Black Males Take a Knee. Students March

Today, students who survived last week’s school shooting massacre have rallied and marched to Florida’s state Capitol to demand action. Other students across the state are staging school walkout. The nation protests gun violence after each horrific shooting, but things are different this time!


This is wonderful. It’s the BEST of America. Reminds me of the Million Man March led by Louis Farrakhan in 1995 or the student revolts on university campuses in the 1960s.


FoxNews focused on killings of police. There is simply too much violence in America.


On the other hand, I have been highly critical of the lazy and divisive protests by Black male NFL players, who simply “took a knee.” They were poorly prepared and confused their important social movement with a protest of the American flag and anthem. Football players, in my opinion, always failed political science. I called for them to get up from their knee and take their important message directly to legislators and police stations. They didn’t have the courage to walk out of a game in protest!


Americans did not kick King George out of this country by taking a knee. White Males did not end the enslavement of Black Americans by taking a knee. Women did not earn the right to vote by taking a knee. America and the world did not defeat Hitler and White Supremacy by taking a knee.

Students stormed Florida’s capital, Tallahassee, on Monday to lobby local lawmakers on gun reform measures and began organizing a nationwide march to be held next month to demand national legislators work to end gun violence. They came up with a three-point plan they presented to state representatives. It includes a plan to ban assault weapons, the creation of an agency in each state that facilitates interaction between the FBI and local law enforcement, and the mandatory placement of psychologists in every school to “boost the morale of students so that people who are young don’t grow up to be so hateful of the world.”

Change occurs when PEOPLE stand up and work together. I’ve not seen much change due to the NFL protests. I’ll wager our committed students are more successful. What do you think? Please leave your comments below and be sure to FOLLOW ClearHeath Life Strategies. We provide News of the News You Wish You Knew.

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