Be On The Lookout Kaua’i

Troy Hanohano posted this on Facebook January 29, 2018. Strong neighborhood watch protects ALL of us. Please be on the lookout.

Luana Denise posted to Kaua’i Buy and Sell and wrote:

HELP!!! I need help identifying these two guys that just came to my house in broad daylight and tried to choke me. My boyfriend left to go surfing and they waited at the end of our road thinking no one is home. Right after my boyfriend left they rolled up in a truck not knowing anyone is home. I asked them what they wanted and they told me to STFU. I immediately called the cops and stepped outside to take a picture and as I was doing so the man with the mustache tried to grab me by my throat. While the other guy was reaching in his pocket. I somehow managed to dodge the older man and ran around my house while on the phone with KPD. I was hiding in a bush when they both screamed that they’d be back to kill me. Please help me find out who these guys are. I’m so scared at this point. KPD is currently looking around Kealia for the guys.


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