Facebook BLOCKS Conservative Comment

Writing in The Hill, Cathy Young, reported about recent news Facebook staffers had “sought to delete Donald Trump’s posts calling for restrictions on Muslim immigration as violating the company’s hate speech policies” as an example of anti-conservative bias within Facebook. Young asks the question: Is there a problem of anti-conservative bias in social media?

I’m a lifelong progressive and BernieBro, but I left the Democratic party in Election 2016 due to Hillary’s and the DNC’s interference in the primary. In protest I voted for Donald Trump. I’ve enjoyed this past year, as I’ve been on the sidelines. There are many policies from the Trump administration I support, yet his style is hard to stomach.

A friend posted a FAKE NEWS post about the alleged “illegal immigration” of Mary Anne Macleod, mother of Donald Trump. My response was civil. I simply titled the comment, “Democrat FAKE NEWS … from Snopes.” I then posted the research provided by the fact-checking group. See below.


Facebook immediately marked the comment to be SPAM and removed the comment.


On the other hand, Facebook had no problem with Bill Bradley’s comment, “I’m pretty sure she was a hore [sic] too. Ha ha ha!


I felt repulsed by his comment. Regardless one’s political leaning, that is a terrible thing to say about anyone’s mother. Facebook apparently tips the scale toward liberals, yet allows someone to degrade mothers. This is another reason I left the Democratic party. Totally disgusting!

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