Organics Food and YOUR Pocketbook

On August 12th, The Garden Island newspaper reported the Kaua’i Farm Bureau will recognize Roy Oyama for his achievements in agriculture. The Kalaheo farmer said agriculture has always been a family affair.


Roy told TGI, “Farming is relaxing and my kids try to tell me about different lifestyles like having free golf, or something. I don’t need that. I enjoy farming so I’m going to stay with that. People say you gotta eat ‘organic,’ but the doctor said ‘eating organic doesn’t give you an extra day.’ “

What if “eating organic” doesn’t give us one extra day? What if this is simply a deception to fleece Americans for billions of dollars?

A friend of mine, Lenny West, and a supporter of organic food, forwarded this article yesterday (cited below).

“From what I’ve seen during the last 30 years, the future of farming is organic,” 67-year-old farmer, Bob Quinn said. “It’s the best way to ensure the profitability and viability of the family farm.” Currently, a bushel of hard red winter wheat — used to make bread — is about $5 a bushel compared to more than $22 for organic wheat.

Organic hard red winter wheat costs 440% more than conventional wheat. Imagine paying some Four Times your current costs for wheat products! The USDA estimates America’s farmers will produce 856 million bushels in 2015/16.


856M X $5 = $4.280 billion in revenue for CONVENTIONAL wheat

856M X $22 = $18.832 billion in revenue for ORGANIC wheat

Difference = $14.552 billion PROFIT for the Organic Industry.

Some 88% of our top scientists tell us conventional farming methods are safe. It PAYS to SCARE Americans about their food supply. Follow the money.


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