Vaping Dangers Explode Across America

UPDATE 9.9.19: Started following Melania on Twitter today, as she is now WOKE about eCigs. The FDA sent warning letters today to Juul, as Juul Violated Federal Rules By Labeling E-Cigs As Safer Than Cigarettes. The vaping company is also accused of marketing its products to students, calling e-cigarettes “totally safe.” Acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Ned … Continue reading Vaping Dangers Explode Across America

Connie Lau and Hawaiian Leaders Are Quitters

A great friend left us this week. Consider him my brother: Wally Christopher Kelly. Wally was a winner in life. Grew up together. Winners aren't born. They're made. We were winners because of the strength of our families, dedication of our teachers and coaches, and our unyielding spirit to never quit working to BE THE BEST WE … Continue reading Connie Lau and Hawaiian Leaders Are Quitters