The Womb Used to be Sacred

With the SCOTUS decision in 1973, Roe v Wade, abortion became legal across America. The womb was no longer sacred. Human beings could selfishly stick a vacuum tube into the womb or take a handful of pills and destroy life. ClearHealthLife does not issue a public opinion for or against abortion, but believes this complex issue requires Americans to have a civil and adult discussion.

The woman and her male partner were selfish. They forgot to use birth control or birth control didn’t work as hoped or they claimed not to be ready to raise a family. Terminate the developing life! Easy peasy!

UPDATE 4.24.23: Japan approves first abortion pill — Japan’s health ministry approved country’s first abortion pill, consisting of two types of pills, and can be used within nine weeks of pregnancy.

The medication combines mifepristone and misoprostol, which the World Health Organization included in its Essential Medicines List, and describes as safe and effective for pregnant women.

To date, only surgical abortion is available in Japan through two methods: the curettage method, which removes tissue inside the uterus with a metal instrument, and the evacuation method, which sucks out tissue through a tube, according to NHK.

The WHO has described curettage as an “obsolete” method that is less safe and much more painful, and has called for it to be replaced by the evacuation method or by medication like abortion pills.

An estimated 70+ MILLION abortions were performed in America since Roe. In June 2022, SCOTUS ruled in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization that the Constitution of the United States does not confer the right to abortion. CBS news reported there have been 32,000 fewer legal abortions, some 5,000 per month, since Dobbs — a drop of about 6%.

Women are the Portal Between Spiritual and Physical Realm
Women are the Portal Between Spiritual and Physical Realm

Contrary to perception of millions of Americans, SCOTUS did not ban abortion. They explained that the courts could not decide this important question of human rights. The U.S. Congress and individual states must decide. The People, not judges, are required to shoulder this awesome responsibility.

And The People are divided. The People are confused. Are human beings divided into males and females? Nature provides two sexes. Humans claim sex and gender are different. They claim that while there may be two sexes — there can be dozens, maybe hundreds, and possibly an infinite number of genders. Each of us might be our own unique gender. What are your pronouns? Mine? Love and Aloha

And, to me, I believe the womb is sacred. Lorinda Pereira (Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Whātua, Ngāti Kahungunu) believes as well. Lorinda shares why she and her whānau returned to their ancestral homelands — and how she re-discovered the ancient traditions of food forests.

Maybe trans-rights are human rights. Maybe your gender is unique to the world. Such questions cannot be answered with reason and logic. However, the womb is sacred. Women are the portal between the spiritual and physical realm.

If you have a womb, you are a woman. If you carry the seed of humankind, you are a man. These are sacred roles in human evolution. And the womb is sacred.

He tapu tēnei whare Tangata.

This womb is sacred

A message burning in my heart for this generation.

Te Mana o Te wahine doesn’t come cheap.

It’s not a dress or makeup, a pro noun or an operation.

We literally bleed 4000 days of our lives for a new generation to be born.

Whether it is used to give birth or not

He tapu tēnei whare Tangata.

This womb is sacred.

Like many women I have been blessed to carry children and bring them into the world..

Sacrificed years of carrying life in my body & experienced hours of pain to bring them into Te Ao Marama.

He tapu tēnei whare Tangata

I say again, This womb is sacred.

I’ve fed & healed my children from my body for many years of my life..

So when I say you are not woman

I am not saying you are less or I am more.

I am saying..

He tapu tēnei whare Tangata

This womb is sacred.

I am saying this gift that we have been given is not to be taken by you or anyone.

He tapu, he tapu, he tapu tēnei whare Tangata.

This womb is sacred, sacred, sacred.

And Men are sacred too.

They carry Tane Te Waiora

The seed of all mankind.

It is gifted and housed in womb.

And What a gift!

Men are provider & protector of new life..

Koira Te mana o te tane.

That is the honour of a man.

We can’t get it twisted because of personal projection of our sexual trauma on this generation.

I am brave to speak on this, but someone has to be..

Traumatic response will not raise mokopuna on my watch.

He tapu tēnei whare Tangata

This womb is sacred

& so are the wombs of wahine of the future.

The world can Wear what it likes, call itself what it likes..

But it will never take what is sacred to woman.

Koira te mana o te wahine.

It is the honour I have as woman

& it is costly.

He tapu tėnei whare Tangata.

This womb is sacred.

~ Lorinda Pereira

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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