Living the illicit Drug Dream

Tom LaVenture:
Justin Kollar:
Gary Hooser:

Aloha Mr. LaVenture, The Garden Island:

I have sent you information about the War on Drugs over the years. You asked for real life stories on Kaua’i. I have documented an illicit drug ring involving petty players on the north shore. US Congressman, Paul Ryan, frequently criticizes males in our inner cities for failing to work, relying on welfare, and refusing to better their lives. Many survive by dealing drugs or other goods in illegal markets. This is ongoing in the Hanalei area of Kaua’i. This is the reason I believe legal markets are superior when regulating recreational substance use.

Openly Smoking Weed
Openly Smoking and Dealing Weed: Kaua’i Police and Authorities Don’t Care

I contacted Mr. Kollar, chief prosecutor for the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, last week. I’m copying him with this email, as well as Kaua’i County Councillor, Gary Hooser. Many politicians demand we continue our current policy framework. This is illogical when it comes to marijuana policy. They claim to stand for freedom – but demand prohibition on weed, which continues illicit markets.

Illegal markets make it easier for kids to get weed. Let me share a real life example with you. A man in his mid-30s who lives on the north shore, David Rodgers, barters weed. He drives his massive 4X4 vehicle on Kaua’i roads and highways when he is stoned and drunk. Prosecutor Kollar and KPD officers were not concerned when I reported this (see Justin Kollar: Unethical Bully). David started dealing during his high school years in California. He was the “go to” guy if underage kids wanted wanted alcohol, weed or other drugs. He got caught – but as a juvenile, only received a slap. He’s now professional dealer. He’s currently on probation and law-abiding citizens pay the costs.

David doesn’t work regularly – only odd jobs here and there. He secretly grows weed in the hills of Hawaii. If he wants his boat fixed, weed is his currency. If he wants a nice dinner, he offers weed to his friends who can cook. Weed can get one anything in America – because Americans want it and it remains illegal.

Symptom of Drug and Alcohol Addiction
David’s Room: Symptom of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

He and his buddies sit around at night drinking beer, smoking weed, and putting small amounts of pakalolo in cellophane packets. They sell dime bags throughout the day and use the money primarily to buy more beer and support their subsistence lifestyle.

Colorado and Washington are shutting this down. Users go to an ADULT store – blocking kids and teens. Gangsters and thugs are shut out. There is no need for weapons to protect turf. The community is safer. The current drug policy furthers illegal markets, criminal behavior, and drug use by kids. Some politicians tell you weed is harmful – maybe – but science doesn’t support this claim.


The War on Drugs allows a person struggling with addiction like David to stay in business. These people rely on food stamps and government assistance – they report little actual income. So taxpayers subsidize them. If they get caught, taxpayers support the police, courts and correctional costs. Your taxes increase to support David and his friends. If this upsets you, thank politicians for their insane Drug Policy.

7/20: Sunday – complain to David about living conditions. Too much noise; too many people entering and using the house. It has become a “flop house” and is upsetting neighbors. There’s excessive alcohol consumption and weed smoking. Many underage girls are hanging around. People unknown to me are rummaging through the house, sleeping on the carport and using facilities. David threatens me by claiming he “will make my life a living hell” and that I need to “get the f–k out immediately.”

David: Smoking Marijuana All Day
Smoking Marijuana All Day

7/21: Monday – coincidentally run into two KPD officers, Burns and Anderson, at Hanalei Pavilion and discuss the situation at the house. I speak with David on my return. Propose he and I switch rooms. This change will resolve some noise concerns and bathroom issues. He refuses. I request that he shut down the “after hours” club in the carport by 11pm. He refuses.

As I have requested his friends not use my bathroom and David refuses to allow them to use his, they are urinating and defecating near the back fence. People are sleeping on his boat and sneak into the house to shower.

7/22: Tuesday – David is drunk, stoned, and is threatening me. He lunges at me multiple times, as he appears to be trying to provoke me. He’s openly angry with me and kicks the couch – moves it 3-4 feet. He’s upset I said I was considering contacting the police. He tells me he’s on probation and has an upcoming drug test in early August.

7/24: Thursday – day off for me. Have breakfast with David. He and a friend start the day “waking and baking.” David comes in kitchen, downs a couple beers, grabs 3-4 beers for the road and takes off with his large truck for Lihue. Appeared impaired. KPD and OPA director, Justin Kollar, do nothing.

7/25: Friday – David returns with large bag of weed. Tells me he has been growing in Wainiha. Dozens of people stop by and David distributes. He demands services – help on boat, help with landscaping, etc. in return for the weed. People hang out here until about 2:30am. Much drinking, loud music, lights on in the carport, while weed and cigarette smoke flow into my room.

7/26: Saturday – David and friends wake and bake about 7:30am. Heavy, concentrated weed smoke filters in my bedroom as I’m trying to sleep.

7/27: Sunday – complain again to owner. He and his girlfriend tell me David has been a problem for a long time. They ask me not to give my August rent to David and request I pay my share directly to him.

7/29: Tuesday – curly-haired guy named Michael stops by. New to me. While I was eating dinner, he comes in kitchen, pours large bag of weed onto platter. Using small scale and plastic wrap, he puts the weed in about one gram baggies for distribution and sale. When finished, Michael and David smoke a joint in the kitchen. I left at that point.

7/30: Wednesday – owner tells me he gave David 45-day notice to vacate the premises. Directs him to be out by September 13th. David tells me later there is “going to be a war here.”

7/31: Thursday – David sleeps to about 9am. Grabs beer from fridge. Next comes in and gets blue weed box. Tells me, “you may be winning the $200.” He promised and bet me he could stop smoking weed to pass his PO drug test. He smokes all morning. I photographed.

8/1: Friday – David wakes and bakes with friends, downs a couple beers, and takes off in his large truck. He is clearly impaired. KPD and OPA director, Justin Kollar, still do nothing! About noon, one guy stops by, a tourist. While I’m in room talking to my wife on the phone, he says “blonde haired kid promised to sell him weed. Instructed him to follow him here, where his dad lives and has the boat in the driveway.” Guy had given him money for bag of weed. Kid appears to have come here, jumped the fence, and ran off with the money.

I meet with mother of owners. She serves the interest in the home by holding legal Power of Attorney for one. I report to her what is going on here. She claims she has no idea and that David has been lying to her for years. Plans to meet with her attorney, Patrick J. Childs, on Monday. She informs me that Michael Ching has been involved with the management of the property and instructs me to instruct David that quiet hours begin at 10pm and there will be no illicit drug use or distribution on the premises.

Return home about 10pm. Numerous people here playing loud music, drinking alcohol and using illicit drugs. The rowdy behavior continues until around 1:30am.

8/2: Saturday – speak with David about meeting with owners and inform him of stated quiet hours and drug restrictions. He laughs.

8/3 – current: David continues to spend his days smoking weed and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Frequently, he then jumps in his large, diesel truck, clearly impaired, and roars off down the road. Who will be the victim of his lack of responsibility? What can citizens do when authorities, such as KPD and OPA director, Justin Kollar, do nothing?

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