Hawaiian Anger is Spreading and Rallying People Around the World

UPDATE: August 8, 2019: Protestors are in their fourth week blocking progress on TMT.  The saddest part of this controversy is the protestors deny their own history. Their last king and queen, David Laʻamea Kamananakapu Mahinulani Naloiaehuokalani Lumialani Kalākaua, and sometimes called The Merrie Monarch; and Lydia Liliʻu Loloku Walania Kamakaʻeha, loved the stars.

In 1890 King Kalakaua decreed the summit of Mauna Kea be designated for astronomical research. The last king made this decision that was supported by most alive at the time. His sister, Queen Liliʻuokalani, supported his interests.

It was his ambition, as King of Hawai’i, to travel far and wide to learn the ways of the outside world. Even before his voyage, which took place in 1881, Kalakaua had shown an interest in astronomy, and in a letter to Captain R. S. Floyd on November 22, 1880, had expressed a desire to see an observatory established in Hawai’i.

The astronomical use of Mauna Kea was a decision of Hawaii’s sovereign. Who are the usurpers here? Not the current US or state of Hawai’i governments. It is the activists who ignore the wishes of their last royal leaders, create a false argument, and bring much anger and negativity to these islands. [more]

The first scientific astronomical and geophysical studies made on Mauna Kea were those conducted in 1892 by Mr. E. D. Preston, astronomer, of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey as part of an extensive survey of the island of Hawai’i.

True Kanaka remember their history and respect their king and queen.

UPDATE August 7, 2019: MRG Research, which has conducted surveys for Civil Beat since 2010 as Merriman River Group, found 64% of respondents support TMT; 31% oppose. Support is uniform across political ideologies, party affiliation and islands, as well as income and education level. Majorities of Caucasians, Japanese, Filipinos, Chinese and other/mixed ethnic groups support TMT. [source]

The Civil Beat Poll surveyed 1,367 registered voters statewide Aug. 1-3. Results were weighted to reflect a mix of 60% landlines and 40% cell phones. Overall margin of error is 2.7%.


Interestingly, Hawaiians are nearly equally divided relative to the sampling error, but island Hispanics are the least supportive. I would suspect there is some polling error with Hispanics due to their small population size.

The MOST INTERESTING results are found when looking at respondents based on age. Those over 50, the Kapuna, overwhelmingly support TMT. A majority of those under 50 oppose the project.


This makes sense. Younger voters and residents are highly cynical, turned-off, and distrustful of government. This issue really isn’t about science, astronomy or sacred land.  As shown below, the protestors BLAME government — they are upset about economic conditions, they feel government is failing them on the environment, and they don’t believe the Kapuna listen to their cries for assistance. TMT is getting the blame.

Blaming TMT For Failure of Government in Hawai’i

Even national media has picked up on the growing controversy at Pu’uhonua o Pu’uhuluhulu in the Hawaiian islands. The focal point is TMT — the Thirty Meter Telescope. TMT is not the reason for the frustration. Failed government is the cause. TMT simply gets the blame. For native Hawaiians, the fight against TMT is a boiling point in Hawaiian history.

Proposed Solution to TMT Controversy submitted to U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard

Update 7.24.19: Kaho’okahi Kanuha tells media representatives he met with Governor Ige and Hawai’i island mayor, Harry Kim, who said they are hopeful for a “peaceful solution” and “committed to finding a way forward.” The public leans against the action of  the protestors. [source]


Ultimately, Kaho’okahi defiantly states it is “either the TMT goes up or it doesn’t go up. That’s our stance. We’re not willing to compromise on it. We’ve made that very clear.”


Kaho’okahi Kanuha

Kaho’okahi Kanuha: Youthful, Charismatic, Disciplined and Righteous Message

This may seem like a simple and interesting story. It is far more than that. It represents a major threat to American democracy. It only took one man in 1989 to stand in front of a tank in China to set off violent protests in Tiananmen Square. The result was some 10,000 humans beings being arrested and an unacceptable number of deaths.

