring division to their program. Maegen wants the PHS staff to change their style of coaching and play to benefit HER daughter. This selfish behavior is destructive to a team environment.]

    And yes, she has attended both the JV and Varsity games, because she has a good relationship with a number of the girls on the JV and her daughter plays on the varsity.

    [ClearHealthLife: What games Maegen attends is not our concern or that of the coach. However, she does have a “relationship” with many players. Her role is therefore confusing to players. She’s using her relationship to sow seeds of discord and doubt about the PHS coaches, program, staff and student body. She is disparaging those involved. And, as a perceived authority figure, her actions are disturbing, divisive and destructive.]

    All my comments made, that you have deleted have been made about this article and how I feel that the author did not complete a full and fair investigation on what was written. You say I attack the author, no, I have only addressed what he stated in his article and stated multiple times that I believe he treated Maegen unfairly in the article.

    [ClearHealthLife: You made your points: (1) “I feel that the author did not complete a full and fair investigation on what was written,” and (2) “I believe he treated Maegen unfairly in the article.” You could have simply stated these objections. We would have printed them. ]

    Sure he posted exactly what she wrote, but there was no research on why she felt that way and if there were any other parent that felt the same way.

    [ClearHealthLife: Thank you! “He posted exactly what she wrote.” Maegen can explain why she felt that way. She responded. Other parents can respond if they feel the same way. Your attacks on the coach do not provide “research” or why Maegen and possibly others feel the same way.]

    You say I misquoted the author, no, I only cut and paste what the author put in his article. Basically, I treated the author the same way that he treated Maegen. He baited and then he burned.

    [ClearHealthLife: We all know what the coach said. His comments are included.]

    1. Please allow me to respond to this unnamed critic. Let me discuss one complaint from Maegen Jo Clark. She was upset with the PHS coaching staff for not allowing Tejah to consume Red Bull prior to matches. We have a national agenda to keep our children from using drugs. Caffeine is a drug — a powerful stimulant. Tejah and her mother want to “dope” her up so she performs better, although PHS coaches don’t want any players relying on sports-enhancing substances.

      I admire this position by the PHS coaching team. When I coached on the international level, our head coach had earned FIVE gold medals as a player. As a coach, she could barely walk. She was in constant pain. She suffered her sixth (6th) knee surgery during our run for Olympic gold.

      I’m a former pro athlete. Can barely walk today. My pain is constant. I’ve suffered two full hip surgeries, two knee re-constructions, and both feet are a broken mess.

      This past weekend, we witnessed a horrific incident to Tua Tagovailoa. Players hate the Thursday night game. They don’t get enough rest from the previous Sunday. However, Amazon wants to sell products; the NFL wants the Thursday night revenue; and fans want more entertainment. Athletes are commodities to be exploited and abused. Pro athletes are generally compensated well. High school athletes are not.

      Tejah and her mom want to use a drug, a powerful stimulant, to allow Tejah to be her best at all times. Maybe Tejah needs more rest. She’s around 16-17. Her body needs sleep and adequate rest. Caffeine can counter this process. Some VB competitions begin Friday night, run all day Saturday, and conclude Sunday.

      Is this schedule in the best interest of young, developing players? Or are we abusing our youngsters? These questions should be asked. However, if the PHS coaching staff says NO to drugs, then all players should follow the directive. If Tejah is allowed to drug up, other players will feel compelled to keep up. We see a similar situation with the abuse of steroids.

      PHS coaches are doing their best to maintain a fair, level playing field — while thinking of the safety and future of the athletes they love. Maegen Jo Clark claims she knows better. She’s not a doctor. She demands to drive her daughter hard … to the point of using drugs, artificial stimulants — to improve her performance.

      I consider Maegan Jo Clark’s behavior to be child abuse. She is overly-zealous and a fanatical fan. Her behavior is abusive to her daughter, the team members, as well as the PHS coaches and program.

  7. To the author of this article….you are spot on with your assessment! Maegan has been spreading lies and discord in the PHS volleyball program for several years! She has hurt and damaged so many girls and coaches…..this behavior has been driven by her own jealousy! There have already been several girls that have transferred schools or quit volleyball directly because of her behavior and manipulation. MATEJAH IS AN AMAZING ATHLETE AND PLAYER! ….but Maegan has done irreparable damage to so many others and to the PHS program by trying to get her daughter ahead. Enough with the lies. Enough with playing the victim. Enough with the narcissism. Just stop!!!!! Let the girls play and have fun!!! Be supportive of the coaches, and cheer for all of the girls! You’ve done enough damage already!!!

  8. All’s Well that Ends Well.

    Maegen knows there are certain individuals in the Pocatello area that do not agree with or even like her. That is a fact of life, no matter who we are there are those that do not agree with what we say or do. Maegen has found that there are a number of people that are there for her and have come to support her in any way they can with the printing of this article.

