Take a moment to remember your mother

My mother passed a little over three years ago. Her suffering finally ended. For those of you who have lost a parent, you know the pain. She was the first one to hold me, to nourish me, and to teach me I was loved. In my many years, I’ve been able to watch thousands of parents. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a woman as devoted to her family as was my mother. She sacrificed her life for us. Nothing I did or could do would ever match her dedication and love. My only regret in life has been my failure to live up to the hopes and dreams she nurtured for all her children.

In Memory: Mary Petrea Goold, January 10, 1935 — March 23, 2015.

Parenting is a partnership and my father formed the second pillar of our family. Together, my Mom and Dad built a safe and secure world for us. We didn’t have all we wanted, but we had all we needed. How many people on the planet can say this? Yes, we were privileged children. It’s not bad to be privileged. All good parents leave their children with privilege. Thank you, Mom and Dad!

Mary Petrea (Trea) Goold and Robert Harold (Bob) Goold, circa 1956

Mary Petrea (Trea) Goold and Robert Harold (Bob) Goold, just married and ready to challenge life. Two people, in love and working hard, started a family. What a journey!

May 12, 2018 — from my father:

With tomorrow, I think all four of us will be thinking of your Mom. I hope your focus will be about her life as your mother during the positive times … they were a lot more numerous than the few times she was suffering during the last few years … and she was suffering and trying to fight the demons that plagued her.

She was so unselfish in her love for her family. I will always remember how she primped you three when you were little: hair always clean and tidy, made so many of your clothes so you looked great and well dressed.  She spent many hours on that machine — even made some of my clothes.

She was always very careful with money. I was a spendthrift in my youth. She taught me well. One of the reasons I am financially stable now came from what I learned from her and her family. I am still that way and want you to always be aware — whatever you inherit when my time comes, your Ma had a very large hand in it! She spent thirty years as a teacher, although she had hoped to be a stay at home mom to raise her kids, so that we could afford for me to stay in coaching! A pretty big sacrifice!

As humans, we all are flawed in some way, but your Mom was terrific lady — very caring of others and an outstanding  teacher of her students. And, she loved us all very much. That will be my thoughts tomorrow. I could not love you three more. She told me many times she was so happy that you three were hard workers, did well in school, and were  of great character. No parent can ask for more. Di and Kari can help grandkids honor their  Moms. Get Otto to cheer Di. And, Scott can help AnnMarie make Celia’s day a happy one. I will try to make Anne’s day  special.


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