Please DO NOT Donate to Hawai’i Civil Beat

Most of us are aware there are three branches of government in our system: executive, legislative and judicial. By convention, we consider media the fourth. For our system to work, as U.S. Founder James Madison penned in Federalist #51, "ambition must check ambition." Our self-government is one of checks and balances. We watch each other … Continue reading Please DO NOT Donate to Hawai’i Civil Beat

A Simple Message of Truth

The Civil Beat team blocked my post to Trisha Kehaulani Watson's article yesterday, “Thinking of Hawaii’s Treasures as Notre Dame Burned.” She advocates to continue humankind’s practice of funding and building monuments to dead relatives and ancestors, while our keiki and families are starving, homeless and lack proper education opportunities. My Brazilian Facebook friend posted … Continue reading A Simple Message of Truth