Is She a Beautiful Blonde Model or FAKE AI on Twitter

There’s an ancient saying, “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.” Some claim Mark Twain made the statement. Others say it was Ben Franklin or Edgar Allen Poe. In our increasingly complex world, is it possible to believe anything we hear or see today?

Woke to find pictures of this alluring Twitter friend in my inbox this morning. All fake. Just a hoax, a fraud. She’s a player, maybe an AI illusion — an internet Holly Golightly. Here’s the story. You decide.

AI, artificial intelligence, can write news articles, student’s papers in college or even edit your personal images. Fake news and “deep fakes” about people are becoming nearly impossible to detect. About a year ago, I received a friendly wave from a woman claiming to be Reem Faye Alhusseini on Twitter.

This person, or AI creation, claimed on May 26: “I wanna live better, love better, do better, see better, be better and explore better!” 🦋 Reem however CHEATS men who follow her. Rips them off. Fake and scam. Not better.

After exposing FAKE Reem Faye Alhusseini, she blocked me from her account. Reem or someone pretending to be Reem tried to steal money from me. As the conversation seemed not quite right, I documented the fraud and post details here:

  • Alleged Name: Reem Faye Alhusseini
  • Twitter: @reemreahizz
  • PayPal:
  • Google Chat:
Reem Faye Alhusseini blocked me after I exposed her fraudulent activity. Be Warned !!!
Reem Faye Alhusseini blocked me after I exposed her fraudulent activity. Be Warned !!!

Reem Faye Alhusseini. Pretty name, I said. Seems Arabic. Are you Muslim?

I don’t know much about Arabs culture you know. And you know I’m not super into the Bible. I’m not super into church world. But I am into the living love of Christ. I know that love is alive. I know that is spirit. I know I am part of it. Love is not just a concept. Love is alive, living love. I want to read the following “living love is alive in your heart closer to you than your next breath.“ I agree with this. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world.

Reem Faye Alhusseini

Reem soon asked me to connect with her on Google Chat at: “It’s private and I feel no one could hit us up in there.” Asked with a bit of humor, “So who is Darren777 that you love???”

Reem responded, “Darren was our four legged pet back then in NJ. It was my granny’s favorite dog and lived for 17 years… I still remembered how we took Darren to the vet to be laid to rest. It was like yesterday 😢 777 is relates to its death date…. Aug/7/2007.” She posted about Mother’s Day. Claims to love mother and family. Real?

Seems real. We connected. Reem told me she was from New Jersey, currently living in Manhattan, NYC. Told me, “I’m Virgo 😂! September 13th is my birthday 🎂. I got a brother… he has been in Australia for 15 years now.”

Reem posted about her HS girlfriends and classmates

Her modeling pictures are gorgeous. Why would a beautiful, charming young lady want to chat with me on social media? My ego isn’t that huge. I’m not famous.

Tried to dig deeper into her past and find out who she really is: “In Hawai’i, we use the term aloha for love. We do not have enough aloha or love in our world. The love in your heart comes out in all your pictures! Your eyes radiate love!!!”

Reem, “Awwww you melting my heart.”

We chatted a bit yesterday morning. Reem was at work. Told me that she wanted to have children, “I’m looking toward giving birth 🤰. Raising my kids.” How many, I asked? “Well, 3 is fine by me … Umm the Uber driver just arrived and I need to get home, have a warm shower then head to go have dinner. Ttyl ✌️ Don’t miss me much aight!”

“Hey I just got to my apartment,” Reem sent me the following pictures.

What’s a guy to do at this point? FAKE AI or a real person? Either way, having a bit of fun on a relaxing day. Clearly Reem is keeping things lively. What’s next?

I asked, “What kind of work did you do today?” Paperwork, she said. We have a truck today dropping off a shipment of inventory for us and we are also understaffed today also. It’s was super crazy. Yeah, but glad I’m home. Dinner on my mind.

Here’s where the scam began. Reem wanted dinner. Suggested I should invite her — and pay. Told her I liked to cook. Had gone to Costco for some steaks ealier in the day. I asked, “Have you heard of Costco?”

Her response was hilarious: “Yeah I do. Costco is a membership-based warehouse club that offers a range of products, including groceries, electronics, and home goods.” Sounds AI to me. What human writes like this?

