How About Free $500 For Your Family

Discovered an interesting promotional offer the other day and wanted to share this with all of you who have followed me for so long. Something like over 1,000 supporters and followers now. Really appreciate each of you! Every single one of you! Thank you and Mahalo Nui Loa from Waikiki on the Hawai’i island of O’ahu.


Every couple days I receive an email saying someone has decided to follow ClearHealthLife. This means a lot to me. Always take a few minutes to review the pages and bio of those who support our efforts.

I’m not famous nor am I one to join “popular kids” or walk along the common path. I’ve always shunned the herd and sought the road less traveled. Adventure and new experiences are usually discovered this way.

Regarding this promotional offer, I receive no kickback, incentive or financial reward. I’m alerting you, as I discovered this offer by accident and our family gobbled it up. In this difficult financial time, I had no reason to say NO to a risk-free offer.

Switch to ATT and Receive $250/Line

We have been loyal Verizon customers for about ten years. Never missed a payment. Have excellent credit with the company. Last month, they notified us we were over our data limit. First time ever.

As we had never exceeded our limit, had accumulated some “left over” data in our account. Contacted Verizon to find out why they claimed we had busted the limit. They were unable to explain how this happened, but said not to worry as we had enough in reserve to cover the overage. Told their rep this bothered me, as I was afraid it might happen again. And, it did, same thing next month.

This time, we didn’t have any reserve and Verizon charged us $15 for an additional 1GB of data. Contacted the company again, yet they couldn’t explain. Was able to find the days when the data use was charged to my phone. I’m generally on WiFi and don’t use cell data. Seems an app was running in the background while we were playing at the beach.

Verizon didn’t offer to waive the charges after all these years as a customer who didn’t use all their monthly data. Therefore, I looked around to see what other carriers offered.


To transfer, AT&T waived activation fees for our two iPhones, provides new SIM cards, and offered $250 Reward Cards for porting (moving) our phone numbers to their company. We were paying $85/month with Verizon for unlimited talk/text and 2GB of shared data.

AT&T offered unlimited talk/text and 3GB of shared data for $80/month without an annual contract. Saved a couple dollars, upped our shared data by 1GB, and AT&T is sending us two $250 Reward Cards. We can use these for groceries or household expenses. There are other plans if you are single or have more family members. Promotion applies to all at this time.

For one-hour of work, I made $500 for our family. There’s no reward to me or our family if you join or transfer. As I promised, I’m simply sharing this with ClearHealthLife followers for hanging in with us over the years.

Here’s the link to the promotion so you can see for yourself: visit for AT&T Promotion

Again, Thank you and Mahalo Nui Loa for the support over the years. Hope this helps you out. Stay tuned and be safe. #MaskUp, physical distance, be clean and wash your hands often. Working together, we’ll beat this insidious virus.

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”


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