Honolulu Planet Fitness Boots Member for Reporting Mask Violation

ClearHealthLife received information Honolulu Planet Fitness regional manager Ruben Yanez cancelled the membership of a long-time male member for bringing attention to management another member was repeatedly pulling down his face mask while exercising on a stationary bike.

The former-member said the guy would pull down his mask, take 8-10 big inhale/exhales, then put his mask back on. The guy would ride along for about 30 seconds and then repeat the move. The former-member had to remain in the area waiting in line for one of the only two bikes. He claimed he had asked Mr. Yanez previously about adding a sign up sheet, but his request was denied.

The now former-member disclosed he had been with Planet Fitness (PF) over two years and has lots of friends at the club. He pointed out a number of PF staff do a good job enforcing face mask requirements, such as Rebecca, Chad and club manager Scott Cook, who are diligent. Unfortunately, the former-member claims, they are busy with other duties most of the time.

The illustration below comes from the study, “Evidence of Long-Distance Droplet Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 by Direct Air Flow in a Restaurant in Korea.” Researchers say a strong air flow pushed coronavirus droplets and aerosols much farther than six feet inside a South Korean restaurant, infecting two diners. The couple was infected in a matter of minutes from a third patron who sat at least 15 feet away from them.  (Journal of Korean Medical Science)


The former-member said conditions changed for the worse with the new year rush of enrollees and students returning to the club. He added there has also been total turnover in front line staff and new trainees are younger and less experienced. He claims they haven’t been as attentive — especially on weekends when disinfectant supplies and paper towels frequently run out and staff are nowhere to be found. The former-member claims the real problem was the manner in which the inexperienced staff member handled his request. Poor training caused confusion and chaos.

The former-member said Mr. Yanez screamed at him, “You’re not the mask police!” The manager told the former-member he could re-apply once the mask requirement ended.

The former-member expressed great sadness how our nation has divided over the issue of wearing face masks. Seems like Trump supporters consider this request to be government intrusion, while those on the political Left accept this measure as a reasonable public health protection. The incident occurred Tuesday, February 23rd, one day after media and political leaders stood in silence as the nation surpassed the 500,000+ milestone of COVID19 deaths.

StarAd featured Coby Torda today. He became one of Hawaii’s first confirmed cases of COVID-19. Although he is now able to walk his dogs and work out at the gym, he cannot without a portable oxygen concentrator. The Ewa Beach resident’s lungs were permanently damaged by the virus that has sickened 27,559 and caused 439 deaths statewide to date. Coby still suffers from shortness of breath, fatigue and occasional bouts of anxiety.


The former-member says a patron of any business should not be forced to sacrifice health for services. He wants PF members and potential members to be aware regional manager Ruben Yanez is a good guy, but does not appear to put member safety first.






Seems like this our national character. Would be funny if so many weren’t sick or have died tragically.

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2 thoughts on “Honolulu Planet Fitness Boots Member for Reporting Mask Violation

  1. Guessing you got booted for taking photos of members without their consent. That’s a big breaking of PF policy…

    1. Actually, it’s not a violation of privacy when someone is breaking the law. No consent needed in such a situation. Also, PF did’t know about the pictures until after they booted the member. Appreciate the discussion!

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