How About a Truce for Dr Suess?

How about a truce for our dear Dr. Suess? The Cat in the Hat is where it is at.

Brilliant prose inspires readers to read and create. Marvelous entertaining lessons how words and art illustrate.

With a mate. On a date. He was a bit late. Seems always her fate. Need one insinuate? No need denigrate. Urged all to participate. Showed fun ways to negotiate. Through laughter chip away the walls of hate. Better than drinking a jug of Kaopectate. Now’s the time to ingratiate. Thanks Dr. Suess for showing how to navigate. The Cat in the Hat is eternally great!


About Those Who Delete. Truly is a Sad Feat

Not looking for justice,
seeking someone to blame.
Post Instagram or TikTok,
it’s the QUICK way to fame.

Easier to tear down,
than build something to LAST.
Just Say No to hard work,
prefer ridicule the past.

Demand free college,
someone rePAY student loans.
It’s a SELF righteous generation
that argues o’ skintones.

Cruelly criticize their parents
and this nation’s history they hate.
So confused about gender
they CAN not find a date.

Consider Boomers to be racist
with privilege NOT earned.
So says liberal profs
in schools where they’ve learned.

Social media hosts their uproar
as they spit ON THE flag.
If you demand they use reason,
your public pictures they WILL tag.

Be clear about this,
it’s your WEALTH that they want.
Strike down Patriarchal Uncle Sam,
just whining for a RICH aunt.

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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