Another school shooting as America continues to bully boys and men

Dimitrios Pagourtzis, the 17-year-old alleged shooter in the Santa Fe, Texas high school attack, left at least 10 dead and 10 more wounded. He used a shotgun and a .38 caliber handgun in the slaughter. The weapons apparently belonged to his father. I wrote previously how negligently America behaves toward boys. Some 14 boys per 100,000 commit suicide — nearly three times the number of young females — yet America claims it is teenage girls who are facing impossible exceptions.

The video game, “Active Shooter,” allows players to simulate a school shooting, prompted outrage in the wake of multiple mass shootings at American schools. Are you outraged?


The game should be released on June 6 and will be available on Steam. Players have the option to either be a SWAT team member or the shooter, while simulating a shooting in a school environment. Americans are fucking idiots!

Dimitrios had information in journals, on his computer and on cell phones that indicated he wanted to commit the shooting and take his own life afterward, but “didn’t have the courage” to do so. “He is a quiet boy,” Father Stelios Sitaras of Assumption of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church said. “You would never think he would do anything like this.” How often do we hear this? I’ve pointed out reasons why White males are angry. Boys are frustrated, because they are ignored.

“It’s been happening everywhere. I’ve always kind of felt like eventually it was going to happen here too. I wasn’t surprised.”
~ 17-year-old Paige Curry, Santa Fe High School junior

A witness said students and coaches at the school would bully Pagourtzis and “call him names.” The Dallas Morning News reported classmates characterized Pagourtzis as unpopular and often the target of bullying. The mother of victim Shana Fisher claims a week before the shooting, her daughter bravely “stood up to him” for repeatedly asking her out and embarrassed the 17-year-old boy in front of their class. I warned about bullying and ridicule previously.

Shana’s mother said her daughter was “the most sweet and shy young lady” who “never hurt anyone.” But Shana had hurt the young boy badly. Imagine young, frustrated Shana lambasting the quiet loner in front of the class. “Leave me along, you pimply-faced maggot. No means no, and I would never go out with a dildo like you — even if my life depended on it!” Words matter. Pagourtzis may have shot her first. “Woohoo!”


Nothing justifies these tragic, horrific attacks and we must do more than pray. “There aren’t enough people to put a guard at every entrance and exit,” said Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. He suggested it might be time for schools to limit entrances and exits student and staff can use, while staggering start times to make it easier for school resources officers to secure a school. “If we can protect a large office building or a courthouse or any major facility than maybe we need look at limiting the entrances and the exits into our schools.”

A witness said students and coaches at the school would bully Pagourtzis and “call him names.”

In April ironically, a number of high school students at the Santa Fe, Texas high school participated in the national walkout on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting. A month later, young Pagourtzis took at least 10 lives at their school.

White students at Santa Fe HS protested mass shootings in April.

These are reactive measures. We fail to address the source. Mass shooters are primarily male and White. What about young Black men, for example? They engage in gun violence as well — in gang killings, criminal activity or illicit drug deals. In fact, I pointed out Black males kill at levels far higher than White shooters, but the mass shootings attract more racist media attention — as shooters terrorize primarily White neighborhoods and school districts.

Bullying of Boys and Men is Endemic in America

I’ve been bullied for decades. The abuse is so bad I simply don’t want to continue living. I can’t imagine hurting another person or creature. Yet the pain is overwhelming! America does not protect males. We just get excuses. I lost the best job of my life with SolAero Technologies because my female coworker was upset with management. She didn’t want to say anything, claiming she didn’t want to get in trouble. Thus, she bullied me.

Rosario Gonzalez bullied me, but the company fired me instead.

I tried to get help and the company terminated my employment. I took my grievance to the EEOC. Investigator, Shawanda Bell, said she found a causal link between my complaint and the termination, but told me a case involving a White male simply wasn’t worth it to the agency. This goes on and on and on.

I earned my privilege and the corresponding responsibility that goes along with the perks. It kept me from hurting others!

I guess a 17-year-old male can’t find a way to get help. Boys and men have extremely poor support networks. At some point, they snap and lash out. I write. I believe the pen is mightier than the sword. When I was 17, I hated writing. I was better doing more aggressive, physical activities. Had I suffered as much then as I do now, maybe I would have turned out differently.

I had loving, involved parents. I had caring and devoted teachers. I had committed coaches and community leaders. People criticize men like me — demeaning us for having privilege. Yes, I did. I earned my privilege and the corresponding responsibility that goes along with the perks. It kept me from hurting others! Hear me roar now … you’re treating men like shit!

The Future is Female

Katie Mettler, writing in Washington Post Morning Mix, commented about Hillary Clinton saying the phrase ‘the future is female,’ but reminded readers the slogan began as a 1970s lesbian separatist statement.


Men have been aware the animosity and misandry for decades now. Yes, we hear you. We aren’t wanted anymore! Everywhere males look, we are reminded how much society loathes us. Hey dudes, get it? The Future is Female.

Everywhere males look, they’re reminded they are not wanted.

Females young and old are taught the Future is Female. Words matter.


Young girls receive positive messaging early in life. Have a purpose. Make a Difference!


Not only are females encourage to get involved, they are expected to lead. Old Navy markets Run The World tees for girls. Can you imagine if boys walked around wearing Run the World shirts? Their behavior would be protested. “How offensive,” women would say.


Along with Running the World, young girls are taught that they rule! I have always considered women better than men at forming cooperative groups and working together collaboratively. No longer — Girls Flat Out Dominate!


The New Normal for Boys and Men

Don’t lead; don’t work to make a difference; don’t rule; don’t run the world. What does modern America want for males? Old Navy provides the motivation and messaging. Smoke a little weed, grab a cold one … simply chill, dudes! Ladies got this.


And, in social bi-polar fashion, if males aren’t chillin’ — they’re expected to be Unleashing the Beast. Fashion, testosterone and supplements support this.


Not just a little Beast — no, full metal jacket, 100% Beast! Tees to sweats, boys can strive to part of the Beasthood.


UnderArmour to Nike, young boys and men are encouraged to Unleash the Beast.


Girls rule. Girls make a difference. Girls run the world. What about boys? Either chill or unleash the beast. I wrote previously about America’s perversion teaching young boys to play with weapons, while we teach girls to nurture and love. Apparently Dimitrios Pagourtzis chose to unleash his beast. This is total insanity.

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