Thank Goodness for Dads

As I read posts across social media, I am frequently reminded by single mothers how difficult life is as they struggle to raise one, two, three or more children by themselves. They are angry employers do not pay more; upset government does not provide more in benefits.

However, two-parent families do not face such financial challenges. Life is still a constant struggle for them, but two adults working full or part time allow the family to meet most needs and likely many wants. The trend of single parenting continues to increase in America. This is not good for our children or nation.

In 2020 nearly 19 million children, amounting to 25% of all children in the U.S., were living in single-parent families. That percentage is nearly three times the level in 1960 of 9%.

Tara Contreras and Mateo

Tara is clearly a loving and devoted mother. She spent the day at the swimming pool at Ross Park where I learned to swim as a youngster. Mateo is loved, but I was much more fortunate to have both a mom and dad to nurture and provide for me. Neither of my parents — alone — would have been able to provide financially for us as kids.

Tara wonders why she continues “down the ENDLESS single mom path.” She’s not chasing a man; she’s not trying to steal a man; she’s not trying to keep a man.

Tara claims she’s raising a man. Yet young men need a man in their life as a role model also. Tara may be “right where” she needs to be. How about young Mateo?

❤️ I’m RAISING a man. ❤️ I’m right where I need to be.❤️

Tara Contreras and Mateo. Tara doesn't need a man

Cindy Wade Raises Funds for Single Moms

How kind of Cindy to kokua and support single moms. She applauds 11-year-old Cartier Carey for “raising a ton of money with his lemonade stand.” These funds will buy 22,000 diapers to give away to single moms.

This is a compassionate project, but Cartier could put this money toward his college fund. His shirt reads, “KIDS 4 Change.” Maybe we can change cultural attitudes that are giving rise to single parenting and send all our children to college — rather than simply fund diapers. What do you think?

Cartier Carey has lemonade stand to raise money to give diapers to single moms

Brittney Martin Wright Appreciates Dads

“All right !!! Seriously,” she says. Brittney is frustrated. Her tires aren’t even 30 days old and she got a flat. Worse, her car is packed full to leave on a trip tomorrow. She can’t reach the jack because it’s buried under their belongings.

She lightheartedly writes, “Thank goodness for dads!!!”

Brittney Martin Wright is thankful for dads because she has a flat tire

Being a dad isn’t always rewarding or glamorous. Maybe our primary function is simply to take out the trash or fix a flat. Dads also bring home a paycheck and provide emotional support for the spouse and children.

❤️ Families make America Strong. ❤️ Happy 4th of July weekend Americans !!! ❤️

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

2 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for Dads

  1. I think you’re a jerk. You are obviously a man who feels the need to criticize women on the regular so that you can feel superior. You also have no spine because your real name is nowhere listed on this trash “article”. You are shamefully using single moms to promote your sexist misogynistic agenda. You have no idea why there is not a dad in the lives of any single mother. Also, it is extremely unethical to use the post and location of children without their parents permission. Use your common sense and take this garbage down.

    1. I reached out to Carrie by email. She didn’t respond. Hoped we could have a civil conversation. My comments:

      You certainly have the right to your opinion. And I’m man enough to have a conversation with you. In 1960, about 9% of women were single moms. That percentage is about 25% today. Women want freedom. Wonderful. I support their agenda.

      However, today women say they can’t AFFORD to be single mothers. They demand FREE healthcare, FREE daycare, FREE food and housing. Whoa, sista … pump them brakes!!!

      TANSTAAFF — There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch: Nothing is free.

      I thought women wanted freedom? What they want is for society to pay for their lifestyle. I support your goals 100% until you ask us, taxpayers, to fund that lifestyle. Once single women ask for our money, we have the right to criticize, object or complain about the demands. Simple stated, it takes both a male and female to create a new life. As a taxpayer, I certainly have the right to demand that the two — father and mother — support that child.

      You are FREE to live how you like. I seriously wish you the best. You’ve called me a “jerk,” “no spine,” “shameful,” “sexist misogynistic,” “unethical” — yet you certainly want MY money to support your desires.

      Why do you want money from someone you dislike so greatly?

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