    [ClearHealthLife: As coach warned, Maegen’s selfish, egotistical behavior has now divided this team into two camps — kind of like our divided America. There is the blue (antiMaegen) squad; and red (proMaegen) squad. This divides the team when the key to winning and athletes being their very best is a united effort — a group singularity focused 100% on working together — believing in themselves and each other. Maegen’s behavior represents a cancer to this team. We hope this article forces the adults to put their combined energies toward ensuring all these talented young ladies and dedicated coaches have a rewarding and fun experience.]

    After reviewing this article number of times, it has been determined that the JV coach could have assisted in writing this article.

    [ClearHealthLife: You made another bad and false assumption. You called for more research before speaking. You did not research. And, you falsely accused both coaches. The JV coach did not assist in the writing of this article.]

    Case in point, in response to one of my first comments, I was asked to post a picture. I tried but could not. Media posting is not allowed in comments. That lead us to wonder how a text from Maegen to this Nikke Funke made it into the article, not the comments, but the actual article. Then, the fact that the first comment was made by this Nikke Funke.

    [ClearHealthLife: Maegen Jo Clark was connected to this coach on social media. She freely chose to block that relationship. Coach Nikki searched and located the coach on social media. He is known in the world of volleyball in Pocatello. In their discussion, she forwarded the graphic. We would have provided you an email or link had you asked.]

    Another Pocatello coach pulled the coaching bylaws and showed Maegen that the any coach in the HS coaching staff cannot harass a student or a student’s parent.

    [ClearHealthLife: Harassment? Another wild charge. No coach at PHS is harassing Maegen Jo Clark. Some might claim it is the other way around.]

    So last night Maegen and her husband had a meeting with the Principal and Athletic director. Maegen first apologized for any harm that she may have done and said that she has learned a valuable lesson. She then went on to point out a number of inconsistencies with this article. The principle asked for a copy of all the information, which was provided. The meeting ended on a high note.

    [ClearHealthLife: Wonderful news. There had been simmering frustration. Our article forced all parties to meet, discuss and move forward in a more positive manner.]

    I was also privy to a text that Maegen received from her daughter. She wanted Maegen to review because she wanted to post it to this website. It was very touching. It will not be posted.

    So, in the end, this is what you condemning article has accomplished:

    1) Those that dislike Maegen, will continue to dislike Maegen
    2) She has found that she has a large support group
    3) Her daughter has her back and as she stated in her text, it was the article causing her stress
    4) Maegen and her husband were able to have a very constructive meeting with the principal and athletic director
    5) Contrary to what this article implies, there are coaches at PHS that actually we supporting Maegen and in discussion with her about this article

    I don’t believe there is anything else to say.

    [ClearHealthLife: Thank you for your input.]

    1. ClearHealthLife would like to clarify that Nikki Funke had nothing to do with writing this article. The coach did not know JV Coach Nikki prior to authoring this commentary. The coach did not know Maegen Jo Clark prior to authoring this commentary, although he and Maegen were connected as “friends” on social media.

      The coach added Nikki’s comments to the article after Nikki posted her statement in the comment section.

    2. Wow….are you even serious??? This is mind boggling……“Another Pocatello coach pulled the coaching bylaws and showed Maegen that the any coach in the HS coaching staff cannot harass a student or a student’s parent.” So question here…..would making up rumors and telling other players and parents that another parent is paying for playing time for her daughter be considered harassment? Would telling players on your JV team that the freshman who made varsity didn’t deserve it and had some kind of deal with the coaches be considered harassment? Would pulling varsity teammates of a player aside individually and telling them they don’t believe that a player deserves a second chance after apologizing for a mistake be considered harassment. Just wondering???? Maegan’s hypocrisy is really something! And of course now this article is also being called into question. I’m seeing a pattern of behavior here. Blame, blame, blame.

  9. I believe that Maegan’s behavior is the only thing that needs to change and that needed to be change. She has hurt so many along her path by saying hurtful and untrue things. I am not going off of hearsay-I have dealt with meagan directly and she causes problems wherever she is. It is like she feeds off of the drama and putting her kids on a pedestal like the author mentions. She has made up lies about me and if she wanted to know the truth she should have came directly to me and we could have talked. There is no reason to keep dragging this on but I do see a reason for Maegan to hopefully see this as having truth to it and instead of her always pointing a finger at someone else, I hope she can see the damage she caused and try to be a better person. I truly don’t know if she can change but I see a need for it. She’s a liar, manipulative, hurtful, and deceitful. Again I am not going off of hearsay I am going off of dealing with her personally and she continues to make up lies about me. So would I say that there is something that came and should come out of this-YES! Nice job author.

  10. If there are So Many in Pocatello that “disagree with Magean” or “dislike Magean,” isn’t there some underlying to that? We are all flawed yes, but it seems that those that dislike Magean have their reasons right? I also see that hurtful mistakes are continuing to happen because of Magean. Deleting a comment she wrote in a “moment of weakness.” Is that really what happened as she claims or does she do this kind of stuff often where she talks deceitfully about many situations to others intentionally trying to harm others? Or where she disrespects many by again lying or trying to go against others to harm them and have a gain for her?

