Afghanistan: How a Small Group of Committed U.S. Citizens Changed the World

Headline news today celebrates the final plane as it departs Afghanistan after some 20 years of fighting, nation building, hopes and dreams. Trillions of American taxpayer dollars; uncountable loss of American blood and sacrifice. The long, bloody endeavor has ended.

America's long, bloody adventure in Afghanistan has ended

Continuing the social media discussion with career military officer, Mike Pratt (see Americans Were a Great People Until We Learned to Love The Bomb), he offered these additional thoughts:

Never ever underestimate the power of a very small number of people willing to wreak incomprehensible havoc on a society with wanton killing of anything in their path to achieve a political end. We in civil society cannot comprehend this, but on 9/11/01 we caught a glimpse of it. Just a glimpse. We are now engulfed in it. A very small number of people willing and able to do extraordinary things to the masses of unsuspecting. You’re in it, you’re living it, you’re part of it, you’re fighting for it. And thus it is.


It’s important to remember history. For those who are familiar with Charlie Wilson’s war, a VERY SMALL group of people convinced extremist Wahhabi (Sunni Muslim) clerics in Saudi Arabia to go to Pakistan and teach in madrassas (religious schools) to the students (Taliban). They instructed the Taliban to fight jihad (Holy War) for Allah and Islam.

The Taliban joined Afghan nationalists to form the mujahideen (Afghan freedom fighters) to battle the invading USSR forces in the nation. The mujahideen were equipped by the US CIA with Stinger shoulder-fired missiles that were extremely effective against Soviet helicopters. The mujahideen were partially funded by an unknown guy by the name of Usama Bin Laden.

This small group of religious fighters pushed the Soviets out of Afghanistan. Emboldened by their success, and attributing this victory not to US Stinger missiles, but Allah, UBL formed Al Qaeda (the Base) to continue jihad against the Head of the Snake (USA) that had forced the creation of a Jewish state in the Muslim region of Palestine.

9.11 was the result of a Small Group of Texans who toppled the first domino in a long string of events that led to the 9.11 attacks and a 20-year war in Afghanistan. The government we supported with our tax dollars and American blood fell in only 11 days.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

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