Republicans are IDIOTS When It Comes to Climate Change

USA Today reports Kentuckians as young as 2 months and as old as 98 were among the dead in the devastating tornadoes that ripped through the state over the weekend and leveled communities.

Gov. Andy Beshear found some “good news” in the devastation, as the death toll did not increase Tuesday. At least 74 people perished in the storms, including 12 children. Experts anticipate numbers to rise as more than 100 people remain missing.

At least 30 tornadoes struck Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas last Friday and Saturday. One of the twisters that hit Kentucky may have traveled 200 miles or more, possibly challenging the national record of 219 set in 1925. 

Gov. Beshear claims the extreme weather will “probably be one of the most devastating tornado events in U.S. history.”

However, Republicans still close their eyes to global warming and climate change. Here in Hawai’i, Morano Kendall Carl claims the scientific community warnings are a hoax.

Morano Kendall Carl supports Trump for Hawaii and believes global climate change in a hoax

One in his posse, Ty Sponichia wrote, “Actually if you look at the data since 1970, hurricanes and tornadoes are less frequent and less powerful. But don’t tell the Dems or the Climate people that. They hate facts and science.”

Morano Kendall Carl claims science shows no increased in the frequency or strength of tornadoes

Sponchia claims Democrats and the Climate people hate facts and science.

Ty Sponchia claims Democrats and Climate people hate facts and science

Dave Harper says to “tell that to pino brandon.” Apparently a reference to the conservative slogan, “Let’s Go Brandon.” You should know what this means by now.

The photo below features Mr. Carl celebrating New Year’s Eve in 2015 with a local friend in Hawai’i. Nice guys, but 100% wrong about our climate challenges.

Morano Kendall Carl and friend celebrate New Year's Eve 2015

What Is The Science on Tornadoes?

Morano made a claim tornadoes are not increasing in frequency or strength. Is he correct? I took a quick trip to NOAA — National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Here’s their section on U.S. Tornadoes.

Tornado statistics for the Contiguous U.S. are provided by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) and are available from 1950–2021. Here’s their data. I added the RED trend line for illustration purposes. Seems to be far more tornadoes today than in 1950.

RED Trend Line Shows Frequency of Tornadoes Increasing Since 1950
RED Trend Line Shows Frequency of Tornadoes Increasing Since 1950

At the beach yesterday in Waikiki, I met a couple nice young ladies from St. Louis. They told me they had left just before the tornadoes hit near to their homes. Said an Amazon warehouse had been damaged.

They told me they were concerned about global climate change. I asked them, “What should we do?” They were uncertain. I said we only have to do one thing. Do you know what that is, I asked?

They said, “No. Tell us.”

I said, “It’s simple. Stop using oil.”

They laughed; I laughed. Yeah, it’s simple. Stop using oil. However, ending our addiction and dependence on oil isn’t simple at all, is it?

Look around you. Can you live without oil? It provides the electricity we use to power our computers, smartphones and household appliances, heat and cool our homes, manufacture plastics and most of the products on which we rely, provide our farm products and food, and power our autos, trucks, planes, trains and ships. Even electric vehicles rely on batteries made using oil or recharging from oil-based energy sources.

Oil is part of everything we use and do. Stopping our use of oil means we cannot live or exist as we do. On the other hand, continuing our use of oil appears to be making our planet uninhabitable for fragile human beings.

It was time for me to leave the beach. I wished my two good friends an aloha vacation and said, “It’s up to your generation to figure out the solution. That’s your challenge. Good luck!”

Good luck to all of us! It’s not smart to piss off Mother Nature … and looking at this past year in review, she’s really pissed. I reminded the ladies that 2021 is likely going to be the BEST weather year in the next twenty. This fact should be a wake up call to all of us.

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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