    If you don’t know Magean I will say you are better off just going off of these comments and the screenshots of maegan is saying. She claims to bless you and pray for you after the fact that she already tried to hurt you. For example: this article came out and she blocked and I friended the author, then she started trying to show others who the author is by sharing things out of context and sharing how he is “delusional, racist and sexist” she tried pointing the finger first. She tried making it seem like he made all of this up. She tried manipulating others into believing “your side.” Which is what she claims the author is doing right, trying to manipulate others and hurt her without knowing all the facts?

    Again, we all make mistakes but the same kind of mistakes over and over and over. Is this acceptable behavior or should Maegan seek help? She’s the first to complain, talk crap about someone or justify a mistake, but is she the first to acknowledge what she’s done and correct her behavior and try to be better? What type of person would you trust? A person who is constantly involved in negativity and drama? Or someone is there for their daughter and their whole team as volleyball is a team sport?

    I do agree don’t believe hearsay or base your opinion on someone else’s opinion but I have dealt with Maegan and the Pocatello staff and I believe there is so much to say here. But more than saying anything, my opinion is formed from contact and being around Maegan.
    It is this:
    From the moment I met you, you were talking negatively about the head coach and the team at the time. You always talked about what others were doing and how poky doesn’t do this or that and not in a way that seemed helpful but rather demeaning. You manipulated the head coach into believing “other coaches” were doing things they shouldn’t be, when in reality it was you all along. Always talking about someone else negatively and trying to turn others against each other, even within the very staff you were a part of. You lie, you would do anything to get your daughter ahead, even at a harmful cost. You have gone to peoples house to complain about the head coach trying to stir up trouble yet again and get her fired once again. I say this as a warning to those who haven’t seen this side of maegan-don’t let her fool you or manipulate you, she needs to work on herself. We all have things to work on but I hope she can see that now.

  11. Wow.
    “it has been determined that the JV coach could have assisted in writing this article.”

    That’s a reach don’t you think? And a pretty far one at that.

    We Support Nikki Funke!

    Maegan is no victim here.
    As you can see from the screen shot and others, she always has something negative to say and then always turns around and acts like she’s the victim. There is a saying don’t let the same snake bite you twice. I believe the same snake has bitten the PHS volleyball coaches and administration about 5-6 times now. Time someone learns a lesson.

    And if bylaws are concerned maegan broke many. She’s no longer a coach but how dare she bring up coaching bylaws when there are those she hurt breaking bylaws and she continues to hurt many. Until this stops she is breaking the more than coaching bylaws, she is hurting the morals and ethics of all those around her. Teaching young girls that it is acceptable to talk negatively about others, pressuring others to go against others on the team, purposely hurting coaches by getting others to believe her lies and continuing to push her agenda with lies. She was doing this when she was coaching and it hasn’t stopped.

    Always claiming the victim of something-
    have some integrity and see what you are doing for what it is. Sadly, I doubt she ever will-
    she claims she is passionate and dedicated but she is also toxic and destructive. Pitting people against each other, ruining relationships, reputations, lying over and over, causing the team divide, always pressuring those into believing what she says simply by repeating her lies over and over and spreading everything on social media constantly.

    Just because you’re loud doesn’t mean you’re right. Just because you’re all over social media doesn’t mean you’re right. Just because you go to the school with yet another claim, you are not the victim. The true victims here are the poor athletes of the program including her daughter.

  12. Hope maegan is taking this serious!

    I hope she stops with her psychotic behavior for a moment to realize that she’s hurting people and enough with the lies. Enough with the victim claiming. Please actually acknowledge things you’ve done to intentionally hurt people and that is your nature, your personality, it’s you. You lie and lie so much that you can’t keep up. Please get some help.

  13. For as long as I’ve been in the volleyball world, Maegan has pushed and pushed for her daughter to be seen as THE best. It hard to see how she feels that it is just her daughter who is getting slighted. It happens in team sports on the daily. Typically no girl gets exactly what she wants and has to adjust her expectations, communicate with her coaches and keeping grinding. Tejah is a phenomenal runner. There’s no question there. I think it’s really inappropriate how much Maegan bashes on the coaches/staff/strategy etc. her posts frequently complain of someone slighting her or her kids. I truly feel like she has mom goggles on when it comes to her daughter at times in volleyball and she tries to live vicariously through her as she was a volleyball player herself. Her daughter is good, but like most teenagers, she has room for improvement. She focuses so much on her daughters position rather than just being where the team needs her. She tried her best to get her daughter transferred to either of the other high schools unsuccessfully. I feel so bad for her daughter being placed at the center of all this drama. Being a kid is hard enough without all this non-sense. Maegan needs to take a huge step back and get all this pressure off her daughter!

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