JUUL CEO Sorry For Poisoning America’s Kids

ClearHealthLife criticized Honolulu City Councilors for not aggressively and urgently acting to protect keiki in the islands. I pleaded with Kaua'i County Councilors and mayor months ago to take action. Elected officials are a day late and a dollar short here. We have children leading children. In the last year alone, we've seen a 78% … Continue reading JUUL CEO Sorry For Poisoning America’s Kids


Derek S. K. Kawakami, Mayor, County of Kaua'i All Councilmembers: councilmembers@kauai.gov Mason K. Chock, Councilmember, County of Kaua'i Felicia Alongi Cowden, Councilmember, County of Kaua'i Gary Hooser, director, Pono Hawai'i Initiative Aloha Derek, Mason, Felicia, Kaua'i County Councilmembers and Gary, Wanted to give you heads up. Sure you’re familiar but I would recommend getting out … Continue reading EPIDEMIC ALERT: JUUL and Vaping