Artist rendition of Thirty Meter Telescope when completed. [Forbes]
State and local governments here in Hawai’i are disastrous failures. I pointed out earlier this week Hawaiian leaders are quitters. There are protests this weekend in Puerto Rico due the corruption of public officials there. The two island chain political cultures are uncomfortably similar.

Governor Ige is Weak, Distrusted, Unpopular and Inept

In both territories, a minority of landed, wealthy and privileged elites administrate and oversee public resources for their benefit with little concern for the people. They have cozy relationships with multinational corporations and any well-funded private or public entity.

Reverent, Scolding, Emotional and Powerful Statement

Haves vs Have Nots

Public opinion, as expressed Sunday, July 14, 2019, from readers of Hawaii’s leading online newspaper, StarAdvertiser, supported work on TMT. To vote in the poll, one has to be a paying subscriber.

This means respondents were likely to be wealthier, have higher education, and be haole (foreigner roots) or non-Hawaiian compared to the general population. Overwhelmingly, those participating in the survey supported starting work.

Opinion of StarAdvertiser Readers. 

Respondents would be more similar to elected officials than those who protest new development on Mauna Kea. Elected officials clearly have misjudged the determination and anger of the Hawaiian community and ordinary people.

Hawaii island Mayor Harry Kim gives praise to protesters blocking access to Mauna Kea

Ordinary people have been pushed further down the economic ladder into despair and hopelessness here in Hawai’i. Those who complain too loudly are encouraged to leave the islands. Bullies and intimidating management dominate. Newcomers, malihini, are instructed to fit in if they want to survive.

This means bow to the Powers That Be. Resentment is intense. Defiance is strong. Anger toward the federal and state government is high. There has been a simmering and smoldering anger for decades.

Sentiment is similar in many mainland U.S. locations. The difference is mainland communities are more spread out, have greater diversity, and there isn’t an organized and sophisticated counter-culture.

The restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom movement is well-formed and staffed. It is recognized by the United Nations. They have elected representatives, political elites,  media representatives, and legions of activists. Tribes of North America were defeated in battle. In general their souls were crushed. Spirit here is high.

My Brother Timmy in our home on Kaua’i. They demand Independence

There were no battles and no defeat. Queen Lili’uokalani abdicated her thrown in 1893 to avoid violence. The Clinton administration and federal government formally apologized for the theft in 1993. The beloved queen believed righteousness would eventually prevail. Maybe some 126 years later, the Akua will answer her prayers.

The illustration below shows how voter turnout has declined since the first plebiscite in 1959. Residents were excited to vote Hawai’i into the nation. They have consistently lost faith in government and the American democratic process over the years. Current voting levels are similar to those on mainland. Cynicism dominates across both lands.

Steady Decline in Voting Behavior Since 1959

Less than 60% of residents voted in Election 2016. Barely more than a majority voted in 2018.

Mix of Anger and Hatred

People think of Hawai’i as the land of aloha, beautiful beaches, breath-taking waterfalls and gorgeous sunsets. The islands are all these things. There is also a vicious dark side. There is much anger and hatred toward haoles (foreigners). The U.S. government assisted Republican business owners with the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai’i in 1893. Every Hawaiian remembers this. The Republican party remain a tarnished brand.

I want to share a real life example. Reason does not drive the Hawaiian argument. It is 100% emotional, which makes it dangerous. One can’t negotiate with emotion. Terrorists in the Middle East are driven by emotion. Their tactics are deadly.

Ku’unani is not advocating a suicide bombing or violence. Hawaiians are generally peaceful people. But they are fierce warriors. One shouldn’t view their pacifist attitude as weakness. These are not weak people. They are highly motivated and committed.

I wrote to Ku’unani hoping to encourage a dialogue:

To Honorable Hawaiian People, remember YOUR history. Your kings wanted technology here. It is pono to demand strong environmental controls. It is unHawaiian to block technology.

There is compromise!

The (many) solutions will come from respecting the Hawaiian past and merging with modern technology.

In November 1886, electric light illuminated ‘Iolani Palace grounds for King Kalakaua’s 50th birthday celebrations — FIRST TIME. By March 1887, the Palace had 325 incandescent lights installed within the 104 rooms.

