USA Officials Blew It Again. Had Enough Yet?

Yesterday, I reported how U.S. political officials and medical “experts” fucked up the response to SARS-CoV-2. Sorry about my use of French, but I’ve had enough. Haven’t you?

Now, rich, privileged and really, really old people are telling all of us stay home, shelter-in-place, so we don’t infect them. It’s not hard for the Rich & Famous to stay home. Most don’t want to venture out ever. Would you if you lived as they do?


With much fanfare, U.S. political representatives passed a COVID-19 Recovery Bill to stabilize our economy and increase confidence within the global community. The legislation provides $2.2 Trillion for citizens, small businesses and large corporations. Not as well-known, the government extended over $4 Trillion to the Federal Reserve for cash/credit injections into the business community.

Total cost is well over $6+ Trillion — and we already owe some $20 Trillion to our grandkids and their grandchildren. The president and top advisors now claim they’ll need additional rounds of financing to stabilize our national economy. How is it possible that C-students are governing our country? Democracy appears to be unable to provide for people.

Real Solutions for America

The illustration below highlights America’s GDP — Gross Domestic Product. GDP is the monetary value of all finished goods and services made within a country during a specific period of time. We’re a bit over $20 Trillion now.


How much is this per month? Let’s divide the $20 Trillion by 12 (months). This comes to about $1.7 Trillion.

Now, let’s think outside the Washington, D.C. and Wall Street box a minute. As SARS-CoV-2 is novel (new), why don’t we try a novel (new) approach to propping up our economy? Injecting dollars into a faltering economy go back to economists, such as John Maynard Keynes in the 1930s. We see our medical professionals followed healthcare protocols from the 30s as well. Isn’t it time for a new approach?

How about the RIGHT WAY to pause our economy? To summarize, the USA GDP is about $20 Trillion. Divided by 12 (months), we produce goods and services monthly about at $1.7 Trillion.

If the U.S. government would have GUARANTEED all businesses and government programs one month of gross income; and required ALL businesses to pay their employees what they normally make each month, this would have cost the U.S. about $1.7 Trillion for April — not $2.2 Trillion price tag of the Covid-19 Relief package.

And the total price tag of the economic supplement includes $4 Trillion for the Federal Reserve in cash/credit to inject into the economic system as they deem appropriate. This rescue plan comes to over $6 Trillion — thus far. We hear the president and others claim there will be additional needed supports. None of this is “real” money. We’re borrowing from our national credit card.

Silly, rabbits! Just pay businesses and government. They in turn will pay workers. No layoffs. No unemployment. Just cover all business and government expenses for one month. Probably would be around $2 Trillion for April, as we’re looking at 2017 figures. Need an additional month? OK, another $2.0 Trillion for May if needed.

Although most businesses would be shuttered for health and safety reasons, none would need to close permanently. They would also have the money to pay salaries, rent and utility costs, business loans, insurance and other benefits for employees.

Most employees would have been mandated to remain at home, due to health and safety reasons, yet they still would receive their regular pay checks. Such a program would have allowed households to pay rent or mortgage costs, have money for grocery shopping or cover credit card debt and other obligations.

When the economy shuts down, the collapse looks like a national line of Dominoes. Person A loses his job, so he can’t pay Person B what he owes her. This leaves Person B short, and she can’t pay Person C. Person C now is in trouble and can’t pay Person D. The dominoes start falling and it’s nearly impossible to stop. Further, restarting the process is unimaginably complex. The collapse can lead to a Great Depression where unemployment hits levels around 25%. We hear projections of such a disaster now.

All government needed to do was guarantee business and government programs. Nobody would have lost their job — none would be without their normal income. The economic contagion would have stopped, as we collectively team up to stop the COVID-19 health contagion.

Unfortunately, we’re led by what appear to be C-students … really, really old people who can’t think outside the box. We suffer, while they lounge around the pool in their mansion backyards; exercise in home fitness centers; watch first-release movies in home studios; and continue to connect virtually with friends and family around the nation and world. No crisis for them.

Stay Sane and Healthy

For millions of others, we try stay calm in tiny apartments. A colleague blogger at BeautyBeyondBones wrote:

“Things are actually doing just fine. I’ve been talking to my friends and family nonstop on FaceTime, so although I’m quarantined alone in a 500 square ft. apartment in Greenwich Village, I don’t feel as isolated as it may seem from the outside.”

COVID-19 can lead to a severe upper respiratory infection (URI). It’s important to keep our physical and mental strength, as we’re all likely to contract the disease. Our mission at this time isn’t to stamp out SARS-CoV-2, just “flatten the curve.” Although most of us may get it eventually, we need to spread out the number of people flooding into our medical facilities.

So, get outside. Exercise by walking, running, riding a bike — we can and must recreate. We cannot congregate. Keep your distance from others. And physical distancing isn’t just 6 feet. It’s more like 20 feet to be sure. Importantly, Spread The Word, not COVID-19. #MaskUp when outdoors or around other people.

It’s time for America to be smart, as well as great. Be safe!

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