No Female Nipples on Facebook

As I listen to female activists in America, including political reps, victims in the #MeToo movement, and other players demanding equal pay, fair treatment and genuine equality, why is the nipple ignored? Ladies, you’re not free; you’re not equal. You can’t even take off your damn shirt.

[UPDATE 1.18.23] Facebook is losing money and now allowing pornographic images from David Stone. 

Facebook says No Nipples! Tell that to Angelina Jolie (above) and Stacy (12.18.2020) and Julien below.


Or how about this seductive, sexy shot from Scott Morrow posted by Mariah Harnandez? I would say this is a  female nipple. What do you say Facebook?


Or maybe you get privileges men don’t. Facebook says no female nipples or sexual imagery. Then why are the sexual images posted below found on Facebook?


I show many images posted by an exotic dancer from New Mexico. Lilly Lue talks frequently about suicide, how she hates life and wants to die, and sexual fantasies she has. Facebook allows this. Facebook claims to ban sexual imagery. They do so selectively. Is an animated GIF of a guy licking a woman’s pussy appropriate?

Facebook Allows Animated GIF of Oral Sex

Here are two screen shots from Lilly’s page:

Lilly Lue Does What She Wants on Facebook

They (young boys) at Facebook are a bit like Beavis & Butthead … “hehe, she posted a boob.” “She said penis.” “She likes eating out other girls.” Lilly posted this image a couple days ago. You want your kids seeing this? Facebook is a “liberal” platform. Thought society wasn’t supposed to refer to woman as “girls.”

The picture below comes from Facebook, January 2019. This blog post documents female nipples on Facebook over the past couple years. Lilly is a repeat offender who never gets placed in “Facebook Jail.” Why? Facebook is run by immature boys. They allow nipples because they’re immature boys!


Lilly posts what she wants. Facebook doesn’t censor her.


Facebook isn’t a Sunday school platform. I’ve documented porn on Facebook [warning]. I show how Facebook discriminates against women and racial groups by allowing penis imagery, but not female nipples. What can I say? May the Force be with you!


Facebook friend Julien Macias was able to trick Facebook auto-sensors. Will readers complain? LOL


Facebook friend Richard Whitehead found a nice one. “One boob makes you wonder — two boobs makes you fall.”


And, I provide examples how Facebook encourages sex workers to prey on young boys. You say you woke? LOL How long will the picture below last? Ms. Lilly Lue pushes Facebook boundaries.

Posted 4.25.18 by Ms. Lilly Lue

Apparently, my Facebook friend has a special deal with the social media company. She continues to flaunt their Community Standards about nudity and female nipples.

Posted 4.26.18 by Ms. Lilly Lue

Ms. Lilly Lue, professional stripper, apparently has a special deal with the male reviewers at the company. LOL Their thought police banned me 30-days for telling a true story in defense of Brock Turner.

Posted 5.19.18 by Ms. Lilly Lue

You can’t post a picture of female nipples or your account would be closed by Facebook. Yet Ms. Lilly Lue does all the time. Young, sexually-starved boys at Facebook find this amusing apparently.

Posted 5.28.18 by Ms. Lilly Lue

Men in social media platforms can be shown topless. Some are fat, bloated, unfit, and frankly disgusting.


Corporate media tells us Russia and “evil” President Putin are working to destroy America and take over the world. Yet Facebook allows a Putin T-Shirt promotion so fans can buy a sweatshirt featuring topless Vlad. The guy’s mafia. He’s a ruthless murderer. Kids can see his nipple. Not yours!


But, Oh My God, if America and our children see a female nipple, off to Facebook jail or worse. My Facebook friend, Lilly Lue, walks the line today. She has more courage than all the Hollywood vixens.

Lilly had more courage that most women in America

She challenges Mark Zuckerberg directly. Remember, Zuck and frat-boy friends at Harvard invented The Face Book as a guy’s platform to rate the “hotness” of coeds. You let this wanker dictate your rights and femininity? Maybe you deserve to be paid $0.78 to every guy who makes a dollar. When will you fight?

Lilly says, “Fuck you,” to Zuck

And, what do Lilly Lue’s fans think of her post? They know she’ll likely suffer Facebook censorship and “prison.” But they love it; they admire her courage. She has balls. How about you? Take off your shirt and bra. Be a REAL woman with no fear!


Richard Whitehead shared a memory from eight years earlier. Maybe Facebook was less stringent at the time. What a beautiful photo of Janis Joplin.


Randy Nauert wrote: taken in 1967
photo by Bob Seidemann, unpublished until after Janis’ death October 4, 1970. We had a few birthday parties together, Janis January 19th and me January 18th. I was hoping for more. She was one day less that 2 years older than me. I asked her to wait for me to grow up.

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