Time to Eat Breakfast

We’re all in the same boat. The alarm goes off — too soon — and another crazy, busy day begins. With a million things to do before we rush out of the house, who has time to eat a wholesome, Clear Health breakfast, let alone eat at all?

Imagine jumping into your car, putting the key into the ignition and trying to start the engine — without any gas in the tank. How effective would that be? Yet millions of Americans do this every day to the “engine” in their body. They do not fuel the tank yet expect the body’s engine to roar. Big mistake!

Keri Gans recently wrote an article about Healthy Breakfast Tips in HuffPost, suggesting the following:

  • Include enough protein
  • Include enough fiber
  • Include enough fat
  • Eat enough food
  • Eat within a hour of waking

These are excellent suggestions. A mix of carbohydrates, protein and fat helps keep you from getting hungry as quickly. Fiber works the same way. If you happen to overeat at all during the day, breakfast is the best time to do this. You will use the calories later in the day. Further, putting off eating for too long can lead to excessive overeating because you simply feel famished.

Clear Health Tip #1

Many experts leave out a critical aspect of a Clear Health nutritional program.

waterDo you know what Keri missed? Water

Many people go to bed around 10pm, get up around 6am, for example. This is eight hours without hydrating. The body is virtually parched. You know how important it is to drink water when working out or throughout the day. So do not start the day without replenishing your fluid levels.

To begin a Clear Health nutritional philosophy, start the day by drinking at least 16 ounces of water. Juice, coffee and tea are not suitable alternatives. Clean, fresh water remains the best start to the day. Some benefits include:

  • on an empty stomach, drinking water helps purify the colon and makes it easier to absorb nutrients;
  • increases the production of new blood and muscle cells;
  • promotes weight loss, as drinking at least 16 ounces of chilled water in the morning can boost your metabolism by 24 percent;
  • promotes glowing skin by purging toxins from the blood;
  • balances your lymph system, which include the glands that help you perform your daily functions and fight infection.

Join the Clear Health team. Start your day by drinking a large glass of water. Take time to appreciate your body and celebrate the exciting new day before you by eating breakfast. You should see the difference in a just few days.

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