Reem apparently is vegan: “Well, I love steak but ever since I took my vegan diet seriously I haven’t had it in a long time to be honest.” I described how I grill and prepare steak.

Reem, “You making me salivating…. I wouldn’t mind if you would love to buy me dinner tonight 🙈 🫂”

I asked, “What could I treat you for dinner tonight — since I can’t cook?” Reem, “Anything you feel I could get in a restaurant. I’m following your lead on this one tonight … Red wine of course!”

Seductively, Reem added, “I may have some sort of wine 🍷 gene 🧬. A small amount of wine makes me feel so good, it could be illegal. Pleasure. Relaxed. Sensual. Sexual. And softer and kinder than I already a.m. that”

Getting late. Time to stop chatting she said, “Yeah, it’s almost getting pass my dinner time. Tell me your budget for tonight dinner so I don’t get to eat with my ten fingers 😂”

I responded, “Eating out is expensive in Honolulu, probably similar to Manhattan. Common dinner for two is $75-$150”

Reem, “Well, you will have to tell me you take… with $150 I could get a good bottle of wine back to my apartment. I’ll be glad having wine while conversing with you.”

We considered a few options. Reem decided she wanted Italian, “Oh Trattoria Trecolori…. A friend of friends relative owns it. Well, they got nice things on their menu. I’ll be careful so I don’t supersede the price plan….”

Reem said she was contacting Uber for a ride, “The driver is 3 minutes away. What means of payment is convenient for you? Let me take a selfie for you how I look for our dinner date.”

I played along, “If you’re going to look that stunning, how can we enjoy the food??? 😂” Haha 😂. You crack me up. Entering the restaurant, said Reem. (She never went to the restaurant)

Sad, isn’t it? How easy to be duped. And, realistically, don’t some men kind of want to be fooled by a woman who looks like Reem? Some exotic fantasy? Look however how dark it is in the background on the two selfies at left. Wasn’t late in NYC. Many online cameras. Found one. Here’s real time NYC below.

Wasn't dark at 8:19PM in NYC. Reems pictures weren't live. Fake or a fraud.
Wasn’t dark at 8:19PM in NYC. Reem’s pictures weren’t live. Fake or a fraud.

Reem even provided a FAKE restaurant update, “Oh they brought the wine first before the meal get ready. I ordered Trattoria major dish. Oh i got Cabernet hun!”

LOL … lot of wine for little person !!! 😂 Good thing you’re not driving, I replied.

Reem, “Haha 😂 If I was to drive I wouldn’t have to drink much. Trust me… I love me and i wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt me 💪”

TRUST ME !!! Did Reem just say, “Trust me”? 😂

I said, “Thank you!!! Don’t hurt you !!! 😘”

Reem, “Of course not! Just the same way I won’t hurt anyone.” (but will trick people and defraud on social media)

Reem got back to the con, “On process… surely I’m taking the bottle home! Um lest I forget, what means of payment you got?”

I responded, “Surely!!! CC [credit card] will work best I believe.”

Reem, “Okay! Let me ask. Umm she was like, if was ordering online I could use the cc but dining in here deals with cash or PayPal, cashapp.”

There you go. The fake is exposed. What major restaurant doesn’t accept credit cards? Plus, I had already called the restaurant. Wanted to keep the deception going, “OK. We can work it out. I also have PP [PayPal].”

Reem is so polite, “Thanks! You gave me the idea to select what’s good for tonight. All thanks to you 🫂”. She sent me a couple pictures, allegedly from the restaurant. I responded, “Thursday night … probably quite lively. Music or entertainment? Lots of people? OH, thanks!!! I see.”

