Why is the MEDIA dividing us?

Jessica Prois, writing for Huffington Post, claims Chloe Kim is PROOF there is “no definable way” to be Asian-America. Jessica doesn’t care that Chloe is an America; that she is a 17-year-old young woman who was born in Long Beach and lives in LA. Nope! Jessica wants to focus on and force Americans into divisive identity politics — turning each of us into “where are you from” Americans.

To Chloe, she’s simply an American.

Chloe is clear — she’s an American. The media refuses to accept this. They continually pester her with questions about where she is from. Isn’t this harassment? The United States evolved to define Americans by our shared values, not by our superficial appearance. Yet modern media, particularly Millennial-dominated liberals on The Left, prefers to divide us on our differences rather than unite us based on what we have in common.

Chloe told the Post: “I always get the question, like, ‘Where are you from?’ L.A. ‘No, where are you really from?’ I was born in Long Beach. ‘No, no, like, where are you really, really from?’ ” she said. “. . . I always get that question. It’s never, like, my first answer would be, ‘I’m from Korea,’ or, like, ‘I’m Korean.’ It’s always, like, ‘I’m American.’ ”

Time and again, the media asks Kim whether she feels more Korean or American. Chloe says, “But obviously I have a Korean face, and I feel like that’s just — you know, I can’t walk around people like I’m, like, straight-up American. It’s like, I’m Korean American. My parents are from Korea. I don’t know. It’s weird. I just grew up in the States, so I feel like I identify more with the American culture.”

This is how the MEDIA makes Chloe feel. Americans don’t know a Korean face from one that is Japanese or Chinese. We see a beautiful, talented American athlete. The MEDIA wants to divide us into separate groups so we fight and argue — rather than moving America forward.

SHAME on the MEDIA and writers such as Jessica Prois at Huffington Post. Leave our children alone! Thank you Chloe for your grace, humility and love of our shared country.

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