The king’s actions promoted economic development and accelerated implementation of electric lighting of the town of Honolulu 23 March 1888.

Hawaiian Kings and Queens embraced technology. This technology came with a price — bringing haoles (foreigners) to the land as well as pollution.

We must continue to work together going forward. We cannot stop progress but it is Hawaiian to demand aloha, kuleana and pono action.

Ku’unani was not impressed:

Scott Goold it’s funny how you think just because you can state dates and things about our history that you are knowledgeable about Hawai’i and our past.

Yes electricity was introduced, did we need it? No. We were a strong, self sustaining kingdom before the ILLEGAL OVERTHROW of our queen.

Yes our kings were open to the idea of technology from foreign countries, but I can assure you they wouldn’t not have wanted or even agreed to the desecration of our most sacred mountain.

Technology has become a part of our world and yes now we rely on it, but again, “technology” that is being forced upon us at this costs, where it doesn’t benefit our Hawaiian community or our land is not pono.

It’s a mana thing, something you would never understand because clearly you are Haole through and through, take your negativity else where. Don’t try to sound like you are saying something positive when because you know some dates and some Hawaiian words.

Beat it with your ignorant mentality.

Consider the words of Ku’unani. She claims electricity was not needed. She claims to speak for ancestral kings. She claims “technology” is being forced on her — while she posts on Facebook. The telescopes sit in a small area on a vast and large mountain. There is room to share. Hawaiians spend little time there. Conditions are not hospitable for basic life.

Organized, Professional and Committed Kapuna

And, as we see in modern politics, since I do not agree or support her agenda, I am a troll, a haole (foreigner) and bringing negativity.  You can re-read my post. There is no negativity. Simply an accurate portrayal of the former Hawaiian king’s action.

This is the danger of fundamentalist ideology. There is no logic or reason to her argument. One cannot negotiate or seek common ground.

This is extremism, and extremism is sweeping America and the world at this time. We are polarizing as a society. People listen only to those with similar views; read only stories and media that have supportive articles; follow only leaders who share their narrow points of view. Hitler’s Germany rose like this — emotional hatred and distrust of the Jews and haoles (foreigners).

Now, I predicted what would happen next. If I said anything further except “I’m sorry,” she would unfriend and ban me. Let’s see if that happens. I wrote:

My honorable sister, you wrote, “but I can assure you they wouldn’t not have wanted or even agreed to the desecration of our most sacred mountain.”

Unfortunately, none of us can ask kings or queens who have passed. Neither can we ask the original explorers who landed on Big Island and were believed to have originated in the Marquesas islands.

We can only look to the examples of how they lived. I join with you 100% to ensure there is no desecration of Mauna Kea or any lands here. All of us have failed. No group has protected the ‘aina as deserved.

Your kings invited haoles (foreigners) such as me and my family, as they revered our advanced technology. They traveled to our lands, studied in our schools, and learned our languages.

They considered Captain Cook’s ships to be marvels, as they had iron implements. Ancestral Hawaiians had never seen metal. For this, they considered Cook and his men to be gods.

King Kamehameha I, the Great King, traded (sacred) land to haole for guns. He used these haole weapons in civil war to unify the islands by 1810. Only the people on Kaua’i did not surrender and join by force. Those who refused to submit to the Great King were thrown off cliffs.

The beautiful ‘Iolani palace was build and designed by haole architects. I believe the stones were shipped here from haole locations. It was one of the first buildings in the world to be lighted using electricity. What a marvel Hawaiians and haole accomplished together.

I’m sure King Kalakaua’s 50th birthday was an amazing and joyous occasion for all.

Hawaiian history is a beautiful blend of many haole cultures along with local Polynesian tradition. This makes our island expertise one of the most rich and robust in the world.

I bring no negativity to this discussion. You write to me not using Hawaiian technology but with the advancements of haole culture. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, legally purchased 700 acres of beautiful ‘aina in my home island of Kaua’i for $100 million.

