Hawai’i DOH Murders Pacific Islanders

UPDATE 9.5.2020: Surge Testing program costs over $15,000 per identified infectious case. Of 16,384 Surge Tests so far, only 104 have been positive for the virus. This highly inefficient testing methodology costs $15,783 to identify ONE infectious person. This is what the FAILED DOH Contact Tracing program cost all of us. This money could have … Continue reading Hawai’i DOH Murders Pacific Islanders

Hong Kong CARES about people. Hawaii Gov FrankenIGE cares about his profits.

“In Hong Kong, they aren’t taking any chances. We know how lucky we have it. Unlike the entire developed world, our cinemas are open, our restaurants are open, our bars are open and we want to keep it that way.” Laurel Chor, Freelance photojournalist Hong Kong is a small place, a city of 7.5 million … Continue reading Hong Kong CARES about people. Hawaii Gov FrankenIGE cares about his profits.

Americans Act Like Fucking Cowards

Around March 11th the W.H.O. declared SARS-CoV-2 a global pandemic. Alarms were already going off around the world and NYC in particular. Most people were awestruck by the shock wave of what we were facing. We had never walked such a path before. Who wasn't captivated by TV news or social media stories of our … Continue reading Americans Act Like Fucking Cowards

CoVID19 Roulette: CDC Murders Thousands

We all seek an "evidenced-based" approach to protecting ourselves and combating SARS-CoV-2. This simulation shows why all of us need to wear face masks. #MaskUp now! ClearHealthLife demanded face coverings March 19th. CDC said NO. They were dead wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfeW2l8G_W4&feature=youtu.be UPDATE 5.9.20: Study shows had U.S. #MaskedUp just FOUR DAYS earlier, 10,000s of lives would have … Continue reading CoVID19 Roulette: CDC Murders Thousands

Aloha Friday: Hawaii DOE Endangers Children and their Families

I've been communicating with Hawai'i State Representative Amy Perruso as she continues heroic efforts to feed our hungry children using Department of Education (DOE) facilities and resources. Unfortunately, Americans are not prepared for The Third World War. UPDATE 3.28: New York Times cites a study of strategies used during 2003 SARS outbreak that found washing … Continue reading Aloha Friday: Hawaii DOE Endangers Children and their Families

Hawai’i Rep Amy Perruso Demands Kapu Aloha

Kapu Aloha, as defined by Pua Case, is considered to have evolved from ceremony to political form in the 1990s due to marches like the 125th anniversary of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1993 and Mālama Mākua movement in 1996. Kapu Aloha embodies the sacred and teaches one must act in reverence and respect … Continue reading Hawai’i Rep Amy Perruso Demands Kapu Aloha