Facebook Defends White Supremacy

I’m currently in Facebook jail for supporting my former African American teammate on the racist social media platform. Chris Blocker and I have known each other for a long, long time. Excellent athlete, great human being.


Chris posted an article about the American soldier, Private Ethan Melzer, who provided information to a White supremacist occult group to “ambush” his own military unit.


Chris wrote:

My problem with this is that this supposed group of white supremacists is all over the place. They don’t mention having an anti Black agenda, but praise Islamic jihadists but espouse Nazi propaganda? In the words of Indigo Montoya, “I don’t think this word means what you think it means…” And throw in the word ‘occult’ to really mix it up. Smoke and mirrors, Mr. Blaine. This is a distraction from something else. What about all these white supremacist groups that were supposed to be intentionally spreading COVID back in March?

I responded:

Don’t believe Hitler was “anti-Black.” He was anti-Jew. He considered Blacks to be “inferior,” but wasn’t motivated to genocide as he was with Jews. Also loved the fact Hitler had to watch the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin — when Jesse Owens dominated ALL participants. Nothing better than sports to show TRUTH about human beings.

Hard to claim superiority when the Black man dominated all the White athletes. 

Chris continued the discussion:

Hitler may not have been but the Americanized group expanded anti Jewish rhetoric and included Black people and anyone else that wasn’t white, anglo-saxon Protestant, much like the Klan. This situation just seems manufactured and thrown together, like a sociological ‘Stone Soup’.

Facebook didn’t like my next response:


@[100000922550460:2048:Chris Blocker] — you and I know the truth. These insecure crackers have always been afraid of Black human beings. In their parochial religious views, they consider Jews to be the killers of Jesus. They’re ignorant and a stain on light-skinned people. They’re worthless animals who have accomplished nothing. The world would be better off if they were gone.

Fact is … I was born in Mississippi. My dad played ball there on scholarship. Black athletes couldn’t compete. He didn’t know that before he signed. We spent three years there. They hated it. Moved as far away as possible and marched with MLK movement. Our family has always been anti-cracker since. Despicable human beings!!! Actually appreciate seeing the Confederate flag. Reminds me of LOSERS. Helps me to stay away from creepsters. If the flag goes, it’s easier for them to hide.


Facebook protects White Supremacists.

Yes, I consider them crackers. They are to Good White people what Bad cops are to Good cops. They’re a stain on our social and cultural fabric. Wish they were gone from the face of this planet. Just as Good cops must bear the burden to identify and help remove Bad cops, Good people must remove Bad White people. It’s our kuleana.

Gave Facebook an opportunity to correct their racist action. Disagreed with the decision and appealed for review. Generally first review is done by a machine-driven algorithm. This suggests one of their WOKE humans read the comments. S/he supported the initial ruling. My remarks do not follow their Community Standards. Don’t call White supremacists “crackers.”

Black folk can refer to each other as “nigga.” This isn’t considered to be racist or a violation of Facebook Community standards. Yet a White person can’t refer to a racist White person as a “cracker.” I’m a logical person. This is asymmetrical and confusing. I truly have a difficult time dealing with the emotional behavior of human beings.

Facebook wants White supremacists to be treated kindly, civilly and with respect. It’s simple — to those individuals and organizations who defend White supremacy, you are racist. Facebook, hear us roar, you are racist. I will not be kind and compassionate to people who further hatred, social division and the murder of Black or Jewish human beings.

On the other hand, this image appears to have survived Facebook review.


Sold my Facebook stock this morning.


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