God Enjoys the Suffering in our World

My friend on social media, Bryce Ruppe, posts many comments and memes related to religion and god. There is much confusion in our world. Millions have asked how it could be possible for god to exist, yet allow suffering in our world. Let me SHARE some TRUTH with you; inspired by god herself.

Bryce Ruppe, Backpacker at Planet Earth; Director of Finance at Clark College -- Vancouver, Washington
Bryce Ruppe, Backpacker at Planet Earth; Director of Finance at Clark College — Vancouver, Washington

There are three “worlds,” if you will:

Heaven is paradise: good
Hell is purgatory: evil
We live in the between: good & evil

If god is real, why is there suffering in the world
The World disobeys God’s instructions and reaps what it sows

We Are Here Because We Are Sinners

You are here; I am here, as we are sinners. We were in heaven. We disobeyed god’s commandments. Like Adam & Eve, we wanted FREEDOM. We wanted to do what we wanted to do. God does not tolerate disobedience. She kicked us out. “Go enjoy your freedom,” she said. “Show me how you like living without me.”

Hell is freedom. Souls there can do whatever they want: murder, rape, kill or commit evil in many ways. It is a selfish world. One is not free from cold or heat; not free from disease; not free from the evil of others. There is never peace. It’s a world absent love and trust.

We are here as we forsake god and her commandments. We also have freedom as in hell. We can do what we want. We also suffer evil. However, we are free to also live love and beauty. God does not care. God does not intervene. This life is OUR lesson.

Do you want FREEDOM — the freedom of hell? Or do you want to accept the commandments and rules of god to live in heaven — giving up freedom to live god’s rules and enjoy love and beauty for eternity? 

When you die, god will ask, “Do you want to live under my commandments?” Likely, you will say, “Yes, of course!” She might respond, but you didn’t follow my directives when you were on earth. You were free to decide. You claimed you would; you promised you would. Unfortunately, you didn’t. You continued to sin. 

And, in truth, you or I likely do not live god’s commandments. We do continue to sin. We continue our selfish ways. Jesus commanded, “Love one another. Treat others as you want other to treat you.” Yet you cut off someone in traffic. You grab two packages of toilet paper when you only need one. You refuse to wear a face mask or get a vaccine. You claim YOU are more important than HE, SHE or WE. You commit sin.

You pray … however god doesn’t answer prayers. God loves when you pray. Prayer shows god you recognize and admit the frailty of our existence. Prayer shows you need god. You are here on earth to learn that one and only lesson. We need god.

God cannot answer our prayers, as we must suffer the consequences of our decisions. This is the reason we are here in the first place. We thought we didn’t need god. God kicked us from heaven. “Show me you don’t need me,” she said.

Your prayers now show YOU need god. You claim you are willing to give up freedom. You claim you are now willing to follow her commandments. You accept YOU cannot stand the suffering of this world. YOU seek help from the cruel, unfair and ugly world that YOU and I created with our disobedience.

God Will Not Enable Sin

If god intervened, she would ENABLE sin. She must sit quietly and allow us to learn our lessons. If she helps you, she must help all. That would be heaven. We are here to learn the difference between hell and heaven. God cannot intervene.

Romans forced Christians into the arena to face the ferocious and hungry lions. The Christians prayed to god for help. Yet she did not answer or intervene. Why? Had she saved the Christians, humans would then call on god whenever this human life became difficult. Gods need us to suffer to learn our lesson.

In the arena, the Christians suffered a few moments of pain. Then they ascended to heaven where god welcomed them. “How was it?” she asked. “OUCH!!! Horrible. Brutal. Unimaginable,” the Christians answered.

Coincidentally, Jesus walked by. “You should try being crucified. Yes, brutal, horrible, unimaginable world. Welcome to heaven and let me give you a hug. Want a beer or glass a wine. Made the wine myself,” he grinned.

God forgives ALL of us. We are welcomed anytime in her kingdom. However, she does not tolerate sin. You may be like Hitler and murder 6 million people. No problem to god. Those souls return to her and heaven. They have learned their lesson from living in this human hell. They are willing to live under god’s commandments. Have you learned the lesson?

The murderer believes he was FREE to do what he believed just. The murderer sits in a prison cell for his earthly existence; he is forsaken by friends and family. He is without love and peace. He can ask god for forgiveness or spend eternity in hell — surrounded by evil.

Some have stated, “None of us can earn the right to be with Him in heaven.” They are incorrect. As I have explained, god hopes we rejoin her in heaven.

You get to decide. Do you want to give up freedom and be part of her kingdom? Will you freely follow her commandments?

God is a She

Further, the god in heaven in not a HIM; god is a HER. Men wrote the religious books; men wanted to create themselves in god’s image. This is their sin of ego.

The female nurtures and gives life. God nurtures and gives life. Humans are incorrect in many things, as we listen to the evil of man. 

Jesus is the SON of god. A male cannot birth a son; only a female can have a child. Now, enjoy this life of Good and Evil. We are FREE to choose — but we are not FREE from evil. Humans must devise ways to protect from evil. God will not help or intervene. We made this world; this is our world.

Look at history: are men or women the most evil? Why did Jesus pick men for his disciples? Priests were men; rulers were men. Women were NOT the problem. Men were the problem; men are the generally the problem today.

Prisons are 90% full of men; men call for war; men run the greedy corporations and leave hungry children on the street. 

Women nurture. They easily followed Jesus. The ego of men is the greater problem. Jesus choose men hoping to create better male leaders — caring, loving and compassionate men.

“Build MY church,” he said. However, men hijacked his teachings around 300AD and wrote a male-version of his teachings. They wanted POWER !!! They wanted your money and obedience to them.

Both men and women fail, as this is a world of scarcity, fear and death. However, men are evil. They look to OWN others, dominate others, and rule over others. Men were not created in god’s image. They are the image of Satan. Satan told you god is male, like him. Satan said men should order things on earth, like he wants. Today, more women act like men. They seek power, wealth and control over others. God is amused watching us fail.

We can give up FREEDOM and return to the love of god. She gave you Free Choice. What will you do?

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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