My Crazy Uncle Asked Me About Medical Cannabis

My uncle, nearly 80 years of age, refers to himself as "my crazy uncle. He asked me today some not-so-crazy questions about medical cannabis. America's baby boomers are dealing with more pain due to age, arthritis and other conditions. CBD and THC-infused medications are now the Gray Rage! Baby Boomers are graying and seeking medical … Continue reading My Crazy Uncle Asked Me About Medical Cannabis

Goodness, Knowledge and Discipline

OPEN LETTER TO John Fielding, AltRes Director of Risk Management. AltRes manages some 30,000 employees and numerous companies in the State of Hawai'i. Aloha Mr. Fielding, I followed what my husband wrote yesterday. He shared your comments with me today. You and I both have something in common. From my understanding we both are of … Continue reading Goodness, Knowledge and Discipline

Privileged Racists Oppose Cannabis

Privileged White Americans love to drink alcohol (see Demographics of Alcohol below). Conversely, White Evangelical Protestants, primarily women, are most likely to oppose marijuana in society. [1] "Just Say No To Drugs," they warn. They don't consider alcohol a drug. "We've got to protect the kids from the evil weed," they say. Kids easily get … Continue reading Privileged Racists Oppose Cannabis