Facebook is RACIST and I’m Leaving

Facebook allows Lilly Lue to post sexual imagery, as well as racist language. I left the social media platform years ago but maintain a couple marketing pages for clients. I review posts from time to time. Some time ago, I wrote about the “outrage” and “shame” two White co-eds suffered for signing along to a rap song with “nigga” in the lyrics. Facebook allows White girl Lilly Lue to use the racist slur.


On September 20, 2016, police shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott, a Black man, in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina. I was supporting a friend who posted a favorable opinion about Mr. Scott. We believed he had been wrongfully killed by the police officer.

A White male I did not know, Josh Bennett, responded to my comments. He was on the other side of this issue. Initially, his opinion was civil and we respected his right to voice an opposing viewpoint.

After a couple of exchanges, Josh Bennett wrote in a follow up: “And unlike you so eager to believe everyone is a victim or a racist I will take the cops word over that of a scumbag criminal any day of the week.” [emphasis mine]

Calling a dead man a “scumbag criminal” crossed the line to me. Mr. Scott does not deserve to be characterized in this manner. Therefore, I responded:

“As neither you nor I were there, you [sic: your] RACIST attitude is glaring. Scumbag??? I’ve had enough of your uncivil attitude! Done!”

I ended my conversation with him. Although I saw a Facebook notification Josh had responded, I didn’t return to the page to check. My patience with this White male was exhausted.

While reading HuffingtonPost the next morning, I wanted to comment on the article. I discovered Facebook had blocked my account. Not only was I blocked on Facebook, I was unable to post on HuffingtonPost. I cannot use my Facebook Messenger service. I am blocked from all other functions as well. Facebook blocked me for 30 days. There is NO appeal process. Here is the notice from Facebook:

Facebook BLOCKED me, not the racist White Guy
Facebook BLOCKED me, not the racist White Guy

As we know, Facebook is staffed primarily by White males. Generally, young people are tolerant and disapproving of racist attitudes. Apparently, the person who reviewed this conversation isn’t that way. Facebook protected a Racist; and penalized the writer who was demanding more civil behavior.

Facebook is RACIST and I’m Leaving … I urge you to do the same.

6 thoughts on “Facebook is RACIST and I’m Leaving

  1. I too was banned from Facebook after telling the white man who called black people colored and called black men boy he was a bigoted ignorant coward. He also went on to explain that black people wanted to be slaves and were happier when they were. Meanwhile he’s still on facebook going strong. Something needs to be done to expose them.

  2. I was just banned for three days for sarcastically telling a white woman, who was calling me all sorts of names on a post about white racism, that she got me with her great detective skills. All the posts calling Arabs violent killers, sand n*, black people monkeys, etc. are still up because they don’t violate community standards. This is not the first time I’ve been penalized for being a black person speaking out against oppression/racism on Facebook, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. They coddle bigots of all varieties and continue to suffocate marginalized voices.

  3. I agree that Facebook is racist. I’m blocked again after I posted that MUSLIMS need to be deported. I complained 2 months ago about a picture of two people in the act of intercourse with Arabic letters above it. I reported, they said that they see nothing wrong. You can’t contest being blocked because when you call them all you get is a recorded message. I hope they get shut down for good.

  4. You are so right. Facebook is no place for anyone with an honest opinion. They protect pedophiles and nazis. It is run by people who clearly hate people of color.

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