Ariel Avandeyev is a Criminal

On September 8, 2014, my wife and I were enjoying a beautiful afternoon at Black Pot beach on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i. It was a warm, sunny day and the beach area was crowded. I was still shell-shocked from a horrific incident about ten days earlier. I found myself looking over my shoulder, felt highly anxious, and wasn’t comfortable around people. I just wanted to be with my wife and stay away from everyone.

Ariel Avandeyev claims she has “a beautiful, big heart” and boasts of herself, “I know who I am and GOD does as well that is why my life is full of joy and blessings.” Why is it those who lie and cheat others believe they have a “beautiful, big heart” and profess to follow god? Wouldn’t our world be truly wonderful if it were filled with “beautiful, big-hearted people” who love god?  Unfortunately, our world is filled with hypocrites — and, Ariel Avandeyev, who currently “freeloads” on taxpayers on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kaua’i with her boyfriend, Cain Aaron Sergieff is a hypocrite and criminal. Watch out for this phony!

Black Pot Beach at Sunset
Black Pot Beach at Sunset

We ate some snacks and I went out to surf. The waves were fun and playful and this relaxed me. The events of August 27th began to melt away. When I returned to the shore, I had that post-surf-smile that every surfer knows. Life was becoming good again! My wife walked with me as I washed off my board and took a shower. She helped me secure the board on our vehicle and then remarked, “See the new baby!”

I looked over and answered, “Oh, that’s Ariel, Cain’s wife. That’s their new baby.” At that point, Ariel Avandeyev recognized me. We greeted each other. My wife and I had first met Ms. Avandeyev in July — only a couple months earlier. She was extremely “happy.” Ariel and my wife exchanged women talk about her expecting baby. At the time, Ariel was engaged in criminal behavior. She came to our rented house on occasion claiming their stove was broken and wanted to bake. She used their Food Stamp allotment to buy ingredients for banana bread and then sold the banana bread near the street in front of our home. Ariel Avandeyev was diverting the resources generously provided to her by taxpayers of Hawai’i and using the money for other wants and pleasures. She and Cain Aaron Sergieff were cheating the system. I learned both did a lot of cheating!

As neither Cain Aaron Sergieff nor Ariel Avadneyev lived in our residence, we did our best to stay out of their lives. We do not engage in criminal activity and prefer to keep our distance from those who do. Yet I soon learned their friend, and Cain Sergieff’s best friend, David Rodgers, was selling drugs from our rented home. The on-property landlord, Paul Bin Chong Say, evicted Rodgers at the end of July. Rodgers blamed me for the eviction, and his best friend, Cain Sergieff, cornered me in our carport on August 27th. He hit me and threatened me with a screwdriver. Although I asked a by-stander to call the police, the corrupt officer sided with the local boy — ignoring the video record and other facts. We have learned KPD officers protect their friends on island. Not only had Ariel Avandeyev been engaged in criminal activity, her baby daddy lied to police and filed a false report about me.

My wife did not recognize Ariel Avandeyev when she saw her that day at Black Pot beach. After I told her who she was, Ariel remarked, “I’m really bummed you punched my husband.” I answered calmly, “Actually, what happened was Cain punched me in the shoulder first and then threatened me with the blade of the screwdriver. So I defended myself.”

Cain Sergieff picks up pipe
Cain Sergieff assaults me with metal pipe

Ariel Avandeyev responded, “I’m glad to know the other side. I was worried because I didn’t know where Cain was and I just had the baby.” I reintroduced my wife to Ariel Avandeyev. She and I congratulated Ms. Avandeyev about her new baby and my wife asked the baby’s name. “Lela.” We both commented how beautiful her baby was and watched Ariel walk away toward the Hanalei pier. We learned the next day how big of criminals Ariel Avandeyev and her friends are.