We both accept this haole electricity, Facebook, ownership of land, which Hawaiian kings started.

We are bound together through history and tradition now. I know we all want to live together harmoniously in peace, aloha, pono behavior and respect for kuleana.

Mahalo nui loa for chatting with me.


As expected. Banned for life!


I tried to leave a more unifying comment. Few have considered Hawai’i in this way:

Let me share a final thought. Consider the history and birth of these islands. They are volcanic eruptions from the bottom of the ocean. We live on tops of mountains.

When the first tip of island emerged from the sea — it was barren rock. Nothing was here except rock. Thus, everything we now see is “haole” or foreign. Each blade of grass came from somewhere else. Each tree. And, each human being did as well — some just sooner than others.

We all have haole roots; each plant has haole roots. We all evolved from haole existence. We are descendants of haole people.

We are thus bound together as leaves on the Tree of Life. Our roots are haole — as the Tree itself is haole.

Isn’t this the MOST BEAUTIFUL place on earth? Aren’t we all BLESSED to live HI?

Let’s not fight with each other. Let’s remember how lucky we are and how much we owe to this ‘aina for allowing us to share time together in these blessed islands.

What is Sacred to You?

Can a mountain be sacred? Would native tribes be just to reclaim all the lands of North America? If Hawaiians win in their goal to retake control over Mauna Kea, would they then want a full restoration of the Kingdom of Hawai’i? Where does this lead?

This movement is organized, sophisticated and energized. It will not die.


This movement is national, as well as international. It is growing. 


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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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  2. Aloha “youra fing crazyboy” — What is the One constant in the equation? TROUBLE.

    With or without me, trouble continues. The difference between people like me and those like you is that I RUN toward trouble. You run away.

    The heroes of Special Forces trained me to ATTACK the ambush. I will die getting a bullet in the face. You will get one in the back. I might make it to the attacker; or maybe it will be one of my team. Ultimately, we defeat Oppression and Trouble around the world. You hide in the shadows of fear and cowardice.

    The Brave die an honorable death once. The Coward languishes in the slow death of 10,000 slashes.

    As Crazy Horse taught me as a young boy, “Today is a good day to die.”

    My great, great grandfather, Robert A. Lower, volunteered to wear the Union uniform with a regiment of 110 of friends and neighbors from their small community. These White Boys stood against the Oppression and Immorality of the Enslavement of Dark-skinned human beings from Africa.

    At the Siege of Vicksburg, Corporal Lower rescued and pulled to safety many injured and dying men. He fought valiantly and heroically. Of the 110 in the volunteer regiment, 91 perished in that battle. My grandfather was one of only 19 survivors. He lost many friends.

    The United States of America awarded my grandfather the Congressional Medal of Honor.

    He RAN toward trouble. He didn’t own slaves. He didn’t ever know one. He stood for justice and the goodness of humankind. I wear my dog tags every day and remember the honor of his life. That is the Constant in this Equation.

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    1. Aloha “yo mana” ~ You claim, “[1] do not have a phd.”
      I agree with you. I do not have a PhD. Do not say I do. I go by Mr, not Dr. Did my PhD work at the University of Mexico. My department denied my PhD. My completed dissertation was on public opinion. I used UNM research data. My results discovered the university UNDER-REPRESENTED People of Color and OVER-REPRESENTED White people in their research. Publishing my dissertation could have cost the university money — so they squashed it. The university offered me a second Master’s degree as a compromise — if I would be quiet. I said no. I will always be PhD ABD (All But Dissertation) to remember how they hid this important information ABOUT the public and FROM the public to protect their profits over scientific truth.

      While pursuing my PhD for ten years, I worked with the Dept of Defense on research about terrorism; Dept of Energy on research about nuclear waste; United Nations on sustainable development; Dept of Education on more effective programming for boys and Behavior Development Special Ed students.

      Served Courts & Judges on the Racist Policies of America’s War on Drugs, especially against Black and Brown men, to develop Drug Courts rather than sending non-violent offenders to prison; served in jails & prisons counseling male inmates about anger management and assisting them develop life-long careers to help them not return to prison and crime once released. Assisted lead judge Judith Nakamura in Metro Court. She now is Chief Justice State of New Mexico Supreme Court.

