Patrick Lyoya Killing Rocks Sense of Security for Black Immigrants. Check out Lindani Myeni

As a nation, we are fracturing into millions of pieces as we divide by race, gender, ethnic background, political orientation and other reasons. One of our nation’s founders, James Madison, warned in Federalist #10 how factions would destroy the glue that binds our form of democratic government.

This division leads to increasing fear, alienation, cynicism and loss of trust in our institutions and each other. The islands of Hawai’i are at ground zero in this de-evolution, as the population consists of so many different groups. The Hawai’i Civil Rights Commission shows the complexity of culture

Complexity of Hawai'i Culture Due to Many Spoken Languages
Complexity of Hawai’i Culture Due to Many Spoken Languages

Christians currently observe Easter; Jews commemorate Passover; Muslims celebrate Ramadan. Writing in The Atlantic, Jonathan Haidt highlights the Book of Genesis. Descendants of Noah built a great city in the land of Shinar. They constructed a tower “with its top in the heavens” to “make a name” for themselves. God was offended by the hubris of humanity and said:

Look, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do; nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them. Come, let us go down, and confuse their language there, so that they will not understand one another’s speech.

People were left to wander amid ruins, unable to communicate and condemned to mutual incomprehension. Personally, I have an issue with God. If God truly loved his creation, why confuse people? That is a discussion for another time.

The Murder of Lindani Myeni

A compassionate article written by N’dea Yancy-Bragg and Niraj Warikoo features the tragic murder of a Black refugee: “Patrick Lyoya escaped violence in Congo for the ‘safe haven’ of the US. Then police killed him.” [1]

Same thing happened in Hawai’i April 2021 to Lindani Myeni — Black male from the Zulu tribe in South Africa. Lindani was a Gentle Giant, yet was MURDERED by Honolulu police.

Want you to know that I “Back the Blue.” Police officers have extremely difficult jobs. However, like all of us, they can make mistakes. In Lindani’s case, their error was FAILING to identify themselves. Lindani had no idea who was attacking him. [2]

Widow Lindsay Myeni will now raise their two young children without their father.

Widow Lindsay Myeni and Murdered Lindani Myeni with their two young children
Widow Lindsay Myeni and Murdered Lindani Myeni with their two young children

This incident reminds me of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Riots began during the Memorial Day weekend after 19-year-old Dick Rowland, a Black shoeshiner, was accused of assaulting Sarah Page, the 17-year-old White elevator operator in the nearby Drexel Building. He didn’t. Total mistake. [3]

Similar to Lindani’s murder, the video shows an “Asian Karen,” Shiying “Sabine” Wang, freaking out, becoming hysterical, after a large Black male accidentally enters their group house. This was not their personal home. It’s a 7,400 sq ft multi-room AirBNB-type residence. Many people come in an out … like a mini-hotel. [4]

Asian Karen’s report led officers to over-react. From her tone and comments, one would believe she was being raped or violently assaulted. “That’s him!!! That’s him!!!” Police are sensitive to her fear, as we want police to be. They are rushing to stop someone they believe is extremely dangerous. Lindani was simply confused and at the wrong home.

Lindani was MURDERED for being a confused Black man!

I know Asians well. They are kind, compassionate and bright people. As a White male, had I made the same mistake, the Asian couple would have invited me for tea and assisted me to find the correct home. Wonderful people to me — a White male; terrified of a Black man. Black friends in Hawai’i tell me they’ve never experienced such fear and racism as they have from the dominant Asian culture here.

Saddest thing is the Asian husband, Da Ju “Dexter” Wang, did little. Had a stranger accidentally walked into our home, I would have taken command of the situation. This Asian male appears confused; likely terrified by a large Black male; and lets his petite wife be on point. Cowardly action on his part. Strong men do not hide behind their wives in a tense situation.

It’s extremely dark in many areas of O’ahu at night. Due to the lush greenery, ambient light is absorbed. We also suffer highest electricity rates in nation. People don’t leave lights on; city doesn’t have effective street lighting due to cost; and our rural nature means addresses are not obvious on many homes.

Lindani went to the wrong location. Was seeking a local temple — International Society for Krishna Consciousness adjacent to the property. The Zulu headband he was wearing would be typical attire for church or temple. He took off his shoes before entering.