The Set Up
The next morning while preparing for my shift at work, a KPD officer entered our building. Officer Clayton Okamoto [K410] walked over to me and sternly directed me to follow him outside. In an intimidating tone, he asked, “Where you at Black Pot Beach last night.” I answered, “Yes.” The officer said, “Tell me what happened!” “My wife and I arrived around 5pm. I surfed until about 6:30pm. We watched the sunset and left for dinner at Tahiti Nui about 7:30pm. We returned to Black Pot about 10pm and watched the moon and waves until about 11pm. Then we went home to sleep. What’s going on?”

Officer Okamoto asked again, “Tell me what happened! You can make this hard or easy, but if you make this hard, I’m going to arrest you!” I responded, “What are you talking about?” He angrily replied, “You know what I’m talking about!” I said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. I told you what my wife and I did last night.” He said, “I should arrest you right now!” “What for?” I demanded. “You know what for,” he stated. I repeated, “I have no idea what you’re talking about!” This seemed to go on for about five minutes — he was interrogating me and I had no idea what he was talking about. He just became angrier with me. I was highly agitated at this point and began sweating. This upset me because I was scheduled to work with customers in a few minutes. The officer told me a couple times, “Wipe that smirk off your face – or I’ll arrest you.” I said, “I’m not smirking. You need to tell me what is going on!”

Officer Okamoto claimed Ariel Avandeyev filed a report of assault against me for an alleged incident the previous night. It was a false allegation — similar to Cain Sergieff’s August 27th false report. Clearly, this woman was being manipulated by Sergieff and Rodgers, and fortunately, my wife had been with me. Okamoto also claimed there was a witness. I demanded he produce the witness. I objected strongly to his questioning and accusations because I knew nothing negative had happened. Under pressure, Okamoto backtracked about the witness.

Officer Okamato then told me he was confused. He said he tended to believe a woman with a baby. This frustrated me. I said, “You found me guilty because I’m a man?” He answered, “Yes, you’re a big guy and a woman with a baby doesn’t lie.” I responded, “So I’m automatically guilty because I’m a big guy?” I added, “Someone lied to you!” I again asked about the witness. “That person has lied to you! And, there is no witness – because nothing happened!”

I returned to work but my managers were upset. They had observed the officer scolding me and didn’t like what they saw. I asked to leave work. I had just started my job and this was not good for my career. My wife had to spend a couple hours with KPD to convince them we were telling the truth. We then filed a complaint with KPD Internal Affairs over the incident. Months later, Chief Perry answered — “not enough information” for the department to make a decision about the rogue officer’s unprofessional behavior. KPD dropped the matter.

Around mid-October, I filed a complaint with KPD over the two false allegations — the first by Cain Sergieff, and the second, by Ariel Avandeyev, his significant other. KPD took our complaint. It was reviewed by another Metcalfe, Mackenzie’s brother, and the department squashed our report and took no action. KPD had arrested me incompetently and negligently; KPD incompetently pulled me from work and threatened me with arrest. KPD covered up their internal failures. They destroy lives and allow criminals to continue with their negative behavior. This is the failure of leadership under the direction of Chief Darryl Perry. KPD protects and ignores criminal activity while hurting law-abiding citizens.

3 thoughts on “Ariel Avandeyev is a Criminal

  1. We would like to meet this writer. We were landlords to Ariel n Cain n r in a eviction process, because they refused to pay rent. Yes, I fixed their never used oven, ( changed natural gas orifice to propane size orifice) so she could bake n sell banana bread …i assumed it was her businesses.

    After a little more than a year, that I repaired the oven w the gas company, we have repossessed the cottage: The filthy mess in the oven was unbelievable !!! They left a horrible mess !!
    They never cleaned: burnt banana n sugar were attracting hordes of rats…cleaner found rat carcass inside stove.

    Even though I had given them a “new never used oven” they claimed they inherited a dirty cottage n dirty appliances when they first moved in. Not true at all. It cost more then $700 to have a professional clean up after them .

    The water department emailed us a warning, about a leak(unusual water usage) We got the hour to hour usage…after receiving notice of eviction, they left the water running from 8:00pm-6:00am
    @500-600gallons per hour off n on over several days.
    Over $900 in extra water use(Bill)

    We definitely agree w your article/warning n would very much like to contact the author.

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