      My landmark and revolutionary work, “Who’s In New Mexico Prisons,” documented there were about 20% of male inmates in prison for Non-Violent Possession of Cannabis (pakalolo). These were primarily men of color. It also cost the state and taxpayers about $60 million per year (today’s dollars). Money for prisons; not our Keiki in schools.

      Republican Gov. Gary Johnson used my research in part to be the FIRST governor in the nation to call for legalization of cannabis. Some 11 states are now legal; 26 decriminalized in some way. Over 33+ have legal medical cannabis. My work helped pioneer the End of the War on Americans who use drugs.

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      Teamed with Public Health groups to bring down Big Tobacco, which [1] removed tobacco products from kid’s reach in stores (tobacco industry encouraged kids to steal, which addicted them); [2] ended tobacco advertising on billboards and public venues; [3] ended indoor smoking and strengthened second-hand smoke protections, which is the law of the land today, and [4] provided research to anti-tobacco groups in TX, NM and CA, which led to the 48-state Attorneys General $200+ Billion settlement with Big Tobacco that still compensates states and taxpayers today.

      In 2009, teamed with the Center of Law and Poverty to widen Workers’ Compensation protection for minority farm & ranch workers. They tried and failed in 2007. Learned my right-wing boss, Mark Lewellyn, had falsified his Fiscal Impact Report to the State of New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee. He intentionally over-inflated costs, which ensured the legislation would be defeated. My work was honest and accurate. The legislation passed in 2010. This was challenged in the courts. The New Mexico Supreme Court finally settled the matter in July 2016. My research, the Center’s work, now protects over 20,000+ minority Farm & Ranch workers. My boss, Lewellyn, hated me after this. He stuck me in the corner and kept me from interesting work for providing honest data. This history is part of the Court record today. My boss received his pension. I was fired.

      Also became involved with the union. As an economist, the union steward needed help showing about 20 Legal Secretaries were underpaid. I was new and ineligible to be in the union. I volunteered. During this time, one of the secretaries who I was assisting claimed sexual assault against a new judge. He denied it. He called her a liar. In the investigation, they learned a camera was on in the room. The judge had assaulted her. New judge, Chris Berkheimer, was fired.

      The women suffered terrible conditions. I joined the union when eligible. I fought for them. Chief Judge Greg Griego, Harvard Grad, was a dick to them. He treated all like second class citizens. He was a male chauvinist. I earned them a female supervisor who protected them. As this was 2007, hit by the Great Recession, we could not win more money. I didn’t quit. Took four years, and in 2011, they were finally awarded the higher, and proper Advanced worker titles, and increased salaries they deserved.

      I also served many other women and People of Color as our union VP. In 2009, an entire department of about 10 women were being bullied by an insecure new female manager. I documented her abusive behavior. We threatened a grievance. Executive Director Laura Feight, HR Rep Priscilla Pena-Johnson called me to private meeting. I had recently been promoted. This was Bureau Chief track. They said withdraw from the union or they would block my career, which was illegal. Yet I put my coworkers before my career. We won in Arbitration. The manager was reassigned. The department returned to #1 rated group in the agency. And, yes, Feight, Pena-Johnson, and WCA Director Glenn Smith did remove me from my position illegally. They did deny my advancement to the supervisor role, as well as Bureau Chief. I received and have today the documents that prove this. They were left on my chair anonymously years after — too late for action, but showing me what actually happened.

      You wrote, “you were not a green beret.” I earned a green beret. I was trained by Special Forces. I did not complete Special Forces school. I earned my Silver Wings. As a pro athlete, we work as hard physically, mentally and are as disciplined as Special Forces. The Special Forces taught me to work with weapons; live off the land; survive in difficult conditions; and to be a man who says what he means and means what he says. I live their values each day. I did not have to kill as did they. I am thankful for this. They are MY heroes, as they put their lives on the line for ALL of us. Some paid the ultimate sacrifice. I spend much time at the Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific thanking and honoring ALL of them — over 61,000+ men and women who served this nation with honor and valor. I like to take my Uke to the Cemetery. Not very good, but they don’t mind. I play for them the best I can. They tell me they love the company. You should visit and thank them one day.

