Dark Anniversary: From Aloha to Alienation

Alienation: experiencing or inducing feelings of isolation or estrangement Locked down due to C19; a nation on fire fueled by racial tension, economic frustration and an intensely heated and divisive political arena, claiming Americans are experiencing The Great Alienation would be an understatement. Over a hundred years ago, the philosopher economist and social theorist, Karl … Continue reading Dark Anniversary: From Aloha to Alienation

Thank you God for COVID-19

Prayer Request to Consuelo Zobel de Ayala y Montojo Terrentegui Zambrano Alger Aloha dearest Consuelo, You have been an inspiration to me during our family crisis. For over a year I’ve been unemployed. Pray to you frequently. Your compassion is limitless. In our dark, chaotic world, your light directs us all to a brighter path. … Continue reading Thank you God for COVID-19

Hawai’i Rep Amy Perruso Demands Kapu Aloha

Kapu Aloha, as defined by Pua Case, is considered to have evolved from ceremony to political form in the 1990s due to marches like the 125th anniversary of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1993 and Mālama Mākua movement in 1996. Kapu Aloha embodies the sacred and teaches one must act in reverence and respect … Continue reading Hawai’i Rep Amy Perruso Demands Kapu Aloha

The Collapse of Love and Compassion

Guess I have always been a bit of a philosopher. Remember how my college friends and I would spend hours after dinner in the student union discussing the "meaning of life." They urged me to write a book. I believe it is time and have begun the first chapters. The USA and world appears to … Continue reading The Collapse of Love and Compassion

Goodness, Knowledge and Discipline

OPEN LETTER TO John Fielding, AltRes Director of Risk Management. AltRes manages some 30,000 employees and numerous companies in the State of Hawai'i. Aloha Mr. Fielding, I followed what my husband wrote yesterday. He shared your comments with me today. You and I both have something in common. From my understanding we both are of … Continue reading Goodness, Knowledge and Discipline

Cannabis Crusade: Time to Change History

One of the best ways today to determine if a person makes decisions based on emotion rather than science is to ask them their position on cannabis. To be fair, all of us were deceived by our government. Yet few Americans have much trust in government, so that's a dog that don't hunt any more. … Continue reading Cannabis Crusade: Time to Change History

You Can Fool All The People Some of the Time

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Abraham Lincoln This week, Hawai'i and New Mexico announced they will decriminalize small amounts of cannabis, more commonly called pakalolo in the islands. Both states are dominated … Continue reading You Can Fool All The People Some of the Time