Church calls on Americans to NEVER call the police

LA Times writer, Jaweed Kaleem, is a thoughtful author who focuses on trends of race and ethnicity that shape our evolving understanding of what it means to be American. Regarding a previous article of his, I pointed out the hypocrisy of the radical Left for calling to remove historical statues from America that possibly offend Native Americans, while refusing to return the land we stole. I’m also baffled by thought police who complain about college-aged White girls rappin’ “Nigga” when signing along to songs they have purchased from Black artists. Apparently, Black culture can refer to women of any heritage or race as “hoes” and “bitches,” but it’s a foul for ladies to sing along to their music.

As a White male, I don’t use the N-word, although society allows a Black man or woman to call another Black individual a “Nigger” or “Nigga.” Native Hawaiians generally refer disparagingly to White people as “haoles,” which loosely means “without breath or life.” Ha refers to the breath of life. Ole is the absence of something in Hawaiian. When Captain James Cook sailed to the islands in the 1700s, his pale skin led critics to claim he was  “dead” and without life. Others considered his light-colored skin a sign of godliness and worshipped him. The English captain was killed in 1779 in a dispute with local people on the westside of Big Island. White people don’t have a derogatory term for Hawaiians.

People of Color can freely stigmatize White individuals or culture. Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, called for an “end to White men” last Sunday morning, claiming their “nature is not in harmony with the nature of God.” He believes White men squandered the time god gave them to lead for ruling without righteousness, truth, justice or fairness.


On the other hand, ABC canceled comedian Roseanne Barr’s TV show after her uncivil and racists comments. They were. Was ABC justified in punishing the entire crew? I post a couple responses to Roseanne from my Facebook friend, Wonetah Einfeldt.

Black woman’s response to Roseanne

Roseanne’s program had earned the applause of President Trump and millions on the conservative Right. Was this simply a political calculation?

Black woman’s response to Roseanne

I pointed out how Left-leaning comedian, Michelle Wolf, attacked Sarah Huckabee Sanders uncivilly. Liberals laughed about her pungent commentary. Wolf now has a Netflix premiere and Vice claims she will replace Amy Schumer in the Hearts of Women.

We see the pushback from conservative groups today. They claim if you are a “left-winger, you can say whatever you want.”


Oliver McGree posted, “I’m a Black man and I stand with @therealroseanne! Yes, she made a horrible joke and she apologized. I see comedians, actors, etc make the same jokes and get applauded for it. This is outrageous.”


Jack Posobiec claimed those on the political Left get a pass. Roseanne? CANCELLED


Charlie Kirk wrote, “Joy Ann Reid repeatedly and intentionally published bigoted ideas over long periods of time, lies about it, gets help covering it up, fake apologizes, and is heralded as a hero and keeps her show. Roseanne tweets something racist, immediately apologizes, and loses her show.”


Is this another example of America’s Relative Morality? President Trump is called a racist for his campaign promise to Build a Wall, while Hillary voted for a wall when GW Bush was president and President Obama built about 700 miles of border fencing. Are we simply playing politics or trying to perfect our nation? I’m confused. How about you?

Are We Politicizing the Police?

Nichola Torbett, First Congregational Church of Oakland, issued a declaration, “We can no longer tolerate the trauma inflicted on our communities by policing.” LA Times reporter Kaleem identified Torbett as a White volunteer for the church, who displayed photos of African Americans shot dead by law enforcement. She promised the church would never call the cops again.


Parishioners call their movement “divesting” from police. Kaleem cites numerous instances of inappropriate calls for police intervention — particularly by White women. Starbucks was accused of racism when a White female manager called police on two Black males when they loitered on the premises without purchasing something. Was this a racist act or concern over homelessness? I urged Americans to dress more appropriately.

Mr. Kaleem reminds us of a Colorado State University incident, where a White female mother called police about two Native American boys touring the campus. The concerned woman told a 911 operator the teens joined the tour late, were acting “really odd” and wore dark clothes with “weird symbolism.” I questioned whether her behavior was motivated by racism or fear due to all the recent campus mass shootings.

Church member Sarah Pritchard stated, “We’re taught to turn to police for so much, even simple disagreements between people. Why can’t we resolve issues among ourselves? We need to be there as a community for one another so we can provide safety for our congregation without police.” Mr. Kaleem noted Pritchard said the ban wouldn’t apply if there was a shooting or other life-threatening violence, but nearly everything else should be off limits.

On May 10th, the assistant manager of Wellbridge corporation, Highpoint Sports & Wellness, Michelle Lewis, summoned 911 Emergency about me because I took too long to shower. I had been a 18-year member with over 4,000 positive visits. I’m respected and well-liked around the club. I’ve never disobeyed a directive from management or staff. On this date, their maintenance employee apologized to me and informed me the manager demanded I leave the club. I had just stepped out of the shower, and was naked and dripping wet. He gave me permission to finish cleaning up.

When I exited the locker room, White, female Lewis yelled at me and told me she was calling police, claiming I was refusing to leave. I didn’t refuse. I believed I was following instructions. The manager never explained what I had allegedly done wrong or why she was booting me. I was shocked and horrified. She humiliated me as she “frog-marched” me from the facility — even denying me a cup of water after my long workout. Now, I’m harassed and spammed by Highpoint Sports & Wellness ads that intrusively pop up on my social media pages.


I called General Manager, Rich Novelli, the next morning. He admitted he didn’t have all the facts, yet revoked my nearly 20-year membership — because his female assistant manager “had to call the police.” Sarah Pritchard asked good people to only call police in the case of a shooting or other life-threatening violence. Neither would apply to my situation. I was not insubordinate. Confused? Certainly. Pritchard asked, “Why can’t we resolve issues among ourselves?” I ask similarly. Why didn’t the manager speak with me about the matter? Doesn’t a longterm member deserve civil treatment? Don’t all of us?

Racism? Fear? Misandry? Why are women calling police for seemingly minor concerns? It seems we are “divesting” from each other — our fabric of community or what we call ‘ohana in Hawai’i.

The World Health Organization announced today that China has overtaken the U.S. in healthy life expectancy at birth for the first time. How ironic! I was booted from my wellness facility for taking too long to shower. WHO found the drop in U.S. healthy life related to increasing rates of drug overdose deaths, mainly from opioids, suicides, and some other major causes among younger middle-aged Americans, particularly in less affluent areas. As a typical male with few social connections, the loss of my wellness environment left me suicidal. I was ripped from my social family without explanation or justice.

Mr. Kaleem reported the First Congregational church first posted the WOKE policy on their website during Holy Week, when Christians recount the last days of Jesus’ life before his death and resurrection.


Church leaders likened today’s police to those who sentenced Christ to death. I believe it’s unfair of church attendees to blame police. They simply do their job when called. It was the congregation who demanded Jesus be put to death. Ladies, why are you calling the police on us?

Jesus Handed Over to Pontius Pilate
Matthew 27: 1 When morning came, all the chief priests and elders of the people plotted against Jesus to put Him to death. 2 And when they had bound Him, they led Him away and delivered Him to Pontius Pilate the governor.

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