      You wrote, “your stats from college basketball are a joke at best.” I was the All-Time Leading Scorer in high school. My record lasted 40 years. When I went to ISU, all my teammates were leading scorers. We didn’t need another great scorer. I played my part. As starting point guard as a sophomore, we beat UCLA in the Sweet16; lost to UNLV in the Elite8. I had only two points in the UCLA game. We won by one point. My ONE basket helped ensure we won. That is how teamwork works. Yet I set the ISU All-Time Career Assist Record. Scoring gets more attention. I focused on helping my teammates score — we are the BEST in school history. Maybe a joke to you. I did the best I could.

      I also worked with John Wooden during these years. Coach taught us to be more concerned with our character than our reputation. Reputation is what people THINK you are; character is what one REALLY is. He is very wise. I focus on character.

      Coach also defined success for us and the world: Peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.

      I was the BEST I was capable of becoming as a HS athlete; BEST I was capable of becoming as a college athlete; our team was the BEST we were capable of becoming. We still have the BEST team in ISU history — over 42 years later. Maybe that is a joke to you. I am proud to have been a Bengal. We are still the BEST in school history. That is success. I was the BEST pro player I could be. Competed against Michael Jordan to help TeamUSA win Olympic Gold in 1984. These were the LAST college players to win gold. DreamTeam gold-medalists 1992 used pro players. Had a part in US history.

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      I am a “pothead” as you say. I suffer numerous injuries due to military service and a pro athletic career. My body today at 61 is broken in many ways. I suffer Chronic Pain, as do many Americans. As an expert in Opioid Addiction, as an expert in Cannabis, I am a legal medical cannabis patient with a valid “329” card in HI and a legal authorization in NM. There are some 26,000+ suffering patients in HI; over 75,000+ in NM. We are treated as second-class citizens in America. Some like you call us “potheads.” There were 70,000+ American deaths just last year due to opioid OD prescription drugs. There have been NONE — ever — from cannabis. Had the 70,000+ who died been “potheads,” they would be alive today.

      You are correct I was FIRED for my legal medical prescription. Hawaiian Electric CEO and President Constance Hee Lau fired me February 25, 2019. I had been working for the company over six months. My manager loved me. My coworkers respected me. We were the BEST. They offered me a promotion. I checked company rules. They do not prohibit my medication. On February 14, 2019, I asked HEI HR rep Liz Deer if there was a restriction with my mediation. She told me I would “be fine.” On February 20, 2019, I received a call from IT Security, Herman Lau. He informed me HR set my official start date as February 25, 2019. There was much joy on my team and with my family. On February 25, 2019, HEI HR rep Shana Buco called me. Fired me. Said I was a “danger to my coworkers, the company and the general public.” I medicate only at night; never before or during work. She claimed I was “intoxicated and/or impaired” in the workplace. Claimed I was engaged in “illegal activity.” Banned me from working at the company again. She denied my request to re-apply for the position, even though it was still open. HEI took away my job and has refused to speak to me. This is how Medical Cannabis patients are treated in America. Only the State of Nevada protects suffering people — millions who are Veterans.

      In this article I wrote, “Update 7.24.19: Kaho’okahi Kanuha tells media representatives he met with Governor Ige and Hawai’i island mayor, Harry Kim, who said they are hopeful for a ‘peaceful solution’ …” How are YOUR comments and YOUR words peaceful? You use foul language. You attack me unjustly for serving my nation, coworkers, family and friends.

      You claim I am “mentally unstable with delusions of adequacy.” My record shows a flawed human being who has “peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” John Wooden considers me a success. Coach is more important to me than your opinion of me.

      You concluded, “shut the fuck up, get a job at mcdonalds and go the fuck away.”