Lindani took off shoes and wore ceremonial Zulu headband. Burglars do not.
Lindani took off shoes and wore ceremonial Zulu headband. Burglars do not.

Honolulu prosecutor Steve Alm claims Lindani was not seeking a temple. Has no proof — only states Lindani remained too long at the wrong house in his opinion. The corrupt prosecutor proposes no alternative motive. He’s simply protecting the failure of HPD.

Some accounts claim the Wangs asked Myeni to leave several times, but that Lindani disregarded their requests and stayed in the house at least 5 minutes. The video shows the actual time. He remained less than 40 seconds.

Lindani Exits Home Less than 40 Seconds After Entering
Lindani Exits Home Less than 40 Seconds After Entering [20:09:15]

At 8:09:40 PM, the video times out. Lindani spoke with the couple another three minutes. He was never violent. He was confused.

While female spoke to 911 Operator, Lindani re-entered and exited second time
While female spoke to 911 Operator, Lindani re-entered and exited a second time [20:12:54]

Does a violent person, a burglar, robber or person with evil intent repeatedly say they are sorry in a soft, gentle manner?

Lindani repeatedly says he is sorry!
Lindani repeatedly says he is sorry!

Lindsay said her husband and children had a “spiritual day” April 14th, by visiting various locations on O’ahu, including Hānaiakamalama, which is Queen Emma’s Summer Palace. In Laie, Myeni baptized himself again in the ocean.

Around 7:30 PM, Lindani left for a drive to “clear his mind.” Lindsay spoke to him at 7:52 PM. Her husband said he was “on his way home.” That was the last time she talked to her love.

Lindani likely remained at the group residence, as the two Asian visitors said they were reporting a break-in. He’s clearly confused and concerned. He repeatedly apologizes. Who does that if they have evil intentions?

A burglar does not apologize. A burglar does not remove his shoes. Lindani had no weapons nor did he make any aggressive or violent actions. There is a language barrier. Lindani’s English isn’t perfect. The Asian couple doesn’t speak perfect English either.

Prosecutor Alm claimed Lindani “should have known” attackers were police. His position highlights the corruption in Hawai’i. Officials “blame the victim” to protect friends and family in government. A neutral person would claim POLICE should have immediately identified themselves. The video recording shows they did — only after shooting Lindani four times.

I’m from the island of Kaua’i and new to O’ahu. Most corrupt place I’ve ever been. Like Lindani, I’m a pro athlete. Traveled to many parts of the world playing basketball. I’m a professional social and political scientist today. My PhD work focuses on civil rights.

Never seen such corruption as I’ve witnessed here. Officials don’t even hide it. Hawai’i is so remote that nobody is held accountable.

From the video, we see how dark it was the night of April 14th. Pulled a screen grab to show Lindani’s comments captured by the police officer’s body camera. Can you see anyone? Lindani had been in a lighted area and then walked into the darkness. His “night vision” would have been impaired. Lindani asked, “Who are you? Who are you?”

Too Dark to See. Lindani asks, Who are you? Who are you?
Too Dark to See. Lindani asks, “Who are you? Who are you?”

Screen grab shows person with flashlight. Can you identify who it is? Is this police?

Can you tell who is holding the flashlight?
Can you tell who is holding the flashlight?

As local authorities are covering up this murder, I contacted the Ben Crump law firm. It’s been a year and not sure much can be done. Just another Black male murdered in a broken America. “They told us that in America, there’s peace, there’s safety, you’re not going to see killing anymore, that it was basically a safe haven.” Not for Black males! 

Here’s the video. Incident still brings me to tears. Had the Asian Karen not freaked out, Lindani would have been politely directed to the temple. Had HPD properly announced themselves, they would have diffused and de-escalated the situation rather than shoot Lindani four times.

Video of the MURDER of Lindani Myeni

Lindani made a mistake as a big Black male going to a wrong house in a poorly lighted area. Asian Karen made a mistake freaking out. Her husband made a mistake not taking command of the situation. HPD made a mistake failing to identify themselves and killing a confused Black male.

Honolulu government covers up their error! Shit runs downhill in Hawai’i. Trial for the two police officers, Garrick Orosco and Brent Sylvester, who shot Lindani is set for September. [5]

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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