Corporate America Throws White Males Under the Bus

Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture North America, a large professional consulting firm, wants to accomplish what other executives at most major companies have been unable to do: Make sure men and women are represented equally in company ranks. Her goal is to create a 50% male-50% female workforce by 2025.

As of last year, the firm’s U.S. employee base was 36% women and 64% men. The company posts the demographic breakout of their workforce on their website, as they promise transparency.

Workforce Breakout of Accenture North America

I pose this scenario to Ms. Sweet: There are three finalists for a coveted team member position with Accenture: one White male, one Black male and one female. All three earned a MBA at a prestigious university and have identical 3.8 GPAs. All have five years of related experience. Who do you select?

Ms. Sweet might have difficulty when considering the Black male and female, but one conclusion is certain — she won’t hire the White male. Her stated goal is to equalize gender diversity at the company. Ceteris paribus, all things being equal, the White dude doesn’t have a chance. This is reverse discrimination. White males suffer this loathing in the workplace everyday. I’ve written previously how White men need not apply. I’ve also explained how this leaves White men angry.

Accenture North America currently has 47,756 employees, of which 36.2 percent are women. Ms. Sweet seeks “total gender” equality by 2025. The company reports they made “modest progress” in 2016 by adding slightly more than 1,000 employees and 43 percent of the new hires were women. If Accenture adds 1,000 employees per year, they will not be able to hire ANY White men if Ms. Sweet wants a 50/50 male-to-female staff by 2025.

It’s a waste of time to apply if the applicant is a male, pale face of the Caucasian race

Accenture North America 2016 workforce gender distribution is 30,447 males and 17,309 females. Ms. Sweet has nine years to balance personnel. Adding 1,000 per year would be about 9,000 new employees. Assume ALL new hires are female, Ms. Sweet would have 30,447 males and 26,309 females by 2025. Her goal is unobtainable even if the company only hires women.

In this hostile environment, there is no chance a qualified White male will be hired. In fact, it’s a waste of time to apply if the applicant is a male, pale face of the Caucasian race. Ms. Sweet added, “And it’s not just about hiring women. Last year, for the first time, we set goals in terms of hiring around African Americans, Hispanic Americans, veterans. We’ve announced that we want to hire 5,000 veterans by 2020.”

If you’re White, have a penis, “able-bodied” and didn’t serve in the military, there are a diminishing number of professional jobs for you. Ms. Sweet claims it’s her corporate responsibility to be a leader on equality. She picks on White males in the ranks of overall corporate environment. How about executives? This is the most privileged group. I had to break their list into two sections to take screen shots. The first group:

Group 1 of Executives: 11 of 12 are White male

The second group:

Group 2 of Executives: 4 of 8 are White male

Of the executive group, fifteen of the twenty are White males and five are female. In total, Accenture North America boasts a female workforce of 36 percent. In top management, only 25 percent are female. Why doesn’t Accenture and Ms. Sweet start at the top? As I pointed out in a previous post, White culture has proven more successful around the world. This culture is dominated by the action of White males.

Bottom line — Black athletes are better basketball players than White athletes

When companies want to be successful, they hire those they believe will win for them. In most cases, the people they select are White males. Is this a racist attitude? Look at the NBA, for example. Players in the league are nearly 90 percent African American. What fan, coach or team general manager would support a regulation mandating a 50/50 balance between Black and White players? We expect teams to hire the best talent.

Bottom line — Black athletes are better basketball players than White athletes. This is not a racist statement. In the corporate boardroom, White males are valued at a higher rate than females or People of Color. Why does the political Left call this racism or sexism?

Reverse Discrimination Hurts America

One high profile female entertainer, Katy Perry, received a $25 million deal to be a judge on American Idol. She said she struck a blow for women everywhere who’ve been underpaid to do the same job as a man. How many men in America make $25 million per year? Does Perry plan to share her earnings with other women? Hell no!

As I wrote earlier, Perry badgered an adorable, 89-year-old nun, Sister Catherine Rose Holzman of the Sisters of the Most Holy And Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in a battle to purchase the nun’s convent until the elderly woman died. In one of Perry’s first Idol sessions, I pointed out how she forced a young, White male virgin to kiss her on the lips — a form of sexual assault women in America demand cease — although it’s acceptable when women do it!

Perry isn’t humble about her lottery win. She claims she makes “pretty much more than any guy that’s been on that show.” Ryan Seacrest signed on next to host the season, as he has done for the previous 15 seasons on Fox, and reportedly will make $12 million. With budgets tapped, producers had to find two more judges at lower salaries. They hired country singer Luke Bryan and legendary artist Lionel Richie, both will earn around $7 million, according to Page Six. Perry just about makes more than the three other men combined. Sexism? Not when women do it.

Allowing one group to win at the expense of another is not in line with America’s vision of Equal Opportunity for All

I showed how White men are an endangered species in public education. Research documents overall pay drops in industries where White men are pushed out. When society cheats one group, it’s hard to demand equity for the remaining members. We can have a policy of “lifting all boats in the harbor,” but allowing one group to win at the expense of another is not in line with America’s vision of Equal Opportunity for All.