      In the article I wrote, “People think of Hawai’i as the land of aloha, beautiful beaches, breath-taking waterfalls and gorgeous sunsets. The islands are all these things. There is also a vicious dark side. There is much anger and hatred toward haoles (foreigners).”

      You have proven my point. I also wrote, “Reason does not drive the Hawaiian argument. It is 100% emotional, which makes it dangerous. One can’t negotiate with emotion. Terrorists in the Middle East are driven by emotion. Their tactics are deadly.”

      You do not reason. You are angry and emotional. TMT would be great for our Keiki. You push out science and technology. You are not a king or queen. Hawaiian Kings and Queens DID SEEK technology. They loved haole technology. They encouraged it. The Kings and Queens traveled the world. They went to great universities, studied languages, adopted Western-style clothes and fashion. They shared Hawaiian customs with the world; brought world customs here. They sought the BEST for their people from all the people of the world.

      You are angry about 1893. I understand. The Founders of the USA defeated a corrupt king in 1776. He wanted too much in taxation. Business interests pushed a gentle queen off her thrown in 1893. To them, she wanted too much in taxation. This is American History — we VALUE merit, freedom and opportunity over Royalty and Lines of Blood. I respect the history of the Kingdom of England, as well as the Kingdom of Hawai’i, but do not agree with either systems based on Monarchy.

      Blood may be thicker than water, but it is not the Just and Pono way to lead great people. Reason, logic, democracy, and concern for the Many over the One must be a core principle of any Great Nation. As taught to me by the Special Forces: Duty, Honor and County — in that order.

      I have done my best to Do My Duty; To Honor my ancestors and those who came before me; and To ALWAYS put MY COUNTRY before my selfish interests.

      This is how I define being an American. To date, I am the ONLY one who has offered the Kanaka a compromise regarding the current conflict over TMT. I sent my U.S. Representative, who I serve a this time, Tulsi Gabbard, a proposal on July 20, 2019. I recommended Returning Big Island to the Kanaka so they can restore their kingdom, in exchange for allowing TMT construction to continue. This is reasonable proposal — and a solution.

      The Kanaka would get a home; the world would get TMT. Together we could share religious observation as well as stellar observation on Mauna Kea. Working together WE could ensure strong environmental controls, but offer our Keiki here a window to the stars. This is what GREAT Hawaiian Kings and Queens would do. Sadly, there are no kings and queens around today.

      You hide your name. My history is available on the Internet. That shows much about YOUR character.

  4. ‘My landmark and revolutionary work, “Who’s In New Mexico Prisons,”

    it wasn’t yours – at best your were a research assistant…..
    listed as what… third ‘author’ – give me a fucking break
    more lying and bullshit from the green beret phd….
    you ever really do anything you claim…?
    aloha you lying phony piece of shit

    1. Aloha “youlyingahole”,
      Appreciate an opportunity to discuss my research. It is landmark; the work was revolutionary. I was a Policy Specialist assigned to the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council and working with the New Mexico Department of Public Safety.

      Project director was Dr. Chris Birkbeck. I provided the research, statistical programming in SAS and SPSS, analysis, graphic design and illustration, and final draft writing. It was 100% my baby. Yet I wasn’t satisfied. Dr. Birkbeck would provide the final review.

      I’m aware I am imperfect. More importantly, I really struggled as a writer. I’m considered ADHD. My writing at the time was all over the place. First semester in grad school, Master’s program, my chair called me to her office and THREW my paper in my face. She said, “It’s clear you worked hard; your research is excellent; logic is strong … your writing is totally fucked up!” Handed me a sticky note, “You have an appointment at 3PM with the language and writing lab. Be there. If you don’t learn to write, I will flunk you out of this program!”

      I worked hard with the lab. Became a better writer. Good enough to earn my Master’s degree, but this report in 1996 was the first I completed all on my own. I was extremely insecure. Loved the results of my analysis. Graphics and illustration were professional. Doubted my writing skills and knew it could be better. Didn’t want MY first report to embarrass me or our program.

      Went to my colleague, Amelia Rouse. We had worked closely for over five years. Trusted her. We shared many intimate and personal details about our lives and graduate careers. Felt safe with her and told her my fears. “I suck as a writer. I know my analysis and reporting are strong. Will you be the final writer on this report.”

