J David Carey, MD Left Me With Cancer

I have skin cancer. I put my trust in J David Carey, MD, and his High Desert Dermatology clinic located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My request was simple: please remove the small (8.0mm) Squamous Cell Carcinoma from the back of my right hand. Dr. Carey’s team failed to do this. Although they charged me over $680.00 for CPT 17271: Destruction of the malignant lesion and related services, they intentionally did not “go deep enough” to remove all the suspected carcinogenic tissue. They promised to notify me of results within two weeks. They lost my records and failed to contact us until more than six weeks had passed. In a panic, they urged my return.


A couple days later, I received an invoice for services – the clinic had failed to notify me that my insurer had declined payment over a month earlier. Upon review with my insurance reps, I learned they required a referral from my primary care doctor. To do this, I needed to speak with Dr. Carey. The clinic refused my wife and my multiple requests to meet with the doctor. When I tried to reach their billing agent, I found she did not take phone calls. When I tried to email her, I discovered their email system did not work properly.

I no longer trust J David Carey and his clinic. While searching for another provider, I learned Dr. Carey had worked for Albuquerque Dermatology Associates. The rumor is they asked Dr. Carey to leave the practice for “sloppy, unprofessional behavior.” I definitely found Dr. Carey’s clinic to be sloppy and unprofessional. I still have skin cancer.

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