Hawai’i Governor David Ige Touts Tech Economy While Jobless Struggle

ClearHealthLife is honored to repost the insights of one of Hawaii’s most effective and respected social activists. Working from the grassroots level upward, Dave has built a network of motivated, talented and committed residents who are focused on social justice, evolving the local economy away from over-dependence on the destructive visitor industry, and battling the effects of global climate change that threaten our islands.

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Gov. David Ige’s proposed pivot to a tech economy rang with dismal irony for the thousands of Hawai’i unemployed who have been thrown under the bus by the state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (“Gov. David Ige calls for economy to pivot to technology,” Star-Advertiser, Jan. 26). For them, the digital society is an Orwellian nightmare.

Left out in the cold, unable to communicate with someone informed or accountable, they were told to wait weeks. Weeks turned into months with no results. Today, thousands still wait for their claims to be processed.

The excuse of a fragile mainframe computer and lack of staff may have seemed credible at the beginning of the pandemic. Ten months later, it no longer is. Who decided that it was OK to treat Hawaii residents like refugees?

The state needs to hold a news conference, apologize and communicate to all who have been let down in the middle of a pandemic. If Ige can’t do it, someone from the Legislature should step up to the plate.

David Moskowitz

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