Understanding Medical Cannabis (Marijuana)

I had one of the worst accidents possible — shredded both knees. Can’t walk, full isolation braces and surgery #1 three days ago. I have a second surgery next Tuesday and may need a third. I was injured May 14th. I used ice and Medical Cannabis to control pain and swelling up to surgery #1. My DR said the surgery was successful!


The photo above is not an advertisement for Kona Red, but I sure enjoy this refreshing and healthy drink. It helped my mental spirits while in the hospital.


Here is my medication schedule. They gave me a leg nerve block prior to surgery and put me under with anesthesia. I was out of surgery by 7pm last Tuesday. I turned down pain medication later that night and Wednesday morning. But the pain became intense by Wednesday afternoon. I was unable to use ice due the full leg braces.

Pain Med
Wed: 5:30p 400mg ibuprofen
6:45p 2 Percocet 325mg

10:00p 600mg ibuprofen
12:00a 1 Perc

Thur: 6:45a – 600mg ibuprofen
7:00a 1 Perc

1:30p – 600mg ibuprofen
4:00p – 1 Perc

9:00p – Med Cannabis
9:30p – 600mg ibuprofen

Friday to present: Med Cannabis later in the evening to control aching and help me sleep deeply. Sleeping, deep resting is when we heal the best.

My last opioid pain med, the Percocet, was 4pm Thursday. I was able to stop the narcotic after two days. This reduces my chance for opioid addiction and helps quicken my recovery. I need to get as strong as possible for surgery #2.

Using Med Cannabis, my eating returned to normal and I was able to go to the bathroom regularly. Opioids cause us to be constipated! What a relief that was!

I spent two hours in the gym today, Friday, doing light upper body weights. I crutched around to get additional movement. My respiration and metabolism are near normal.

I will use Med Cannabis close to bedtime to help me sleep. After using it last night, I got about 10 hours of deep, restful and healing sleep.

I’m not better or stronger than any of you — yet I have been an athlete all my life. I know injuries like my best friend and know better than most how to get back to health.

Big Pharma makes excellent drugs: I am thankful for the ibuprofen (reduce swelling) and the Percocet when the pain was blistering, but I can only take ibuprofen for a couple days or I suffer GI bleeding. Med Cannabis allows me to eat, go to the bathroom regularly, sleep deep and get back on the road to recovery.

If you don’t believe me, come visit!

I wish the politicians who run our nation would visit with me. Their fear-mongering is irresponsible and dangerous. Please use my example to spread the word.

Here’s the truth: all of us get injured. It’s not if, but when. Learn now how best to heal. It’s your pain you will be reducing!

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