Fat Woman Claims She is Horrified. Obese Americans Endanger Our Nation

FOX News Janine Puhak tells a story about one woman who claims she “was left horrified” to receive a body-shaming promotional email from a Connecticut Anytime Fitness gym. She explains the note was offensive, in her opinion, because it urged former customers to “pinch” and “grab” any “excess” fat on their body, in an attempt to motivate readers to prepare for the summer swim season.

The offended women is Mora Reinka. She posted her “horrified” comments on Twitter earlier this week to share the memo she received from the nationally-franchised gym. Her post has since been liked 1,300 times and sparked over 260 comments.

Obese Americans COST All of Us Money

Talk About Gym-timidation

Mora believes she has the right to be offended. Do you agree? Let’s talk about the cost to our nation — to you and me — to each of us because people like Mora are offended.


OBESITY is an Epidemic in America

Over 39% of Americans, or more than 93 Million U.S. adults, are obesely fat — so are millions of our keiki. This causes terrible and dangerous health problems for those who are overweight. Would we let them play with a loaded gun without speaking up?

OBESITY Costs All of Us Money

Estimated annual medical costs to all of us is over $150 BILLION per year. This increases Medicaid Costs and OUR taxes; this increases Medicare Costs and OUR taxes. This increases costs on EVERY healthcare insurance plan in America.

This woman and others are offended when a health club tries to motivate them to become more healthy. Why?

I am offended those who have little discipline force me and you to pay more in taxes and insurance premiums.

Japan passed a series of laws recently to encourage their citizens to be more healthy. I coach and work with a number of Japanese teams. One recently trained super hard for a month. I sponsored a fun team pizza party for coaches and athletes to celebrate the end of training camp.

Team Panasonic won the Queen’s National Ekiden running competition a few months later. Why did Hawaiian Electric CEO Constance Hee Lau fire Coach Scott Goold?

Team Panasonic :: Queen Ekiden National Champions, Japan 2018

As a nation, Japan values exercise and fitness. In America, we move in the other direction. Obese people demand to be honored, spoiled and pampered. They take up two seats on crowded planes and public transportation. They resist public health actions to encourage them to reduce their size and weight.

It is your money. It is their health. Obesity is not a positive goal. We are not a strong nation when 40% of us are obese.

Be an American. We are the best and brightest people in the world. It is time we act like it!

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