Hiring an Unqualified Black Man

It was winter of 2011 when the State of New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration (WCA) under the direction of Ned S. Fuller sought to hire a bureau chief for the Economic Research group. Director Fuller engaged in discriminatory hiring practices.

Director Fuller engaged in discriminatory hiring practices

While there may have been many external candidate who applied, I know there were two internal economists who applied for the opening. I was one. Jeffrey Bjarke was the other. I had five years of experience in state government and five years with Workers’ Compensation. Mr. Bjarke had about three years in each. I had been named Employee of the Month and innovated a number of cost-saving programs at the WCA.

Scott and Jeffrey Bjarke at Workers’ Compensation

Mr. Bjarke had served as our supervisor and interim bureau chief. Most fair reviewers would say Mr. Bjarke should be considered a front-runner. Mr. Bjarke didn’t have a master’s degree, which the WCA required for the chief position. Jeff told me his interview was the shortest in his life. “How long?” I inquired. Jeff said angrily, “About 15 minutes.”

Director Fuller didn’t take him seriously — but he wasn’t qualified. My interview before the director wasn’t much longer. The team of Fuller, Robert Doucette and Priscilla Pena-Johnson were “covering their asses.” As I had exceeded the minimum qualifications, they had to interview me. They didn’t have to listen — and they didn’t.

Director Fuller hired unqualified Richard Adu-Asamoah

Director Fuller hired Richard Adu-Asamoah. Although I had half a decade of experience in state government, workers’ compensation, insurance and internal WCA operations, he had ZERO — absolutely no experience. The position required a minimum of a master’s degree, which I had in Public Administration. I completed my PhD program, but the University of New Mexico did not accept my dissertation. Mr. Adu-Asamoah successfully completed his PhD. I’m proud of him. I worked hard. I assume he worked hard as well. Or did he?

Richard Adu-Asamoah didn’t earn the chief position. Maybe Columbia University passed him forward simply because he was Black. How do we have confidence in a system that rewards people based on their gender or race? Accenture North America selects women over equally or more-qualified White men. Did Columbia University graduate Mr. Adu-Asamaoh due to his blackness?

University of New Mexico punished me to cover up their failure

I spent over eight years in my PhD program — five of those years dedicated to my dissertation. Yes, I worked hard. I directed a public opinion research group. We collected interviews over the telephone. The survey industry was aware high percentages of respondents in certain groups were refusing to participate. This created gaps in opinion coverage and likely biased our data.

My dissertation focused on representing groups more accurately. I discovered our methods were definitely under-representing key groups and efforts to correct this actually made our results less representative. The university denied my dissertation because they didn’t want this unfavorable news about their research to be made public. They punished me to cover up their failure. Maybe I would be a full PhD if I had dark skin or a vagina!

Shortly after being hired, the new chief asked for research I had been collecting on the opioid prescription drug issue. Along with other “advantages” I had over Mr. Adu-Asamoah, I had earned certification as a Community Addiction Recovery Specialist (CARS). While the nation has accepted we face an opioid epidemic in 2018, I knew this about ten years ago. The community we served were workers who had been injured. Many received opioids to help manage their pain. Nobody at the WCA had addiction or opioid experience. I sought and completed training during my lunch hour. I innovated. Mr. Adu-Asamoah now wanted my research. He had zero experience!

The cream rises to the top

My college basketball coach told us not to worry about human failure such as this. He taught us the “cream rises to the top.” In sport, this is generally true. Eventually, the individual who has the best talent and has worked hardest wins. This is the beauty and purity of sport. He urged us not to have a “victim” mentality, and trust in ourselves and the game. Mr. Adu-Asamoah used my data in his presentation, but didn’t know my research. He included too much. He drew incorrect conclusions and focused on facts that were irrelevant. His presentation was a disaster.

Richard Adu-Asamoah’s presentation was “horrible”

Van Cravens, the WCA public information officer, came up to me afterwards, “That’s the last presentation your boss will ever give at the WCA. That was horrible!” Internal employees were embarrassed for the new bureau chief, as he had humiliated himself and shamed our agency.

The Black guy got the job, but couldn’t win the game

The Black guy got the job, but he didn’t earn the position and couldn’t win the game. He fell on his face and left stakeholders shocked. Overall, this hurts Black employees. Society develops a perception that minority candidates are selected to balance quotas, not due to their abilities. They view institutions such as government as inefficient and wasteful in part because they have witnessed less-competent candidates being hired over more qualified individuals. They believe their tax dollars are misused. They believe government cheats workers and their families.

Government and corporate America are failing us today. America has never believed in equality of outcomes. We’ve believe in a system of equity where ALL people are promised “equality of opportunity.” Hiring Black or women employees over White men simply due to their social identity is not the way to win the game.

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