A Traditional World Turned Upside Down


Transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.

Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

Traditional systems have disintegrated in the United States of America. We have failed to “transmit” customs and beliefs from one generation to the other and confusion and strife now dominate our world. I’ve always enjoyed the movie, Fiddler on the Roof, as Tevye portrays a father with five daughters who struggles with changing values and beliefs.

I’ve captured some social media examples that document the current rift between young and old; men and women; Black and White; and progressive and conservative.

A people divided likely will not survive. It is a dangerous time in America and around the world.

Disregard for History

With Twitter posts averaging around 32 characters; books no longer in fashion; and our 24/7 media-news-infotainment cycle, people can’t remember who won last year’s Super Bowl, let alone important facts about history. We have too much information and too little wisdom. We have forgotten history — and in many case, our younger generations are working overtime to erase it.


Modern Females

Men are out. Women hitting on women are the new America. Keep wearing those short, short shorts ladies. Women are getting turned on.


Imagine a male boasting on social media about licking on a dude’s GF’s “tiddy.” Likely would start a war or gang battle. Now, it’s perceived to be cute and sexy.


“Don’t call me a man …” well, Ma’am, you have testicular cancer. Whoops!!!


Kinda wanna be on her … Lilly lusts after other women, as she openly expresses her gay and bisexual lifestyle.


One of the strengths of women is their disposition to collaborate and work together. The Bee Hive can be extremely powerful.


Of course, part of being free to “make it on your own” is one has to make it on their own.


Much like the movie, Pretty Woman, millions of women take delight that strippers get the best of Wall Street rich dudes in Hustlers. New role models for the ladies?


Pole Dancing, stripping and g-strings full of cash seem to common and accepted in the modern female world.


Of course, feminism has a streak of militancy that “trash talks” males. I thought size didn’t matter? LOL


Bitchy is no longer a negative. It is a badge of honor for the modern American woman.


The modern woman’s self-characterization.


Traditional Females

The traditional woman recognizes life is hard on her own. She likely still prefer a “sugar daddy.” Making rent alone and single is challenging.


The traditional woman was concerned not about looks in a man but the thickness of his wallet. Here’s a parody on the gold-digging gal.


For much of America, the HS or pro sport cheerleader remains a symbol of female sexuality and traditional roles. Sexual objectification leads to over-concern with body image, dieting and physical sex appeal.


Harry won’t receive dinner tonight. Likely will be eating cold cereal as he is banished to the dog house, but traditional concepts about women remain part of American culture.


Traditional women and men still consider women to be sex objects. The modern woman may show her features to other women, but are less likely to post images for men. Younger women simply show their BFs bare breasts. They are incredibly bold.


The classic perspective from men about women — women are “superior” to men and always have been. Who needs “equality” when men are here to serve you?


The traditional woman spent much time infighting with other women. Modern ladies are more likely to seek to “collaborate” with other females against men who oppress them.


Male Roles

Sadly, still not much has changed to help men deal with the struggles of life. Some 22 Veterans commit suicide each day. Men commit more suicides than women; boys more than girls. We forget 90% of those incarcerated are male. Most mass murders are committed by men. It might be helpful to society to concentrate more on men’s mental health.


Modern women swear by their vibrators. Can a man have a “vibrator” as well without being considered a pervert?


For the enlightened male who still can’t figure out either the traditional or contemporary women.


A poke at Millennial males who aren’t exactly clear which way to put on their pants.


They might be considered “toxic” in 1969, but no question they are definitely cool. Modern men simply look and act ridiculous.


As Meta says, “WTF? Seriously, What’s Going On?”



The only group that can be bashed in society today is the White Male. They can’t jump or dance. Seems to be a common belief that survives the test of time.


Definitely not a good time to joke about women or People of Color. Thanks to all the good natured White Males out here.



A parody on gun control, which is dividing our nation. Is it the weapon or the person?


It used to be both a mother and grandmother. Kids are an impediment to the modern woman’s career. Maybe they’ll see their grandkids differently after they mature.


Conservatives in Idaho push back against the PC police. They just talk like this.


Conservatives in the middle of the Pacifice also push back against the PC police. They just talk like this as well.


Nothing defines the conservative more than a demand for Personal Responsibility.


Conservatives continue to hold strong to traditions of being thankful for what one has; not envious of the advantages or privilege of others.


In a world where it seems everyone is easily offended, conservatives maintain the traditional value of “sticks and stones break bones, but names cannot hurt you.”


Conservatives continue to focus on inner strength rather than allowing the outside world to impact one’s thinking and action. Social media has make our youngsters extremely focused on reputation and their status among peers.


Conservatives continue to value sacrifice and those willing to put on the uniform. Younger generations are war-weary, and similar to Vietnam, have tendencies to blame those in uniform, not those who send them into battle.



Bina is from Inda. Progressive means something quite different in her home country where young girls are sometimes forced into arranged marriages. American women have no idea of such a struggle.


The hypocrisy of the modern progressive movement that “hates” on corporations but can’t stop buying their products.


The modern progressive movement is waging war on social media; not in the streets. Digital warriors “unfriend” their enemies an end up living in “tribal communities” where everyone thinks similarly. Diversity of opinion and thought is shamed.


Bina again demonstrates her struggle to simply gain equality in her home country. Many nations around the world still consider a daughter to be of far less value than a son.


What a perfect representation of modern life. Had to force boys into school or the house thirty years ago. Now, parents and teachers can’t get ’em to go outside and play.


We still get to ride in the back of pickup trucks here in Hawai’i. This is rare throughout most states in America. Instead, modern parents have wrapped their children in protective bubbles.



In part due to our lack of exercise, in part due to fast food and high-calorie meals, America is no longer a trim and fit nation.


Women don’t feel shame about being overweight. It’s just part of life — why, well, you know, tacos. LOL


Even kids today have issues with tacos.


We participate less today and spectate more. What is better than four to five football games a week, excessive quantities of alcohol, and lots of greasy food. Did I mention an overweight nation?


As a result of too much TV and high calorie snacks, average male body type has changed in America.


Part of health today is the emerging Medical Cannabis market. The younger generation is distrustful of Big Pharma. Older generations were fans of cannabis. Mary Jane is a hero to all.


Rather than exit the vehicle to grab a fancy beverage, the modern family sits in an air conditioned vehicle, motor running, while kids and parents check their smartphones. “Stuck in the car.” I guess opening the door and getting out would be too difficult.


Do we have a chance? A 16-year-old Swedish girl challenged the world to “rethink” our way of life. I believe Most Americans will wait to read about her action on social media.

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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