Texas Did America a Favor on Abortion. Join Me In a Solution

Abortion has been an emotional issue for over 50 years. I ask everyone to step back and think about this challenge differently for a moment. Since Roe in 1973, there have been 70 MILLION abortions. Not something to brag about. Let’s seek solutions.

This battle for half of century has a majority of women claiming the right of choice over medical procedures for their body and reproductive health: Pro Choice.

Opponents claim abortion takes the life of a human being. They have argued life begins at conception: Pro Life.

These two extremes are not resolvable. Years ago, the Connecticut Compromise healed a divided nation. This Texas Compromise provides a reasonable and civil framework to end our war over abortion. The law does end abortion. Just shortens the legal timeline.

The Pro Choice coalition gives a little. No abortions after six weeks. The Pro Life gives a little. Human life does not begin prior to six weeks approximately. Roe is preserved — just somewhat restricted. Both sides win & lose. This is democracy in action. All must give so all will win. Shared sacrifice.

Introduce you to my friend, Rochelle C Bradfield. Tried to have a civil conversation with her over this issue. I realize many women are scared, frustrated, worried, upset or angry over the new law in Texas. She is furious with me for offering solutions.

I don’t dislike Rochelle or wish hardship on her. I send love and aloha her way. Women and men and America do not need to fight over this difficult issue. There are solutions. We must find compromise in our great nation. We must respect the opinions and ideas of all — not just our own position.

Her last remarks. She is deleting my comments. She speaks but won’t allow me to speak. She has opinions, but won’t tolerate opinion from me. She stands on her soapbox in the public square, yet denies freedom of speech to others. This behavior is not American. Silencing others is American Taliban.

Rochelle had this to say to me. Is this who we have become?

And you speak like a poor little soldier that's had his ego bruised. You don't care about unborn babies you just care about your position as a strong man a big soldier I'm so important. Roar. If your ego wasn't driving you so crazy right now you would be able to get off my thread. But you can't not because you care about unborn babies but because you care about being right and validated. You see I picked you apart psychologically the whole time I wanted to take you from being this opinionated soldier to a week cry Baby and clearly I was able to do it. Sorry Scott you shouldn't argue with highly intelligent women that have a vendetta

Moving On To Solutions

This really isn’t a difficult challenge. Unfortunately, we’re blocked by previous bias, anger, frustration, shame and blame. There’s an old adage about Americans: we fix blame rather than fixing problems. How about we end our division and fighting on this issue of abortion.

Two primary concerns: Rape/incest and consensual sex

Let me summarize:
1. If raped, the victim knows. She has six weeks to terminate the pregnancy. We all agree. We hate rape. We agree to put rapists in prison or to death. No question. Strengthen our laws; protect victims.

However, the victim must speak up. If she doesn’t speak up, her family, school, church or community has failed her. She’s afraid. However, she’s likely afraid because people shame and blame. 

No shame or blame from me. I provide hugs, love, counseling — whatever the victim needs to become whole again, as much as that is possible. Life isn’t perfect. Shit happens. I don’t shame or blame. I fix the problem. Eliminate the rapist; abort the fetus within six weeks; care for the victim. Best we can do in an imperfect world.

2. For casual or committed women in sexual relationships, Texas DID NOT ban abortion, just limited to six (6) weeks approximately. Is this a problem? What’s one solution? Better birth control. Women are really smart. Invent better methods. Rather than fight politically for a bad solution (abortion), let’s work together for better birth control for men and women.

Second, women have six (6) weeks to abort. Is this a problem? Then take a pregnancy test every four weeks if uncertain. Costs about $5 each. Per year, $60. Not a big deal. $60 for pregnancy insurance per year. I’m certain we can reduce this cost. What if a test cost $1? A woman could take a test once every two weeks or so.

Texas doesn’t block this solution. Have an abortion if you need prior to the six (6) week mark. Guess what? Women (and men) are protected from unwanted pregnancy. We are not terminating developing human life. We have found compromise to a difficult moral question.

It’s not that difficult to get along if we listen to each other and use our intelligence, reason and common sense.

Let’s reduce abortion; let’s develop better methods of birth control; let’s better protect victims of rape and incest; let’s protect developing life. 

We don’t need Civil War over this. We’re smart people in the 21st century. Let’s be better Americans. If you haven’t noticed, our battle now is between us and nature. We must shake hands and get to work. Mother Nature is pissed.

UPDATE: Rochelle C Bradfield responded to my messenger — then blocked me. She doesn’t mind killing a developing life. If she could, she would take a gun and kill me. I truly feel sorry for her and women like her. She needs anger management therapy.

We are going to publish everything that you have stated and we will see how the public your friends and family potentially your job I’ll feel about how you feel a 12-year-old that has been raped by their father should be treated….

I don’t think you understand how many women are now on board and how many of us are looking for men like you to make examples out of.

I hope you sleep well tonight because by Tuesday your environment that you enjoy is going to be severely rocked.

I hope you read through all of your comments because by the time I arrange them in a certain way you’re going to look like the monster that you truly are

Good night I hope you sleep well because after Tuesday your life is going to change!!! I would recommend you start accounts on tick tock, Snapchat, Instagram because your messages are going to be posted all over it by Tuesday.

You shouldn’t mess with the rape victim that was a child because now you are going to be exposed as the monster that you truly truly are inside.

I don’t know if you’re aware of how this works but we are coming for your job next….

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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