Reem is adorable and alluring, “Yes! It would have been better if you were here with me 😢. Everyone would be thinking I’m expecting a date. Meanwhile you not here. But I still feel and sense you close enough though.” (She wasn’t in the restaurant)

Reem, “Food coming ! We going to be blast together, so help us God!” (Wasn’t in the restaurant)

Sent $1.00 to Travis Richins to Verify This is a Fraudulent Activity
Sent $1.00 to Travis Richins PayPal Account to Verify This is Fraudulent Activity

Payment time: “ here’s the PayPal info … … Please, let me know when you get it done so I can show them… I’m bout to eat wish you here 🫂 😢” (Wasn’t in the restaurant)

My response, “OK … working on it. Show me the lamb you ordered. Must be delicious.” Remember, Reem said she was vegan. However ordered AMERICAN LAMB CHOPS, seasoned with fresh herbs, served with sautéed broccoli Rabe. $42, plus a $50+ bottle of red wine and salad. (Wasn’t in the restaurant)

Me, stalling: “Trying to figure out the bill. Don’t see the wine. Is it $54??? Lamb chops is there; what salad did you order? How much should we tip? 20%”

Reem deflecting after I asked to see the lamb chops. She had to lie: “Oh! Sorry, I have this courtesy that whenever I’m eating out I keep my phone in my purse. Sorry I didn’t get your message quick 🤦‍♀️ 😢”

How many single women keep their phone in her purse at a restaurant? Do men actually fall for this shit? Apparantly if the woman shows enough boob and skin … trust me, Reem urged!!! 😂

Reem, “$115 is the bill ha!” I asked, “With tip???”

Reem, “Oh you want to tip? I’m sure you know what’s good yeah Nice idea 🫂” Sure, if we’re faking this meal and relationship, let’s at least tip the wait staff. Trust me!!! 😂

My response, “I treat you and everyone first class. Of course”

Reem, “Aww”

Maybe $25. Reem, “Oh okay sound fair.”

Let’s call it $140. Reem, “Not bad! Thanks 😊 God bless you for me.”

I asked, “Are their salads worth it? Did you enjoy?”

Reem, “Um yeah I ate it all… I’m expecting aunt flow this weekend and I’m sure it will help with the cramps. It’s almost time for them to close up… so I can go back home. Have you try sending [payment] to them? 7 minutes to close time. Ha! I’m looking forward to more days with you Please show me the receipt of the. payment so I can show them.”

I had called the restaurant prior to Reem claiming they didn’t take credit cards. This proved the entire incident to be a fraud. Reem never entered the restaurant. She might not live in NYC. Might be a Nigerian; maybe Travis Richins and partner stole some pics, fabricated the Twitter account. Reem or whoever didn’t order dinner. The con was to get $140 from me.

Continued to stall, “OK. Trying again. Failed for some reason. Give me minute … Tried this: … Is that correct? Says not valid. Did you enter correctly? Maybe too much wine 😂”

Reem, “Haaa! Lol @Tjrich75 … She said you should try this tag: @Tjrich75🍷”

Next, I dropped the hammer: “You’re funny!!! Just called the restaurant. She said I can use my CC. Let’s just use CC. What is your table? I’ll pay directly.”

Reem, “I already paid them cash… and I’m Waiting outside already For my Uber. Thanks 😊 🤤 You made my night 🫂”

What??? Faked being frustrated, “I’m really sad. Invited you to dinner — you end up paying. Not good. I’m really sorry!!!”

Reem, “It’s okay trust me.” (Trust her/them again 😊)

Me, “This is like the creepiest thing to do!”

Reem, “Not at all. You’re the sweetest one in my Life right now and I don’t want you to feel bad. Please 🙏”

Me, “I’ll double check with PP. Maybe I can pay you back”

Reem, “Just let me know 😊 If you feel sad I’ll feel bad hope you know that yeah”

Me, “OK. I’ll send a note to their customer service to see if we can fix this. I’m not happy. Please don’t think poorly of me. You ate alone; had to pay!!!”

Reem, “No please don’t bother okay….It’s fine ! We got this 💪 It’s just a few buck yeah. Glad I got cash to pay up. Damn PP”

Me, “We’ll see. I did like one thing … told em you were my GF. Liked saying that. Would like that to be real” Remember, Reem doesn’t know that I know this is fake and a fraud.

Reem responds, “Oh really! Haha 😆 You did?! I noticed the way she looked at me as a lucky one I’m so shy right now!” The hostess looked at her? Reem was never in the restaurant. What a tale. Nobody looked at her as “a lucky one.” She’s not shy. She’s a phony and fake fraud.

Reem says goodnight, “Don’t miss me much… I might get to my apartment and doze off to bed”

Easy come, easy go. Hope readers get a good laugh from this post.

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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