The REAL Problem in America is???

Legendary Roger Federer Donates $13.5m to Open 81 Schools in Africa

Spending even a little for a good cause does make a difference in the society, but in this case a man has given away a whopping amount from his own pocket.

Legendary Roger Federer is a favorite of many. Roger Federer who has done some extraordinary stuff on the turf has done the same off the field as well. Roger Federer spent a colossal sum of $13.5 million to inaugurate 81 schools in Africa.


Roger Federer is a hero. Great man! We should applaud him. Now, let’s look at the reality of what goes on in America — every day. The USA spends $170 Million Per Day in the war in Afghanistan. We’ve been there 18 years now.


If Roger can build 18 schools for $13.5 million, how many schools in Africa could we build with Just One Day of War ($170 million)? Do you know? 1,020

That’s correct. For just one day’s worth of war money, we could build over ONE THOUSAND schools in Africa. Or hundreds of schools in America. Or rebuild our inner cities; Or provide healthcare to millions. Or create better paying jobs. Or … Or … Or

We choose the War Machine over the Peace Machine. As economists say, we choose guns over butter. We choose Bullets and Bombs over Babies and Rebuilding America.

White are now fighting Black; women are now fighting men; the Left and Right are ready to have civil war. Because we are “broke” as a people — as there simply isn’t enough money to go around.


We BLOW it all up in foreign wars. Our nation is crumbing. The Middle Class is collapsing. Inequality is rising with the most wealthy taking more and more. You suffer, as our nation continues to BLOW up our money around the world. We aren’t even counting the over $5 TRILLION wasted in Iraq.

What is the REAL problem in America? YOU do not vote out those who waste our resources in stupid wars. The real problem in America is you and me!

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