Aloha Friday is Positive Friday

We’re nearly three weeks into New Year 2020: Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!


It seems each year we start January with a fresh, optimistic energy that follows the holiday season that is filled with love, joy, happiness, family squabbles, too much good food and spirits — yet it’s the End.of.Year party most of us enjoy so much.

And for most of us, each new year begins with refreshed commitments to “get in shape,” “lose a few extra pounds,” “find a better job,” “seek a more compatible partner” or just “be a better human being.”

Sadly for many, these dreams, plans and goals are forgotten by now. Pressures and demands of everyday life quickly erase the feelings of good cheer, happiness and joy.

Life coaches, counselors and advisors are united though — the key to success is dedication, diligence, hard work and the commitment to “never give up!”

Never Give Up

Hopefully over the holiday season you had a genuine opportunity to look in the mirror to reassess your behavior, beliefs and actions over the past year or two. Are you heading in a direction that is “right” for you? If not, what is preventing the change you need to make? Push beyond your “comfort zone.”


I’ve collected numerous memes found on social media. This Aloha Friday is dedicated to Positive Fridays. Remain strong this year. Stay positive. Be optimistic and believe in yourself.

Nobody is going to correct your life or this world for you. Change begins when each of us change ourselves. This doesn’t mean life becomes easy or success occurs for free. Change might mean we must work harder. It also may mean we should work smarter. Yet we must work. And much of the work starts inside us — in both our heart and head.

Life Is Short


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Stay In The Middle


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Finding the Good Life


Avoid Negativity; Focus on Being Positive


Negativity Makes Everything More Difficult


Overthinking Leads to Negative Attitudes


Be a Leader With Your Positive Attitude


It’s How You Fill Your Cup


You Have Been Damaged. It Eventually Gets Better


Even Broken Someone Loves You!


Believe In Yourself


Risk It To Be Happy




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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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