The Truth about Brittney Griner, Russia and Cannabis

I’m a former pro basketball player who played in Europe. Read an article by Analis Bailey in USA Today about Brittney Griner (BG).

Analis Baily is a NOW reporter for USA Today
Analis Baily is a NOW reporter for USA Today

Why aren’t Black female leaders like Analis telling the TRUTH about BG? She had cannabis oil in her possession while traveling in Russia. This led to her arrest. Terrible, right? Russians are evil, right?

BG could have been arrested traveling in the USA with cannabis oil. It’s illegal in the US due to federal law — CSA 1970. Medical and recreational cannabis has been criminalized at the federal level since Richard Nixon in 1970. Millions of Americans have been arrested — Black Americans at a higher proportion than other groups. This prohibition is why BG was arrested in Russia.

BG wasn’t new to Russia. Made millions since 2014. Knew the rules. She flaunted their anti-cannabis position maybe due to her athlete privilege. However, this is irrelevant. Same thing could have happened in USA.

Why do we have this policy? Over 90% of Americans support medical cannabis. Sha’Carri Richardson lost her spot on the USA Olympic team in preparation for Tokyo 2020 for using medical cannabis after the death of her biological mother. How silly!!!

The US removed hemp from CSA 1970 in the December 2018 farm bill. Hemp is defined as cannabis with 0.03% THC or less. The US could remove medical cannabis as well. The US and World Health Organization removed medical cannabis from “schedule I” internationally last year. Russia opposed this change.

The Rohrabacher-Farr amendment first passed in 2015 restricts US DOJ from spending any money to enforce medical cannabis law in states with well-regulated programs. Nobody has the political courage to exempt medical cannabis as did the US with hemp.

I lost my job at Hawaiian Electric in 2019 for using medical cannabis. Still battling in court. Nobody cares! I read their corporate policy. Seemed to be permitted. Asked HR staff. Rep Elizabeth “Liz” Dear told me I would “be fine.”

I medicate in the evening prior to bed to control my pain. Never use before or during work. I’m an IT database analyst in a non-safety sensitive professional role. My manager and team loved me. We had a perfect fit.

Asian Officials, Shana Buco, Liann Ebesugawa, Thao Tran, Susan Li and Hawaiian Electric CEO Connie Lau are racist concerning cannabis
Asian Officials, Shana Buco, Liann Ebesugawa, Thao Tran, Susan Li and Hawaiian Electric CEO Connie Lau are racist concerning cannabis

As a collegiate basketball player, I competed in March Madness 45 years ago. We won in the Sweet 16; lost in the Elite 8. Had a couple NBA tryouts and played in Europe. I know the life of BG. As an athlete, I respect her decision to use medical cannabis. Works extremely well for me with my broken body.

BEST quarterback in Hawai’i history was Colt Brennan. Smoked pakalolo (cannabis) before every UH and NFL game. The state honors Colt; they love athletes. Officials overlook his use of medication.

Why is this hypocrisy not discussed? No mention at all in the article by Analis Bailey. There is discussion about pay differential and gender issues. The ONLY issue here is racist cannabis laws.

In Hawai’i, Asian American officials are extremely racist. I’m White and work in civil rights. Never have I witnessed such horrible treatment of Black Americans as here in Hawai’i. Asian Americans in general do not like Black Americans. A friend recently told me her Asian boss told staff to cut out the “jigaboo” music when a rap song was playing. Asians in the islands casually and regularly claim Blacks are violent criminals, carry guns and are drug dealers.

Not easy to see Asian v Black racism on mainland. Obvious here with so many Asians in positions of power. Far worse than discrimination of Black Americans by KKK-types. Honolulu police murdered Black male, Lindani Myeni, in April 2021 after hysterical Sabine Wang called police. Officials cover up this tragedy now.

Asian American officials in Hawai’i further racist policy. Asian Gov Dave Ige refused to sign the cannabis decriminalization bill in 2019. He accepts alcohol consumption, smoking tobacco, vaping nicotine, and use of deadly, addictive opioids and other prescription medication. Use cannabis and self-righteous Dave wants to put the person in prison. We generally consider Asians to be kind and compassionate. Not in Hawai’i !!!

Medical cannabis prohibition kills Veterans and continues institutional racism in America. BG is in Russian prison due to broken laws on cannabis. These facts are the Real Story. Few have the courage to tell the truth in America.

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
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