Chanel Miller Represents What Is WRONG in America

UPDATE 9.6.19: Kelli Ryan, from Kapa'a, Hawai'i, posted a familiar meme about Brock Turner. I'm not writing to defend Brock. I'm criticizing the Party Culture and Hookup Environment that pressures young people into excessive alcohol consumption on our college campuses that leads to sexual assault and rape. Although none of us were there to know specifically what … Continue reading Chanel Miller Represents What Is WRONG in America

My Defense of Brock Turner

Brock Allen Turner was a 19-year-old freshman, a swimmer, and student athlete at Stanford University.  On January 18, 2015, he allegedly sexually penetrated an intoxicated and unconscious 22-year-old woman, referred to as Emily Doe, with his fingers. Brock was intoxicated. How did he get alcohol illegally? The FRAT was not penalized. Stanford was not penalized. The … Continue reading My Defense of Brock Turner