      She was busy. Looked it over briefly, “It’s pretty good. Nice job.” I wasn’t happy. “Don’t want it to be pretty good. I want it to be excellent — as your writing always is. Give you lead if you clean this up for me. Show me how. Would rather have someone else listed lead than publish an inferior report.” She gave me a hug and said she would help. Don’t care about awards. Care about being successful. Wanted to do the BEST job I could for the CJJCC and DPS. Amelia rocked the final draft. Love my friend! Dr. Birkbeck was pleased.

      “Success is peace of mind that is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

      The report was landmark; was revolutionary. Was the FIRST to separate cannabis offenders from inmates housed for other illicit substances. It was also the FIRST to separate non-violent simple possession cannabis users from violent cannabis offenders and dealers. Was challenging to create an algorithm for that analysis. DPS data is extremely messy and convoluted.

      This opened the door to Drug Courts. Most drug offenses are related to cannabis. My report discovered for the FIRST time in New Mexico the state incarcerated about 20% of inmates for non-violent simple cannabis possession. In current dollars here in Hawai’i, this comes to about $60 million dollars per year.

      It’s more than financial though. Put a young man, typically Black, Brown or of color, in prison for simple possession, and in 2-3 years he comes out hard. He must join a gang in prison to be safe. This meant in 1996 to be gang-tatted. Tattoos weren’t popular then. He was marked for life. He also “learned” the skills to be a professional criminal. On release, who would hire a convicted Drug Felon?

      A simple cannabis possession conviction became a penalty for life and a pipeline to a career in crime and prison. The War on Americans who use drugs has ALWAYS been a racist war against poor people, Black and Brown men, and people the government did not like.

      Even today, 2019, most people don’t know President Richard Nixon’s own task force, The Shafer Commission, recommended some form of legalization of cannabis in 1970. I knew in 1996 and was working to change these racist and insidious policies.

      “The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and Black people.”
      John Erlichmann, Nixon’s Domestic Policy Chief, 1994

      “We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or Black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and Blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news.”
      John Erlichmann, Nixon’s Domestic Policy Chief, 1994

      A stunned U.S. public learned just last week about the RACIST nature of former and revered Republican president Ronald Reagan, as he was speaking to current Republican President Richard Nixon October 1971. In the taped interview with Nixon, California governor Reagan phoned the president at the White House and vented his frustration at African delegates who had sided against the United States:

      “Last night, I tell you, to watch that thing on television as I did,” Reagan said. “Yeah,” Nixon interjected. Reagan forged ahead with his complaint: “To see those, those monkeys from those African countries—damn them, they’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes!” Nixon gave a huge laugh.

      The War on Americans who use drugs has been a LAUGH to Republicans and Democrats for some 50 years. My report helped crack open the false allegations and racist policies.

      Thank you for taking the time to write. Remember you heard it here first. Please leave comments below and be sure to FOLLOW ClearHeath Life Strategies. We provide News of the News You Wish You Knew.

    1. Aloha @fuahole,
      Dude keeps writing me, as you can see above — all from same person. Calls me “dumb ass” but doesn’t realize we get IP addresses of all those who comment. LOL

      More information about fuahole (just some of the information)
      Email: fuahole@hotmail.com
      Whois: http://whois.arin.net/rest/ip/ (IP:
      Net Range: –
      Handle: NET-73-48-128-0-1
      Parent: CABLE-1 (NET-73-0-0-0-1)

      We can track sender right to their home — either computer or smartphone, for example. Person believes they are hidden under KKK White sheet — but are freely handing authorities their personal information.

      This is an example of the Peaceful, Tolerant, Liberal Political Left in America today. They use intimidation and bullying tactics of KKK Cowards from yesterday. I receive almost daily ad hominem attacks and threats. In debate, one loses the point when they can’t answer with a reasoned comment and instead attacks the individual. This person has nothing of intelligence or value to add; just threatens this writer for proving facts about an important social matter.

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